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  I really like this picture. Of coarse, I made it. I had saved a neat picture of a split that I liked and one day I started to fool around with it. I had figured out how to do the overlay pattern a few days earlier ands was looking forward to making something psychadelic and cool. This is what i came up with after forty-five minutes. This pic took four different pics and three overlays to create. I've entitled it "The Psychadelic Trip".


  This little picture is quite another story. Have you ever been sitting in class, the teacher is rambling on about who knows what? You've been thinking about how cool it would look to see a two-tone, slammed beetle car pop a wheelie? Well, when she told us to take out a piece of paper for notes, then it was the perfect time to express my artistic capabilities (or lack there of). Either way, I scribbled down a neat little bug car here, scanned it, colored it, and uploaded it. This one don't have a title.


This looks pretty cool. I made this with Adobe Photo Deluxe. All i did was take the standard VW New Beetle car ad, scan it in, add the "neon" feature and vuala! Twasn't that hard. Just thought it looked kewl.


  These two were what started me in VW car art. I got the main picture from The New Beetle Site before they changed thier format. They used to have it to where you could download a .bmp file, play around with it, send it back to them, and they would post it on the site (along with thousands of other pictures).
  The first one was fairly simple. I just put the big BRM wheels on it, but Beavis in the window, and changed a few other things. I made the running boards lower to give it the dropped appearance. I gave it some cool bumpers too, tail pipes, and flag. I shaved some things too.
  As for the second one, this one has a lot more labor in it. I spent three whole days finding, sizing, copying, and pasting logos on this dragster. I made the dragster before anything then looked at it and thought it looked a little naked. Then came "The New Empi" logo, and it got out of control from there. I think it looks cool. I think someone should make a New Beetle car dragster. That would be cool.


   This New Beetle started out as a accident. I had scanned in the ad and was playing around with it in Picture Mall and accidentaly pulled the back. Then I saw this and it reminded me of the Dodge Durango. Then I thought it would be cool to make a New Beetle car SUV. I raised the wheels, fixed the window, and some other minor adjustments. I then shaded it, put the "Yes" text on, and put the "Drivers Wanted" thing on to make it look like a real ad. It was intended to be a joke the whole time. You can check out the full feature on the "Caddie" on the New Beetle Gallery.


I made this one later. I took the image of the old Beetle car from a New Beetle car banner I found somewhere, reduced it, and blurred it. The New Beelte car came from the New Beetle Gallery. I did the same with it. Then I de-transparented them, added the banner for my page, and here it is. The good thing about this one is that it stays white on all colored backgrounds, while the other one only works on white.