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Lindon Family Loonie Bin

Welcome to chaos.
No really! lol
Most people say they'll give their 2 cents worth...not us, oh no!...when we give our's worth at least a loonie (that's what a dollar is called in Canada). The best thing about being married to Carl is that he really does know everything...well, at least anything of real worth. And in this household that means anything to do with dogs...or as we like to call them, our four-footed children. We'd thought we'd share our chaotic lives with a few of our friends. Find within these pages our adventures, discoveries, and sometimes our disappointments. We hope to help a few friends, encourage a few friends and hopefully make a few friends. Along the way we'd like to think we made you smile too!

Often the first thing people say..after what beautiful dogs! "you must live in a big house". NOT!! We live in a small townhome. Very small. And all the dogs have their crates in the master bedroom (I use that word loosely only because the master does sleep there :-). This is one of my favourite pictures of my "boys".

Links to the Lindon Pack and the Line Grooming Photo Essay

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Line Grooming Photo Essay
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