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SITE UPDATE            February 5th, 2003    11:54        by Speedy

Well, some more news in FTRON, from now on you will not get a "R" or "I" when fired upon, just an "M" for any kind of missile warning. You have been forewarned! (Actually this update was mostly to show off the cool pic...)


SITE UPDATE            February 4th, 2003    16:10        by Speedy
Well, I managed to increase the island of Lombardi by about 100 miles, that will probably be something most of you guys will be looking forward to in FTRON... that's right, the mission area has been increased dramatically. In fact, some of the southern Lombardi Airfields are on terrain that used to be ocean, but you can land there safely because the FRA.T2 file recognizes that area as land...

To put it more technically, I've added about 10 more miles of terrain in southern Lombardi, plus another small island.
I've added about 90 miles worth of new terrain up north in the black area, along with a new island in the northeast, with an airfield on it.

In addition, I've managed to add several rivers and a railroad in the country of Lombardi, also adding two new airbase tiles...

Note: You will not be re-armed or re-fueled when landing on the new highway airfields, I thought it wasn't realistic, at least for this campaign.

Also, the Other Links section is up...


SITE UPDATE            February 3rd, 2003    14:42        by Speedy
I wish to express my condolences to the families of the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia, and all those affected by this unfortunate tragedy.

On a happier note... Just want to give you guys a note on how big FTRON will be... THese estimates are pretty close to what the final result will be...

First off, a note of beware for 56k users... downloading all the files will take quite some time, though the entire 16.5 MB library (This size including the music LIB...) has been split into parts...
Before I scare you off, let me show you how big they actually are...
4.2 MB Base LIB: (Including FANOCD, FA.exe, and Readme file) 4216 zipped
1.9 MB Selalonian Map LIB: (Includes Touch.exe) 1987 kb zipped
3.2 MB Graphix LIB: 3244 kb zipped
3.6 MB Voice LIB: 3671 zipped (Should stand alone)

12.8 MB (Well, it's shrunk considerably... pleased?... and this is BEFORE I've zipped it...)


3.7 MB FTRON Music LIB: 3792kb zipped

Note about Music LIB: I left out the VALK001.11k music... Felt that you guys might want to add that yourself.

So, even with the Music LIB added, FTRON'S size is...

16.5 MB

If you still want to download, I thank you with tears streaming down my face. Not many FA flyers are willing to download this large LIB, much less fly with it online, though I certainly found some GREAT companions in my old FTRON Shadow Squadron.


SITE UPDATE            January 31st, 2003    19:35        by Speedy
Finally got computer fixed, but internet is still a BIG problem... Updated the SCREENSHOTS page, the FTRON LIB page... Check them out! Also updated the DOWNLOADS page...

BTW, to CAG Hotshot and others, the Credits page is up... to all of you, tell me if I missed anything.


  SITE UPDATE            January 9th, 2003    19:30        by Speedy
Welcome to Red Bear's Airfield Version 2.5!! Like the new design? I'll bet that I've already lost most of my visitors after a drought of updates...Yep, this is the first update for 2003, and the first one that you guys have been able to see for quite a while! As you can probably tell, I have not yet updated the existing site sections, and the new sections lead to broken links. I just felt like I had to update the overall site design above all, as I cannot get a decent internet connection to reach my updated files... anyway, expect major site updates in the new sections and the existing ones later on!
By the way, if the angelfire ads are killing you, shrink the first one you see and that should do it for the rest of your time at this site...