1949 Universal Postal union,
1949 Universal Postal Union, sixpence.

The PENNY SILVER replaced the PENNY BLACK as regular penny stamp,
as the Post Office was unable to distinguish pre-cancelled stamps
on the black stamp.
The "Penny Silver" which replaced the "Penny Black".

1998 Calligraphy Symposium, tuppence hapenny.
1998 Calligraphy Symposium, tuppence hapenny: one of a set of four. A good hand is highly esteemed in Fantippo.


The High Kingdom of Fantippo, is the only country in the twenty-first century that continues to use the old sterling currency, 12 pence = 1 shilling; 20 shillings = £1.

In 1999, Fantippo released a stamp issue honoring the prophecies of Nostradamus, who predicted "the Great King of Terror" to come from the skies. This was later fulfilled with the 11th September anonymous attack on New York's World Trade Center.

Although not a member of the UPU, Fantippo has twice (in 1949 and again in 1999) issued stamps honoring the Universal Postal Union.


Flag of Fantippo.  
The flag of Fantippo shows a person riding an elephant, with an orange background.

1999 Universal Postal union,
tuppence hapenny.
1999 Universal Postal Union, tuppence hapenny.

The 1 shilling and threepence Toilet
stamp of 2003 was issued
to urge folks to always
use toilets to prevent
fly infestation.
In 2003, a set of stamps showing Toilets was issued to urge folks to always use these helpful and healthy devices to keep down the fly menace.

1999 Prophecies of Nostradamus
(Terror from the Skies, 11th September),
fourpence hapenny.<br>
Designed by Murray Menzies.
1999 Nostradamus,
fourpence hapenny.
King Koko, the 5 top value of the first issue.
1992 ICIS Year of the Atmosphere,

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