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About Us

In 1998 two women decided to make a difference in the lives of the many animals that were suffering needlessly in Fayette County.  Yvette Rose and Delores Provow were introduced by Dr. Sonya Bryan, a local vet who knew the two women had much in common. From two kennels in a garage to a shelter that houses over 100 animals in a sanctuary environment, their dedication and love of animals and the will to make a difference in their community spawned one of the largest no-kill organizations in the Mid South area.  Heartbreaking years of struggle for these two founding members have given hope and a new life to thousands of animals that would have died needlessly on the rural roads of Fayette County.  Their friendship and loving bond continues today for their life long mission of making a difference for all the needy animals that come into their lives.

Fayette County Animal Rescue is located in one of the largest counties in the State of Tennessee. Each month Animal Control picks up on the average 130 animals a month. All of these animals are euthanized after 72 hours. FCAR is the only  No-Kill, No Cages Animal Shelter in Fayette County.  

We have an annual budget of $100,000 to keep operational.  Your donations are very important to our mission.  With our spay/neuter policies we believe that among us all, we can bring an end to the killing of homeless pets within the next 10 years. Please join us in helping make this dream a reality


To offer refuge, medical care, nourishment and an opportunity for a second chance for life to injured and abused animals in Fayette County, TN.

To foster a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals and protect them from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance.

To promote responsible pet ownership through humane education.

To enhance the quality of human life with animal companionship.

Board of Directors

Yvette Rose - President - Lifetime Board Member
Sydney Lane - Vice President
Connie Shaw - Secretary/Treasurer
Susan Landuyt Bukowy
Damien Bukowy
Philip Lane
Ruth Seward
Gina Thweatt
Delores Cowan - Lifetime Honorary Board Member

Michael L. Provow
Marty Lindberg
Our Shelter

Our shelter is located on 5 acres in Rossville, TN and was first opened on December 22, 2002. We currently house between 70-100 animals in either indoor/outdoor kennels or outdoor covered yards with doghouses.

Click here for directions to our shelter.







Fayette County Animal Rescue

P.O. Box 44, Rossville, TN  38066

Phone: (901) 854-2565

Fax: (901) 854-2202

Shelter Hours:  By Appointment Only
Contact Us:
Click here for directions to our shelter