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In Celebration of:

Magoo's Birthday December 20th from Brenda Johnson
Susan's 10th Anniversary with us from Jose Candelaria
Our Precious Adopted & Rescued "Sunny" 6th birthday from Barbara June Boros
Alice & Ed McClanahan's 50th Wedding Anniversary from Pat Davis


In Honor of:

Ann Roberts, from Edith Moores
Molly (aka Valerie), from Allison Maddock
Alfred, Ian and Tiki, from Diana Gill
Aunt Barb, from Rory
Dane, from Susan Ourfalion
Laurie Turner, from her work team
Hot Dog (Adopted 2011), from Sherry Hampton
Molly, our sweet dog, from Allison Maddock
Delores Cowan, from Ann Meeks
Alyson Bozof, Happy Birthday, from Aunt Woo
Molly, from Allison Maddock
Bogey & AJ, from Louis and Sharon Shanks Jr.
In Honor & Memory of Yvette Rose’s mother, Diane M Wood, from Damien & Susan Bukowy
Ms. Doris Jones for her generous donations to FCAR, from Dr. Lauren Wiltshire
FCAR, for all the wonderful things it does for so many animals in need, from Dr. Lauren Wiltshire
The wonderful and caring staff at Eastgate Animal Clinic, from “Ms. Kitty” Jones
CJ, from Kim & David Thompson
Megan Wisniewski, from Robbie Wisniewski
Yvette Rose, from Joe & Vicky Rimstidt
Bud & Jeb (Beagles), from Nickey Lamb
Barb Drabowicz, from Cynthia Grugel
Yvette Rose, from Gail Lipford
James Luck, for a sweet heart, from Susan Grizzard
Buck & Pat Clark, for their compassion and generosity, from Susan Grizzard
Diana Clark Gill, for loving God’s creatures, from Susan Grizzard
Katrina, from Louis & Sharon Shanks Jr.


In loving memory of:

