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"Fido" is a popular name for dogs because it comes from the Latin, meaning "faithful."

RCA is a 2 year, 9 month old female
she is very active, she is a sweet dog
and she has a sweet face,
need a watchdog! Look no further
RCA is a singer, er barker!

This is Timber! He has
been here 1 year and
6 months. Give him the
freedom of a loving home!
He is very active and GET This! very well behaved!

Razz! Razz is 4 years old, a female Bulldog-Chow mix,
she is described as "a super dog", very nice,
quite. She would make an excellent pet!

Patty is a 2 year 3 month old female,
a black lab-healer mix.
She is calm and gentle ~ would make a great pet!

Annie is a 1 year, 9 month old female
chow-shepherd mix.
She just needs the right person
to love her and to love! She is HOUSEBROKEN and LOVEs people

Minnie is a 2-3 year old female.
She is a chow mix and very calm and well mannered!

This is a 6 month old female black lab mix. She
is still on the shy side, but coming around.

Honey is a 1 year, 9 month old female shepherd
mix. Honey seeks attention and would make
a wonderful friend and companion!

Lady Bug is 3 years old, a lady, Rotweiller mix.
She is a super nice dog! She is very loving!

Lucky D is a 2 year, 6 month old female, plot hound.
A long timer at the shelter. Which
is a shame! She is very obedient and loving!

Chester is about 1 ~ 2 years old, is a male
and a good all around mixed breed.
He is very calm and would make a great pet!

Fudge is 3 years old, a male, and a hound mix.
He is an old timer at the shelter. He deserves
a place to run and someone to love him!!
Need a friend? So does he!

Adam is a 2 ~ 3 year old male. He is a lab-blue
healer. He is very loving and calm.

Simba is a 2 year old female. She is skittish
and needs one individual to bond with her.

This is Lady. She is 3 years, 6 months old.
A female chow-lab mix. Another old timer
at the shelter. She is very obedient, calm, and
good natured! Please give her a home!

Meet June Bug! A 2 year old female lab mix. She
is a very active dog and get this
she is a climber!

Ashley is 2 years old. Need a female red healer!
She needs you too!
She is very loving and affectionate!

Marsha would make a wonderful family dog!
She is a female lab mix and is 2 years old.

If you are looking for a lab or lab mix
than why not take Honey Bun!! She is very, very nice!
She is 2 years, 6 months old.

The black dog is Fuzzy, a 2 year old male. He
is beautiful and he knows it. He demands a lot of
attention (or look at it this way, he'd constantly
be wanting to give you love!)

Ashely is with him here, she is a 2 year old female red healer,
very loving and affectionate!

This is Fuzzy also, he demanded a close up.
He thinks he's Mel Gibson.

Potato Chip is 4 years old. She is a wonderful
lady and loves attention!

Opie~ADOPTED! and Pete are two male, 4 month old chow mixes.
They are very sweet and affectionate! Better hurry!

Currently, the Monroe County Volunteer Humane
Shelter has a total of 40 dogs at the
shelter. Of these, 8 are pups that are under 6 mo.
Sue Hogsed at the shelter described them as being:

Lab mix - 2
German Shepherd mix - 1
Chow mix - 5

We also have
Maggie ~ 2 year old female, shepherd mix
somewhat aggresive.

Felix ~ 4 years, 6 months old Chow mix

Collar ~ 5 month old female hound mix

Mohawk ~ 5 month old bulldog mix.

Saddle ~ 3 month old female mix.

Simba ~ 2 years, 9 months old, female, bulldog
skittish, needs one on one!

Tiny ~ 2 years, 3 monnths old female DALMATION,
very quiet, doesn't like to be handled
but loves attention.

Goldie ~ 1 year, 3 months old female, chow
mix. Very loving and affectionate.

May ~ 9 month old female, black lab mix,
very shy, but coming around.

The 'Cat House' is open and we have several
kittens! So come to the shelter and pick one!

Please contact Monroe County Volunteer Humane Shelter
   ~ ~ ~ AT ~ ~ ~

  Telephone ~ ~ ~ 423-420-0009

  EMail ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ EMail The Shelter

  Shelter Hours: ~ 1-4 pm Mon thru Sat


Monroe County Volunteer Humane Society
P.O. BOX 697
37354 the online Pet Directory
A piece of grass a day keeps the vet away
--Unknown Dog
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