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Bill Hillman's
Bill Hillman's ERBzin-e Weekly Online Fanzine
Volume 767
A Collector's Hypertexted and Annotated Storehouse of Encyclopedic Resources
by an Exhausted Scholar
William G. Hillman

J. Allen St. John: Moon Maid - DJ art used in sepia FP
ERB started Part 1: Moon Maid in June 1922
ERB wrote Part 2: The Moon Men under the working title "Under the Red Flag" in April and May 1919
Part 3: The Red Hawk


"The Moon Maid": Argosy All-Story Weekly: May 5, 12, 19, 26 and June 2, 1923
    P.J. Monahan cover ~ Stout one B/W illustration in each issue
"The Moon Men": Argosy All-Story Weekly: February 21, 28 and March 7, 14, 1925
    Stockton Mulford cover art in first issue ~ Roger B. Morrison one B/W illlustration in each installment
"The Red Hawk": Argosy All-Story Weekly: September 5, 12, 19, 1925
    Modest Stein cover art for first issue ~ Roger B. Morrison one B/W illustration in each installment
McClurg: February 6, 1926 ~ magazine serial is shortened in the book version ~ 412 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket with same illustration in sepia frontispiece
Grosset & Dunlap: 1927 ~ 412 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket with same illustration in sepia frontispiece
Modern Mechanics and Inventions: Part 1: The Moon Maid serialized Nov., Dec. 1928 and Jan. Feb. 1929
    C. Saunders B/W and tinted interiors in all four episodes
Grosset & Dunlap: 1940 ~ 412 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket but no frontispiece
Canaveral Press: Parts 1-3 retitled The Moon Men ~ May 17, 1962 ~ 375 pages
    Mahlon Blaine dust jacket and seven interior B/W illustrations
Ace paperback: September 1962 and reprints ~ Part 1: The Moon Maid ~ contains original magazine text ~ 176 pages
    Roy G. Krenkel cover and title page art
Ace paperback: October 1962and reprints  ~ Part 2: The Moon Men and Part 3: The Red Hawk ~ original magzine text ~ 222 pages
    Ed Emsh cover art ~ Roy G. Krenkel title page drawing
Dover Publications: Moon Maid and The Land That Time Forgot: April 1963 ~ 552 pages
    J. Allen St. John all art from first edition
Ace paperback: fourth reprint ~ Part 1 ~ 187 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover art
Ace paperback: fourth reprint ~ Part 2 only ~ Part 3 excluded
    Frank Frazetta cover art ~ Roy G. Krenkel title page art
Ballantine - Del Rey paperback: May 1992 ~ Pt. 1 Moon Maid ~ 202 pages
    Lawrence Schwinger cover art
Ballantine - Del Rey paperback: June 1992 ~ Pt. 2 Moon Men and Pt. 3 Red Hawk ~ 227 pages
    Lawrence Schwinger cover art
B.H. Wood: October 2000 ~ Limited Collectors Edition of 50 Copies in conjunction with ECOF 2000 Clarksville Tennessee ~ Introduction by Bob Zeuschner, Text Comparison by J.G. Huckenpohler, Glossary by Duane Adams and George McWhorter, Ending Commentary by Tracy Griffin, Printing/Sewing/Binding by Bruce Wood, Text Scanning and Formatting by David Bruce Bozarth, Dust Wrapper Design and Manufacturing by Phil Normand, General Coordination by Jim Thompson ~ Publisher and Driving force behind this project: BRUCE WOOD.
    Dave Hoover: DJ ~ Jeff Doten: frontispiece for Moon Maid ~ Tom Yeates: frontispiece for Moon Men and Red Hawk
For detailed information see:  Robert Zeuschner's
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography
Dial 1-800-253-2187 to order a copy from McFarland for $46.50


Tom Yeates artTom Yeates artJeff Doten art

Liner Notes from the main introduction by Robert B. Zeuschner
The genesis of the tale of THE MOON MAID begins at the end of 1918, and early into 1919. During this year Ed Burroughs was working on TARZAN THE UNTAMED, but took some time off to write a novelette inspired by the recent Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

IN this tale, which he entitled "Under the Red Flag," Burroughs expressed his profound distrust of Russian Communism. Set two hundred years in the future, around 2125, it portrays Ed's guess of what might happen if the Soviet Bolshevik communists actually achieved world domination.

Three years later, he got he idea to change the Soviet Bolsheviks to Kalkars, invaders from the Moon who conquer a peaceful and disarmed earth and set up a totalitarian communistic regime. To make it work, in 1922 Ed wrote a prequel to set the stage, and produced "The Moon Maid" which describes the events leading up to the anti-communist morality tale.

Finally, Burroughs returned to the stories of the Kalkars from the moon and in 1925 he wrote "The Red Hawk," the third part of the trilogy which brings the tale of the Julians to a conclusion. In it the humans have reverted to the life style of the American Indians, and have slowly battled and pushed the Kalkars into the Pacific Ocean through the San Fernando Valley area of southern California.

This very special edition of THE MOON MAID is the first hardcover volume ever to contain the original story in its entirety as it appeared in the initial three installments form the Argosy All-Story Weekly so many years ago.

Publisher's Liner Notes
The book you hold in y our hands is the product of true fan initiative and enthusiasm. When Jim Thompson volunteered, at the Tarzana Dum-Dum in 1999, to host ECOF 2000, he knew that he would use The Moon Maid as the theme. Jim Thompson is the good friend of Julian 9th in THE MOON MEN.

Jim approached "Tangor" (Bruce Bozarth) about producing a commemorative CD such as he had created for his own ERB WAKE in Texas. Jim wanted to do a textual comparison between the original magazine publications and the shorter, edited book version. Apparently, Burroughs himself had done the editing to fit the story into hardcover form and this could be a true variorum edition.

A call for volunteers to help with the project raised J.G. "Huck" Huckenpohler to do the textual comparison. "Abner Perry" (Bruce Wood) was approached about doing a special map for the CD. Abner, it turns out, had been considering producing a special, hand-bound edition of the McClurg first to show off at ECOF 2000. Jim, excited by the idea, suggested that he use the original magazine text and publish an original edition with Huck's commentary. Tangor was enlisted to scan the texts of the Ace paperbacks and to set the type.

The project soon began to take on more momentum. Jeff Doten, new the the ERB Listserve, was approached about doing a frontispiece for THE MOON MAID. Phil Normand was invited to design the book's jacket. Dave Hoover was talked into doing the cover art. Tracy Griffin heard about the project and contributed two short text pieces. Duane Adams was prompted into revising and expanding George McWhorter's original glossary. Bob Zeuschner was asked to provide the Introduction. And then Tom Yeates was added to the team when he volunteered to do a frontispiece for the MOON MEN section.

This special edition of THE MOON MAID has been designed to fit alongside the other McClurg firsts on your Burroughs' bookshelf. There will only be 50 volumes produced, available after September 2000.


Argosy All-Story - May 5, 1923 - The Moon Maid 1/5Argosy: February 21, 1925 - Moon Men 1/4Argosy: September 5, 1925 - Red Hawk 1/3
Argosy All-Story - February 28, 1925 - The Moon Men 2/4 fpDover Press Edition: Moon Maid and Land That Time Forgot - Cover from J. Allen St. John
Moon Maid: Ace Edition - Art by Roy KrenkelAce Edition of Moon Maid: Frank Frazetta cover
The Moon Men: Frazetta Ace PB - 1975Moon Men: Canaveral Edition - Art by Mahlon Blaine
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Mahlon Blaine
Cover and Seven Interiors
ERBzin-e 879

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