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Volume 728

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
John Coleman Burroughs Art ~ Covers ~ Publishing History
Summary ~ Cast ~ Chapter Titles ~ Lord Greystoke's Art Gallery

John Coleman Burroughs: Tarzan the Magnificent - 5 interior b/w plates

ERB commenced writing September 1935
               Originally published in two parts: Tarzan and the Magic Men  (1936) ~ begun in September 1935
Tarzan and the Elephant Men (1937) ~ Begun December 1936

Argosy Weekly: 1936: September 19, 26, October 3.
Tarzan and the Magic Men ~ longer than the published novel
    Hubert Rogers: installment one cover
    Unknown artist: one interior per issue
Blue Book of Fiction and Adventure: 1937: November, December ~ 1938: January
Tarzan and the Elephant Men
    Herbert Morton Stoops (Jeremy Cannon): first installment cover and many interiors
ERB, Inc. Tarzana: September 25, 1939 ~ 318 pages
    John Coleman Burroughs: DJ and five interior b/w plates
ERB, Inc. Tarzana: 1948
Ballantine paperback: March 1964
    Richard Powers cover
Ballantine paperback: September 1977
    Boris Vallejo cover

For detailed information see:Robert Zeuschner's
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholar’s and Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography
Dial 1-800-253-2187 to order a copy from McFarland for $46.50
(in order of appearance)
TARZAN of the Apes ~ John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Part 1
"Tarzan and the Magic Men"
Stanley Wood ~ American travel writer
Robert van Eyck ~ Wood's friend and companion
Spike and Troll ~ White hunters with Wood's safari
Mafka ~ Magician of the Kaji tribe
Lord Mountford ~ Captive of Mafka
Gonfala ~ Queen of the Kaji (gonfal = great diamond)
Woora ~ Magician of the Zuli tribe (has emerald)
Lord ~ an Englishman captive of the Zuli
Lorro ~ Zuli warrior-woman
Kamudi ~ a Black man
Muviro ~ Chief of Tarzan's Waziri
Waranji ~ a Waziri
Part 2
"Tarzan and the Elephant Men"
Gemnon ~ Noble of Cathne, City of Gold
Alextar ~ King of Cathne
Tomos ~ Prime Minister of Cathne
Phobeg ~ Palace guard in Cathne
Valthor ~ Noble in Athne, City of Ivory
Phoros ~ Dictator of Athne
Menofra ~ Wife of Phoros
Kandos ~ Righthand man of Phoros
Gemba ~ a black slave
Hyark ~ warrior killed in arena by Tarzan
Zygo ~ King of Athne
Cast List Ref: Clark A. Brady's Burroughs Cyclopedia and Ed Stephan's Tarzan of the Internet

 Book Blurb Summary
from Ballantine Books
The half-dead American raved of an unknown city...of women warriors, ruled by a malignant wizard...of a great diamond, the Gonfal, with strange hypnotic powers . . . of a long-lost English nobleman...of the savage queen who had betrayed her duty and helped him to escape. Tarzan put little faith in Stanley Wood's story — until he saw the power of the Gonfal draw the American in spite of himself back into the clutches of the Amazons of the Kaji. Then it was that the ape-man became once more the implacable hunter — for, though he cared nothing for diamonds or lost civilizations, no one might be allowed to harm a man the Lord of the Jungle had taken under his protection.
I. Out of the Past
II. A Strange Tale
III. The Power of Mafka
IV. Sentenced to Death
V. The Black Panther
VI. Trapped
VII. Green Magic
VIII. The Leopard Pit
IX. The End of the Corridor
X. Toward Freedom
XI. Treachery
XII. Reunion
XIII. Cannibals
XIV. Kidnapped
XV. Clews
XVI. Tantor
XVII. Strangers
XVIII. Ingratitude
XIX. Retribution
XX. Athne
XXI. Phoros
XXII. Menofra
XXIII. Sentenced
XXIV. Death
XXV. Battle

John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Frontispiece by John Coleman Burroughs
For larger images and commentary on the
John Coleman Burroughs art in Tarzan the Magnificent
ERBzin-e 342

Pulp Magazine Art
Argosy: September 19, 1936 - Tarzan and the Magic Men 1/3Argosy - September 19, 1936 - Tarzan and the Magic Men 1/3 TEXTBlue Book: November 1937 - Tarzan and the Elephant Men 1/3

US Paperback Covers
Richard Powers art: Ballentine 1964Richard Powers art: Ballantine 1977Boris Vallejo art: Ballantine 1981Boris Vallejo art: Ballantine 1991

UK Paperback Covers
Goulden UK edition 1950Edward Mortelmans art: Four Square 1959Edward Mortelmans art: Four Square 1964Four Square UK edition 1967Tarzan the Magnificent: Japanese edition

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