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Edgar Rice Burroughs:
An Illustrated Bibliography
Early Years to 1911
 Compiled by Bill Hillman

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1911 Illustrated Bib
Gallery 1911A (Tarzan of the Apes)
Gallery 1911B (Princess of Mars)
Gallery 1911C (Tarzan of the Apes)
Illustrated ERB Pulp Magazine 
Bibliography ERBzin-e 220
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Illustrated Bibliography
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The Bold dates indicate the year in which ERB created the stories.
Book dedications are indicated in quotation marks.
The information following the titles indicate: the working title (WT),
the first published title, usually in magazines (MT).
Where WT or MT are not given, the title is the same.
Following this is a list of magazine and book publishers who have put out
editions of the work.
Publish dates for the first edition magazines and books are in brackets.

The Early Years: Poetry - HORSES AND DOGS (1887) - 89 S.S.S.! (1887) - CHICAGO (1887) - WHAT ARE THE WILD WAVES SAYING? AN EVENING LULLABY FOR THE CHILDREN (1903) - BLACK MAN'S BURDEN - POVERTY (1908) - THE MARTYRS (1909) - MUSCA DOMESTICA 1909) - O, YES; ITíS GETTING THICK (1911) -  NAY, IT HATH NOT GONE (1914) - THE CLIMATE AND THE VIEW  (1914) - THE CONTRIBS OF YESTERYEAR (1915) - Numerous Poems written for ERB's Breakfast Club (1925) - THE $ STEAMSHIP COW (1936) - GENGHIS KHAN (10 pages) - ITíS ANTS! - HOOKS FOR MEN! - LOOK AT THIS PICTURE, THEN ON THAT - (Many others)
                                        See e-text in ERB Motes & Quotes:

1900 "Snake River Cotton-Tail Tales" and  "Unnamed" -
    Personally illustrated One-shots for family with rhymed stories and family in-jokes- See e-text:

1901 "Grandma Burroughs' Cook Book" -
                Hand-lettered and illustrated recipe book of family recipes - Unpublished 

1903 circa Minidoka 937th Earl of One Mile Series M -
                Soon to be published by Dark Horse

J. Allen St. John painting used on Minidoka first edition cover

1904-1907 The Violet Veil: A Treely True Story - Unpublished 

A Princess of Mars --
"To My Son Jack" WT=Dejah Thoris, Martian Princess Under the Moons of Mars -- MT=Under the Moons of Mars - Carter of the Red Planet

All-Story Magazine 6(1912) - Modern Mechanics and Invention 4(1929) - A.C. McClurg (1917) - Grosset & Dunlap - E.R. Burroughs, Inc. - Ballantine - Dover (with Fighting Man of Mars - Doubleday (Science Fiction Book Club)

Frank SchoonoverFrank E. Schoonover - McClurg and G&D

The Outlaw of Torn -- "To My Friend Joseph E. Bray"-- same
  • New Story Magazine 5(1914) - A.C. McClurg (1927) - Grosset & Dunlap - Pinnacle - Ace

  • J. Allen St. John painting for first editionAce Paperback Edition

  • Tarzan of the Apes    "To Emma Hulbert Burroughs"
    All-Story Magazine 1(1912) Best Stories Magazine 8(1927) - A.C. McClurg (1914) - AL Burt Company -  Grosset & Dunlap - Armed Forces Paperback -  Ballantine - Whitman - Random House - Methuen - Dover Thrift - Pan - Watson-Guptill

    Clinton Pettee Pulp Cover

    Fred J. Arting McClurg

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