To Sandra Adair for Ozzy from Delores Dale Cowan
To Elliott Ives for Ozzy from Delores Dale Cowan
Marilyn Davis, from Bobbie Waxler
Katie Dog, from Tammy Overacker
Snicker 2, from B.J. Burks
Mr. Hooker Hood, #99, from Bruce, Kay and Jennye Miller
Our Beloved Pets, Grady and Little Bit, from The McAfee Family
My Husband, James H Jackson and our pets Maxine, Catkin, Vera, Genevieve, Rosebud, Sasha, Cinnamon and Maisie, from Sarah Jackson
Mrs. Jeanette Mills, from Ralph Knowles
T.J., toy poodle of Heather and Mario Balletto, from The Segersons & staff at Edgewood Farm
Mopsy, Snauzer/bouvier mix of Pat and Gene Coe, from the Segersons & staff at Edgewood Farm
Oscar & Piglet, my beloved dogs, from Sharon Roy
Ernest D. Neyman, from Monica, Ben and Colton Morgan
Cache, from Dana Davis
Laurie Hotchkiss, from Eliot (Tim) & Judy Faris
Gladys Jones, From Nancy & Drew Ward
Coco, Mandy, Mollie, Maggie, Bonnie, Jacks and Bandit, from Mrs. Dean Wills
Our cat, Scooter, from Shelva Ashcraft
Cowboy, from Nita Lewis Hurdle
Koko, John & Janet Whaley’s Brittney spaniel, from Anne Utley
Angel, beloved Rat Terrier of Steve & Judy White, from Linda & Jimmy Segerson and staff at Edgewood Farm
Max Isbell, dog of Karen and Robert Isbell, from Karen & Robert Keywood
Sarah Wages, from Diana Hart and Carolyn Fletcher
Conner Alderton, from Mary Linda Cuddy
Gerald W. Jeffrey, my Father, from Julie Jeffrey
Robert M. McDermott, from The Joel Halvorson Family
Max, beloved pet of Dr. & Mrs. Harold Hook, from Ann Brown
Jeanette Mills, from Betsy and David Sexton
Phyllis Melton, lover of animals, from M. Ruth Colbert
Jock, Beloved Jack Russell of Tim & Candy Perry, from Candice Perry
Dane, from Wende Paoni
Sailor, the best dog ever, from Sunde Smith
Robert “Mac” McDermott, from Lesia Rushing
Rosie, from Jerry Stringer
Cinnamon, the cat who tolerated me!, from Raymond Lynch
Vivian Turner, mother of Ronnie Turner, from W. Angela Waguespack and friends from FedEx
Our sweet little Casey, from Dean & Angie Wills
Casey Graunke, beloved golden retriever, from Linda & Jimmy Segerson & staff at Edgewood Farm
Ms. Lula Taylor, from Katherine Cokeing
Gus, from Donna Jenkins Diehl
Sandy Bateman, from Kathleen Montgomery and Delores Kinsolving
Diane M Wood, from Delores Dale Cowan
Scooter, our tuxedo cat, from Shelva Ashcraft
Jan Perry’s beloved cat, from Trisha Rowland and Dinine Prince
Chico and Sadie, from Bill and Jackie Blankenship
Sadie, from Mel and Daphne Vescovo
Ms. Kitty, beloved cat of Ms. Doris Jones, from Dr. Lauren Wiltshire
Ms. Kitty who brought much love and joy to her owner, Ms. Doris Jones, for 20 years
Bertha Lee Novak, from Susie Bialik
Bertha Lee Novak, from The Kriescher’s, Lavern Bialek and Jerry & Eddie Welnicke
Bertha Lee Novak, from Roger & Joyce Korinek
Diane M. Wood, from Kerry & Joseph Dickens
Gambie, Helen Wetherbee’s handsome & charming Bouvier, from Marie Meglen & Jerry Miller
Jacques Stockstill, from Helen Wetherbee
Clay, pet of Gina & Keith, from Grady & Ginger Hurley
Hurbert Walls, from Jamie & Keith Deckelman
Mike & Jackie Lewis’ pet, from James and Carol Florow
Gus the cat, from Donna Jenkins Diell
Fluffy Kitty, beloved cat of Hailey Dick, from Randy Worley
David Matthew Williams, from Tim, Judy, Jason & Jeremy Brown
Ruth E. (Tina) Howell, from Carolyn and Olan Swaffar
David Matthew Williams, from Billie Eagle
Diane Wood, beloved mother of Yvette Rose and Kim Ketchersid, from Keith & Gina Thweatt
David M. Williams, from Ann Floyd
David M. Williams, from Bert & Bobbie Hawkins
Sharon Leuck, from Kerry Martin
Rachell (Cat), from Patty Gant
Ruth (Tina) Howell, from HGPOMAI
Spot (Dog), from Robin Bowen
Kojak Wilder, from Bella & Poppy
“Mr. Blake” Plyler, from David & Patti Wilder
Morris Hanks (Pet Dog), from Mrs. Ann Hanks
James Carl Riggio & his beloved dog, Chewie, from Sharon & Scott Larson
Baby Watson (Horse), from Charlotte & Glenn Johnson
Dylan Franks, beloved Golden Retriever, from Gail & Perry Franks
Our beloved trio: Anna, Hobbes & Wolfgang, from J.S. Smith, DDS
Sammi Cat “My Pretty Girl”, from Jane Parks
Sasha Marie Barcroft, from Faith Barcroft
MaryLee Bishop, from Mary Ruth Colbert
Gambee, from Tina & Richard West
Jessie, from Pat Davis
All the animals that could not be rescued, from Louis & Doris Smith
Bentley, from Ms. Joann Allen
Tori, from Tim and Judy Faris
Cindy’s Daddy, from Your friends at Memphis Surgery Center
Fred, from Sheila Betts
Prince, from Donna Jenkins-Diehl
Scout, from Maurice & Elizabeth Ayrer Jr.
Choca, from Arnold Salazar
Millie, from Judy Faris
David Lee Alderton, from Jimmy and Janie Jones
Mutt, from Wylie Rowland, Jr
Danner Martin, from Kerry & Jody Dickens
Nascar, beloved kitty of Amy Faye, from Dana Horner
Maxx, beloved pet of Scott & Sylvia Ballard Berringer, from Dana Horner
Dan & Marucho, from Louis Shanks
Todo, beloved pet of Linda Overton
Joyce Grose, from Charles & Joann Allen
Kato, from Aleasha Tyss
David Alderton, from Joe and Nancy Church
Checkers, our daughter in law’s much loved cat, from Lisa Peterson

Fayette County Animal Rescue

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Phone: (901) 854-2565

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