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Jan. 17, 1999
   Well, here it is 11:09 P.M. on a Sunday night working on my VW page. This is the first time I have got to work on my page all week. This is all the fault of the Research Paper. I finally got the first rough draaft done yesterday, all 25 pages of it. This means that i have a break from it till next week when the next draft is due. The whole thing is due Feb. 12.

   Today I made and worked on the My Art page. A week or two ago I added the Frames version of FCVP (Foo's Completely Volkswagen Page). The first version had a few bug, but i worked most of them out. I apologize for not having updated progress on my car in over a year, but I wrote that for th AVWA site before it got a domain name. When I put this page up, I dug up the file and transfered it over. I'll have an update sooner or later.

   Also, thanks to VWMike, my page trippled its traffic in one night. I have got numerous e-mails encouraging, praising, and congratulating me with my site. To all these people I want to thank you for being so interested in my site.

   Also, I'm working in conjunction with the National Street Volkswagen Association on putting together their site. This probably means it will take some time from my site. Please be patient. Check out the test page and see how it looks. That's all for now.