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Green Cliffs Inn and the Steading

Green Cliffs Inn, opened in May of 2001 by Mistress LadyLif and two slaves, has grown steadily to the point where the Inn is now the focal point of a Steading, consisting of several buildings and areas, surrounded by an Inner Wall and an Outer Wall.

Entrance to the Steading is made by a roadway which enters the Steading through two gates in the two walls. These gates are normally kept closed. Between the Outer and Inner Walls lie the sa-tarna fields as well as grazing areas for bosk and verr. A stream flows from the outside, under the Outer Wall and across the grazing area, under the Inner Wall and eventually emptying into the Thassa. The road continues across the land, and passes through the second gate in the Inner Wall which surrounds the Steading proper.

The roadway ends in a large area for the parking of wagons and carts. A path leads off from the north side of the Wagon Area and branches left and right. If you take the branch to the left you will come to a series of five buildings, a Wash Shed, a Dye Shed, a Wool Shed where spinning and weaving also takes place, the Wood Shop, and the Forge and Tack Shed. Across the stream can be seen the grain stores. The path ends just beyond the Forge and Tack Shed. If, instead, you take the branch to the right, you will come to a group of buildings which serve as a Smoke Shed (for smoking fish), a Sail Shed, the Ship Yard and a large Storage Shed. The path turns north again and comes to a crossroads of a fashion.

In the northwest corner of the crossroads is a freshwater spring. At the crossroads, the path to the east leads to the docks and the dragonship, The Tempest. The path continuing to the north takes you to the vulo pen, the ice shed, and a small storage shed. The path to the west will bring you to Green Cliffs Inn itself and the sparring pit across from the Inn's doorway. To the west side of the Inn you may see the Animal shed and the pens for bosk and verr. Continuing on the path to the west will bring you to the nine Resident's cottages with another spring and an outdoor spar/dance pit. A path loops around the cottages. The path continues to the west, ending at the Bath House

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