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Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
As of Oct 1st

PositionName & RankStats
(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race
Strategic Operations
| |
Communications Specialist|Jill Elade, Lt. (jg)|(F) Human, 57", black hair, brown eyes, age 23
Communications Specialist|Dagson, Ensign| ?
Flight Operations Specialist|Mark Waynes, Ensign|(M) Human
Flight Operations Specialist|Patterson, Ensign|(M) Human
Flight Operations Specialist|J. Petar, Ensign|Actually one of the CIO's
intelligence officers, undercover
Assistant Security Officer|Rick Jameson, Lieutenant|(M) Human
Security Officer|John Wayne, Lieutenant|(M) Human, 6, blonde hair, blue eyes,
age 26
Security Officer|John Thompson, Lt. (jg)|(M) Human
Security Officer|Atkins, Lt. (jg)| 25
Security Officer|Markhein, Ensign|(M)
Security Officer|Forbes, Ensign|(M)
Security Officer|Sotter, Ensign| young, inexperienced
Security Officer|Casey, Ensign| 22
Security Officer|Mack Ward, Ensign | (M), academy friend of
Lt. jg Thornton
Security Specialist|Rowlins, Chief Petty Officer| ?
Intelligence (Ancillary)
Intelligence Officer|Kach, Ensign| ?
Assistant Tactical Officer|Rita Silverman, Lieutenant J.G.|(F) Human, rather tall and awkward,
pretty face with a nice complexion,
long brunette hair
Assistant Engineering Officer
(beta shift) - Acting Chief
|Jake Cranston, Lieutenant J.G.|(M)
Assistant Engineering Officer
(delta shift)
|Mary Banks, Lieutenant J.G.|(F)
Engineering Officer|Kielif, Lt. (jg)| ?
Engineering Officer
serves on USS Patton also
|Alice Betrouge, Ensign|(F) petite, bold
Engineering Officer|Leanna Ling, Ensign|(F)
Engineering Officer|Sattler, Ensign| ?
Engineering Specialist|Jason Colon, Petty Officer 3rd Class| (M), 3 years enlisted in Starfleet
Engineering Specialist|Chris Potter, Crewman| (M), fresh from training
Engineering Specialist|Gretchen Morse, Crewman| (F), Betazoid/Human, young,
friend of Anne Stout (see civilians)
Transporter Technician|Johnson, Ensign| ?
Science Officer|Bryan Bidwell, Ensign|(M)
Science Officer|Nichelle Zimmer, Ensign|(F)
Temporal Analytics Officer|Melissa Hammel, Lt. (jg)|(F)
Science Officer|Charlie Wolf, Crewman|(M)
Counselor's Assistant|Marcus Sark, Ensign|(M)
Assistant Medical Officer|Richardson, Lt.| (F)
Medical Officer|Tammock, Ensign| ?
Nurse|Stempleton Elaine| (F), Bajoran
Nurse|Electra| (F)
Nurse|Jameson| ?
Nurse|Markheim| ?
Medical Technition|Marquis, Crewman|(M)
Husband/Father|Captain T'Maekh tr'Lennex|click on name for bio
Klingon drinking buddy|Rander|(M) Klingon, long dark brown hair,
brown eyes
Klingon drinking buddy|Drako|(M) Klingon, 66", long dark brown hair, brown eyes
Klingon drinking buddy and ship Captain|Voltan|(M) Klingon, 7, long dark brown hair, brown eyes
Bartender/Manager of
Captain's Corner Sports Bar
|Bo|(M) Human
Cook at
Captain's Corner Sports Bar
Waitress at
Captain's Corner Sports Bar
|Cholee|(F), Half Bajoran
Highschool Junior Literature Teacher|Anne Stout|(F), Romulan/Klingon/Human, 27,
petite, very young looking
Highschool student|Brittany Marsalis|(F), Orion, late teens
Chief Provider at Daycare facilities|Ritia|(F)

U.S.S. Patton

Chief of the Boat
(Acting CO)
|Eshel Najur, MCPO
Acting XO|Maria Hansen, Lieutenant|(F) Human
Operations Officer|Ti Chan, Ensign|(M) Human, 5'7", Black hair, brown eyes, 23

Boatswain (Bos'n)


Ranishma K'Relis, MCPO

|(F) Caitian, 6', ginger fur, green eyes, age 29
Chief Engineer|Rowan, Lieutenant|
Science Officer|Lydia Shynn, Ensign|(F)
Science Officer|Scott Skrohlpskripski, Ensign|(M)
(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race

Starfleet Marines,
Fourth Marine Division, Second Brigade, Devil's Regiment, Twelfth Battalion, Company "C", 1st Platoon

Platoon XO|Lauchlin, Master Sergeant|(M) Human
HTH Specialist|Chase Bourne, Staff Sergeant|
Admin Specialist|Lechler, Sergeant|
"Yeoman" to Platoon CO|Maricia Reinhardt, Lance Corporal|(F)
Medic|Steve Cambridge, 2nd Lieutenant|(M) Human, 6', Brown hair, Green eyes, 28
Alpha Squad CO|Collen McNare, Sergeant|(M) Human
Alpha Squad|Narford, Lance Corporal|(M)
Alpha Squad|Sebell, Lance Corporal|
Alpha Squad|Jenkins, Private 1st Class|Human
Alpha Squad|Able, Private 1st Class|Human
Alpha Squad|Billy Raney, Private|(M) Human
Alpha Squad|J'Darr, Private|(M) Cappellan
Alpha Squad|Downing, Private|(M) Human
"Pseudo" XO|Marion Geffler, Master Sergeant|(F)
|Also See Below for individual Platoons|
(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race(M) not *too* short, slight build, middle aged for his race

PositionRank & NameDetails
Martial Arts Savant|Master T|Sold dojo to Sutak
Assistant Engineering Officer
- Acting Chief
|Robertson, Lieutenant|Transferred to Starfleet Command
Alpha Squad CO (Dyson Platton)|Angelica Redmond, Sergeant|Killed in the line of duty
escaping being a hostage
Beta Squad (Harbinger Platton)|A. Martinez, Corporal|Killed in a transporter accident
returning from duty