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AMC Ratings
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AMC CT Chapter Hikes

Hike Ratings

1st character: Distance AA = over 13 miles, A = 9-13 miles, B = 5-8 miles, C = under 5 miles

2nd character: Leader's pace 1 = very fast (2.5+ mph), 2 = fast (2-2.5 mph), 3 = moderate (1.5-2 mph), 4 = leisurely (less than 1.5 mph)

3rd character: Terrain A = very strenuous, B = strenuous, C = average, D = easy

Unsure of ability?  Try only one higher than previously attempted.

L: Hike Leader, CL: Co-leader

CPL: Commuter Parking Lot

Dogs: Owners must obtain permission of Leader before bringing dog on hike.