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Darrell Cornett


Sue Hogsed is no longer the shelter coordinator and we wish to THANK her for all the years of hard work and service to the shelter and the animals!


We have an adoption fee of $50. We give seniors discounts and hope that people who need a companion will look at the shelter animals first!

br> We adopted two dogs today, McKenzie and Opie.

The McKenzie adoption is a real special story. The
adopter was its previous owner whose inlaw responsible
for its care during their absence from Tenn gave dog
to MCVHS for adoption against the owners desires.
The owners who are now living in Virginia were desparately
trying to find their dog and had tried to contact Sue
at the animal kennel to no avail. (I do not think
long distance calls are allowed from the kennel phone.)
Anyway, they drove 8-9 hours to Madisonville - their
sole purpose to try to find their dog and somehow
they stumbled on to the HDF/MCVHS adoptathon and walked
right into McKenzie who they recogized instantly.
Talk about luck or Karma...

Anyway, they adopted McKenzie and there is a real
happy ending to this dog's tale.

Other News

There are some changes at the shelter, so if you haven't visited in a while, we suggest you come out and see a new and great looking shelter.

We have insulated the office, put in a new floor, added vinyl siding, and have heat in all the animal rooms. The cat room and the grooming room are almost completely remodeled. And we have a wonderful flower liberty garden.

In addition we have purchased an ambulance that we hope to have as a part of our community service.

The Brew and cue in Sweetwater did Valentines Day Couple Tournament and raised money for our medical fund and 600 lb. food. We are very appreicative of that! Thank you!

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