Human Beans has been around since 2007. All of the graphic comic stories are wholesome fun. Human Beans appeared first in Teenage Magazine, a Christian website devoted to teens. Human Beans also appeared in Aim Higher Books, as a side feature, but Human Beans gained in popularity, so much so that it overshadowed all of my other endeavors. Therefore, I decided to focus on my little beans and have done so for over ten years.

The Blueberry family.

(John and Jeff are the two sons of Fred and Martha Blueberry.)

Stages of Life of the Human Beans

The letters in parentheses correspond to the picture above.

(A) After two beans fall in love and get married, they are ready to begin a family. The couple then goes down to the Jelly Bean Candy Company to pick out a baby bean of their choice. Jelly babies are formed and given the breath of life by the Creator to become "Human Beans". The little baby bean is completely helpless being born without any arms or legs. Its only protection from the elements is a very thin film of sweet candy skin. (Mikey)

(B) At around one year of age little arms and legs spring out of the little baby bean. At this time the little baby bean grows a thick coat of sweet elastic skin. The little baby bean grows quickly and soon becomes a toddler; the terrible twos, threes, and fours are infamous in jelly bean land. (Rosy)

(C) At around 5 or 6 years old the bean child is now ready for school. The bean child attends Elementary school for seven years, from Kindergarten to sixth grade. (Little Jeffery)

(D) At 13 years of age the teen bean enters High School. High School is two years long. During this time many changes occur in the teen bean. The teen bean grows in stature to almost adult height. Also, dating begins at this stage of life, preparing the teen bean for adulthood.> During this time the teen bean must decide a lifetime career; for at 15 years of age the teen bean enters a four-year program to train for
the lifetime career ahead. (Tommy)

(E) Upon graduation, at 19 years of age, the teen bean is given a job in the career field of choice. The teen bean now is considered an adult bean with all of the rights and responsibilities thereof. Marriage to the life partner soon follows, and later, a trip (or trips) to the Jelly Bean Candy Company for the adoption of bean children. (Jeff, Alice, John, Marge)

(F) Retirement begins at 60 years of age. The normal life span of a "Human Bean" is 70 to 100 years. It is typical after one of the marriage partners passes on; the other one soon follows. (Grandma Martha, Grandpa Fred)

(G) At the end of their lives their spirit returns to the Creator; they are no longer "Human Beans"; they become common Jelly Beans.

Human Beans to scale.

Map of Jelly Bean Land.

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