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Step-by-step line brushing demonstration

This photo essay is for the owner that wishes to learn how to properly groom their long haired four-footed child. We would like to thank our ever patient son, Martin, for volunteering to be our demonstration model. (Isn't he cute!) We wish you many happy bonding moments. This essay illustrates line grooming directions posted at under the grooming forumthe fifth post down.

Laying the dog on the table

When laying the dog down be careful to ensure that the dog's feet and legs are not "pinched" between the table and your body. Also be sure to lay the dog down in a smooth and controlled motion to prevent injury to the shoulders, ribs, hip and head.

Establishing the first line

As in the "learning to groom for show" thread description superficially brush the hair in its natural line of growth and fall. Then from a point near the shoulder begin brushing the hair back to establish the first line close to and parallel with the spine. (I like to go from shoulder to hip as this allows me to get a straighter line that is easier to start and control.)

Establishing the first line

Establishing the first line photos continued

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