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Fun / foon Tokyo
Thursday, April 1, 2004
Second major (besides just studying Japanese)
Topic: adviceS
Question: I'm a Japanese major right now: Any suggestions on a second major that will open up more doors than my current major/minor?

Find and take one of the US Foreign Service Exam pre-tests. If you score reasonably well, start following the suggestions for working for the US State Dept who are hiring big-time right now and for the near future in asian languages. Damn, I wish the State Dept was hiring like that when I was in my early 20s (I scored above the 90 percental and still it wasn't good enough). In the same vein, Chinese or Arabic would be be a good 2nd major if you are really into language study.
If you're un-techie but into writing, language and Japan, maybe you might like taking coursework in "corporate communications", technical journalism, and the like. If you pass the official "Level 2 Japanese" test and have a tech. writing degree many Japanese companies will hire you (hell, if you pass Level 1 Japanese" and got a techical writing degree I'll hire ya).

Posted by trek/taro at 1:35 PM JST
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Friday, April 2, 2004 - 9:58 AM JST

Name: The Foriegn Service gods of Roppong

???How about a cushy foreign service job and get paid the big bucks! Not a bad life at all.

Damn right about cushy... I was GS-13 political appointee myself in the BIA until the Scourge of Darkness, Ronnie Raygun, came to power. That started my downward spiral to grad school and my final crash here in the Land-o-Concrete(tm).

With the right creeds, working the Govn’t Eagle as an analyst is a fucking rip. As part of work visa scam, I worked as a technical officer for a foreign consulate in Yokohama. My "job" consisted of finding a couple of answers a day to questions like, "What companies make tele-medicine robots in Japan, and which of those companies really 'needs' buy-out money?" It was fun work that was remarkably varied and challenging. I would murder my mother to do that job again.

The folks working for "State" in Japan live in HOUSES in middle of Roppongi playland! The US Compound Roppongi rovides farkquing free, 2,200 sq/ft ranch-style houses stacked 4-stories, lawns, pools, gyms, yada-yada. That is, they live in housing units worth more than $10M dollars each in Japanese money! The CEO of my Maybe-the-Largest-Company-in-Japan Inc lives in a shabby concrete shit-house and has a far shittier life than the Foriegn Service gods of Roppongi.

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