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The First and Only Weekly Online Fanzine Devoted to the Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Volume 0997
John "Numa" Vaughan

Hulbert BurroughsJohn Numa VaughanHulbert Burroughs

LETTERS FROM ERB, INC. ~ 1963-1965
Correspondence Between Hulbert Burroughs and John Vaughan
As a young fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, I first wrote ERB, Inc. in 1963. The letters on this page are the replies I received from ERB's son, Hulbert Burroughs, Vice President of ERB, Inc.  Of special interest is Hully's description of the origin of the ERB hieroglyph and what it meant as far as Hulbert Burroughs was concerned.
~ Numa
Hulbert Burroughs at ERB's desk: Tarzana
Photo from the Hillman Collection
Hulbert Burroughs at ERB's Desk ~ Tarzana

Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ 1934
ERB Photo from the John Vaughan Collection

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John "Numa" Vaughan

Volume 0997

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