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Munch's "The Vampire"
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Welcome to my site. Delve into the vampire's world here and hopefully you'll come away with a much greater appreciation for the vampire-- mythological demi-god, historical creature and allegorical figure for society's subconscious.

This site caters primarily to those people needing to research the vampire for books, papers and projects. What this site isn't is a place for people who are looking for "real" vampires. I am not a vampire and I don't know any. If you want to look for present-day "vampires", try The Vampire White Pages. They have bulletin boards and pen-pal services for those who are looking into the vampire sub-culture.

This site now over 8 years old!

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2/20/05 This site has been dead for a couple of years or more now, but I haven't been able to bring myself to get in here and say it. My hobbies have changed, I have a significant other now and just don't have time or the interest to update my webpage any longer. Yes, there are some pages that have no content as I never got around to putting up all of the information I wanted to. But, there is still a lot of information on her--probably more still than any other website.

But, who knows--after all, this is a vampire site. It may yet come back to life one day. I still have all of my notes, so I may get around to finishing it sometime. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my medieval reenacting (sans vampires and plagues).

I have removed my e-mail address as I donít have the time (heck, itís been so long, I donít remember enough to help anybody) to read e-mails. For those of you writing papers, you will find a link in those listed below with information for your footnotes/bibliography.

Good luck to you all.

A 10 Step Guide to Vampire Knowledge

The Dictionary of Misc. Words/ Terms
Step 1, The History of Eastern Europe
Step 2, Pre-Vampire Entities
Step 3, Vampire Creation Myths
Step 4, How Vampires Are Made
Step 5, Vampire Folklore
Step 6, "Living" Vampires
Step 7, Medical Information
Step 8, Vampire Names
Step 9, Vampires in Modern Culture
Step 10A, Vampire Book Reviews
Step 10B, Vampire Movie Reviews
Personal Vampire Fiction
Essays on the Aspects of Vampirism
Vampire Questions and Answers
My Guestbook
How to Quote My Site For a Footnote/ Bibliography
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