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MCPO Ranishma K'Relis


Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer | Sex: Female | Race: Caitian

Height: 6' | Weight: 103 | Eyes: Green | Hair: Ginger

Place of Birth: USS Fleming | Age: 29 | Date of Birth: 2350

Skintone:  Covered in ginger-colored fur

Of Note -

Personal Traits:
Mother: Yasasha (Master-at-Arms)
Father: Kramisad (Physician's Mate)
Siblings: 8 brothers, 6 sisters
Her hobbies include holodeck programs, martial arts, holo-vid games and cooking.

Ranishma is a loyal and dedicated woman, who focuses all her energies on her job.  But when off duty she is a wild woman (which is how she got the nickname "Wildcat").  She is a bit of a risk-taker, but only when she is on her own, she puts the lives of others above her own.

Personal History:
She was born on a Starfleet vessel, the USS Fleming. When she was 4 her parents accepted a transfer to station duty to settle down and raise a family.  Ranishma loved being in space and found it unsettling whenever she went onto a planet's surface. 
This love led her to choose a life in space and was determined to become a member of Starfleet like her parents.  She maintained good grades at school, especially where technology or practical skills were concerned.  Her natural athleticism made her a popular athlete, winning many awards for her high school. 
She briefly considered becoming a professional athlete but decided against it, the pull of space was just too great.  So after graduating from high school at 18 she applied to the NCO Training Program on Earth and was promptly accepted.

NCO Academy:
Her time at NCO Training was an experience she'll never forget.  Once again she did well in practical assessments, with her theory and written work only slightly behind. She was on the NCO athletics team and helped them win several medals over the oft-touted Officer Academy teams. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class.

Area(s) of study:
MajorEngineering, Security, Operations

MinorPiloting, Tactical, Emergency Medical Training

Previous Assignments:
2368-2369: NCO Training. Ables'man.  Completed all courses with good passes. 
2369-2373: USS Lewis & Clarke. Yeoman.  Served as Head Operations Manager's Yeoman for two years before being reassigned to the Quartermaster's Office.  Served for a year before being promoted and reassigned to the Security division.  Transferred after the outbreak of War. 
2373-2375: Starbase-375.  Petty Officer.  Assigned as a security specialist.  After six months was promoted and reassigned to tactical division.  In 2375 she gained another promotion and was appointed Gunner's Mate for the station. 
2375-2378: USS Rutledge.  Senior Chief Petty Officer.  Assigned as Gunner's Mate and Master-at-Arms, but after a year and a half she requested a transfer back to Operations.  She became Quartermaster for the ship, accepting a promotion in 2377, but she wanted to push herself more and put in an application for reassignment as soon as a Boatswain position became available. 
2378-: Starbase-10.  Master Chief Petty Officer.  Assigned as Boatswain. 

Awards and Commendations:
Commendations: Letter of Commendation from Ops Mgr, USS Lewis & Clarke. Letter of Commendation from CO, Starbase-375.

Reprimands: Letter of Reprimand from Garrison CO, Starbrake Station.  (entered unstable structure against orders, saving 3 lives and injuring herself, loss of 34 manhours in recovery... USS L&C at station-keeping for repairs/supplies.)

Honors and Decorations:


Add'l Info

Boatswain (pronounced and also written "Bosun" or "Bos'n"), is the Chief of the Boat's "First Officer", and is responsible for the training of the starbase's Non-Commissioned and Enlisted Operations Personnel.  He/she maintains duty assignments for all Operations personnel; supervises daily operations of the Operations NCOs and Crewmen, as well as routine maintenance.  Coordinates with all Departmental Mates and Supervisors; works closely with all departments.  The Boatswain also assists in damage control and emergency operations, and is trained to fill any position needed.