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Doug's RV Checklist Page

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TEXT - De-Winterize water system - by Les Doll - FOR SPRING!
TEXT - Fifth Wheel Hitching Checklist
TEXT - Tom Boles' Pre-Delivery Checklist
TEXT - Trailer Packing List Checklist
TEXT - Prepare Plumbing for Winter Checklist
MS WORD - Prepare Plumbing for Winter Checklist
MS WORD - Fifth Wheel Hitching Checklist
MS WORD - Tom Boles' Pre-Delivery Checklist
MS WORD - Trailer Packing List Checklist
Truck and Fifth Wheel Weights OK?
Acrobat format Fifth Wheel Hitching Checklist
Acrobat format Tom Boles' Pre-Delivery Checklist
Acrobat format Trailer Packing List Checklist
Robert Liles' Trip Calculator

I've included a checklist for de-winterizing your RV's plumbing. This one was kindly provided by Les Doll from
The RVers' Corner
Tom is the same gent who wrote the Pre-Delivery Inspection checklist above.

You are invited to visit the Crossroads RV Forum. The Crossroads name is fairly new, and we sure like our model 30SK! Crossroads RV Forum

Chris VanHonk from the Good Sam forum kindly converted my checklist files to PDF format. Thanks Chris!

NEW Oct Sep 2008: Robert Liles from the Good Sam forum wrote a handy Excel worksheet to help us compare the costs of a trip using the car or the trailer. This is such an easy one to use it's worth your download.

Truck and Fifth Wheel Weights OK? Check the link above for a spreadsheet (Excel version 4) that will help you determine if your potential truck and/or fifth wheel will be compatible. Please use the numbers for approximate checking - you are still responsible for verification that your FW can be safely towed with your truck.

Tom Boles wrote the excellent Pre-Delivery Inspection checklist that you ought to use when checking out a new unit. Tom recently reviewed his PDI, and this is his latest revision.(v1.1.3).

You are welcome to my checklists and other files. I did not author all of them, but have consolidated bits and pieces from other RVers into what works for me. Please take what you need from them.

I hope the use of the checklists will be useful in preventing an accident, discovering a maintenance problem or helping you remember a needed item for your travels.

- Right click on the checklist you want. - On the popup menu, select "Save target (or link) as../"
- In the popup menu, select a folder in which to save the checklist, like "My Documents" or "Download Files".
- The files were virus free when uploaded. I encourage you to always check for viruses in any file you download.

If you want to view a file first, LEFT click on it.

Doug and Kathy
2008 Chevy 2500HD Duramax/Allison 4WD
2007 Crossroads Cruiser 30SK
"Nuestra casa con buena vistas"
October 2008