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Bill Hillman's

Volume 487

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Son of Tarzan
Art by J. Allen St. John
Part I: Publishing History ~ Summary ~ Cast ~ Chapters I-VIII
Historiated Initials ~ Decorations ~ Interior Line Art
Continued in Part II

J. Allen St. John: Son of Tarzan - wrap-around DJ - many b/w line interiors

All-Story Weekly - December 4, 1915 - The Son of Tarzan 1/6Big Little Book: The Son of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Whitman - No. 1477

Written by ERB between January 21 and May 11, 1915
All-Story Weekly: 1915 December 4, 11, 18 ~ 1916 January 1, 8
    P.J. Monahan: December 4 cover ~ no interiors
A.C. McClurg "advance sheets" paperback with 1st edition illustrations: prior to March 1917 ~ 394 pages
A.C. McClurg "printer's dummy" edition with mostly blank pages ~ prior to March 1917
A.C. McClurg: March 10, 1917 (no dedication) ~ 394 pages
   J. Allen St. John: wrap-around DJ and many interiors (see below)
A.C. McClurg: 1917 ~ second state first edition with Hulbert Burroughs dedication
A.C. McClurg: 1918 ~ third and fourth state editions
A.L. Burt: 1918-1928 ~ many reprint editions ~ same illustrations but just front-side DJ
Grosset & Dunlap: 1927 ~ all earlier St. John illustrations included
Big Little Book Whitman edition: 1939 ~ 432 pages
    Henry Vallely cover ~ Rex Maxon: adapted illustrations from the 1929-30 daily strip
Grosset & Dunlap: 1940 ~ St. John illustrations except frontispiece
Grosset & Dunlap Madison Square wartime edition: 1943 ~ only St. John DJ & Golden Lion title page ~ 312 pages
Ace paperback: April 1963 ~ 255 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover and title page
Ballantine paperback: July & November 1963~ 222 pages
    Richard Powers cover
Ballantine paperback: April 1963
    Robert Abbett cover
Ballantine paperback: April 1975
    Neal Adams cover
Avenel Anthology: 1988 ~ Tarzan of the Apes, The Son of Tarzan, Tarzan at the Earth's Core & Tarzan Triumphant ~ 848 pages
    J. Allen St. John: Tarzan at the Earth's Core DJ and reprint interiors
    Studley Burroughs: reprint interiors ~ Esteban Maroto original drawings
Del Rey: 1996 ~ Two Novels for the Price of One edition: The Beasts of Tarzan & The Son of Tarzan ~ 373 pages
    Joe Jusko cover
For detailed information see: Bob Zeuschner's  ERB: The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography
Son of Tarzan
Summary (blurb from Ballantine edition)
Paulvitch still lived and sought vengeance against Tarzan. As part of his plot, he lured Tarzan's young son away from London. But the boy escaped, with the aid of the great ape Akut. They fled to the savage African jungles where Tarzan had been reared. There the civilized boy had to learn to meet the great beasts and face the dangers only his father had ever conquered. But he grew in time into Korak the Killer, almost as mighty as Tarzan. Korak found a friend in Meriem, whom he rescued from a raiding Arab band. Then he discovered that the dangers of the jungle were nothing compared to those devised by men.
Edgar Rice Burroughs'
The Son of Tarzan
Dust Jacket by J. Allen St. John
CAST (in order of appearance)
Alexis Paulvitch aka Michael Sabrov, spent 10 years with cannibals
Akut, aka Ajax: Ape King, taken to London by Paulvitch
Simpson: cruel sailor on the Marjorie W. who torments Ajax
Harold Moore: Jack Clayton's Tutor
Jack Clayton: son of Tarzan and Jane, aka "Billings," Korak
Jane Clayton: Tarzan's wife, Jack's mom,
Tarzan of the Apes: John Clayton, Lord Greystoke,
Condon: thief who tries to rob Billings (Jack Clayton)
Herr Skopf: Hotel proprietor
Armand Jacot: Foreign Legion captain, Prince de Cadrenet
Achmet-ben-Houdin: marauder chief, amor's nephew, executed by Jacot
Sheik Amor ben Khatour: Achemt's uncle, Jeanne's kidnapper
Jeanne: aka Meriem, daughter of Jacot, renamed Meriem by Sheik Amor
Geeka: Meriem's doll (named for the black who made her)
Carl Jenssen, Sven Malbihn aka Mr. Hanson: Swedish poachers/bounty hunters
Mbeeda: Arab headman bribed by Swedes to kidnap Meriem
Kavudoo: chief of tribe pursuing Jack and Meriem for ransom
Hon. Morison Baynes: visitor to the Greystoke estate, Meriem's suitor
Muviri: chief factotem at the Greystokes' East African estate
Tantor: Korak's elephant pal
Abdul Kamak: young ogler of Meriem at Sheik Amor's
Ali ben Kadin: Sheik Amor's half-black half-brother
Paul d'Arnot: French naval officer in Paris, Tarzan's best friend
Cast List Ref: Clark A. Brady's Burroughs Cyclopedia and Ed Stephan's Tarzan of the Internet
FrontispieceTitle Page

The long boat of the Marjorie W. was floating down the broad Ugambi with ebb tide and current.

There, screaming at them in a cracked falsetto and with skinny arms outstretched, stood a strange apparition of a man.

I. Like a flash the beast wheeled upon its tormentor

MR. HAROLD MOORE was a bilious-countenanced, studious young man.

II. The audience was delighted

s the trainer, with raised lash, hesitated an instant at the entrance to the box where the boy and the ape confronted him, a tall broad-shouldered man pushed past him and entered. 

III. Come here, said Paulvitch

he killing of the friendless old Russian, Michael Sabrov, by his great trained ape, was a matter for newspaper comment for a few days.

IV. The lad, horrified, sprang from the bed.

CAPTAIN ARMAND JACOT of the Foreign Legion sat upon an outspread saddle blanket at the foot of a stunted palm tree.

V. You will pay more than this, he said.

His first night in the jungle was one which the son of Tarzan held longest in his memory.

VI. The warrior was dead.

Akut, discovering that the boy was not close behind him, turned back to search for him.

VII. It was the boyVII. The boy sailed over the lion's head

A year had passed since the two Swedes had been driven in terror from the savage country where The Sheik held sway.

VIII. The great bulls were dancing in the moonlight
Continued in
PART II: Chapters IX-XIX

Methuen UK Edition
Methuen art courtesy J. G. Huckenpöhler: Huck's ERB Collector's Pocket Checklist

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