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Welcome to the one and only Tenpole Tudor page!

Latest Update: June 11th 2000


Calling all peoples of this fair and sceptred Isle. Rally to the Tudor flag and let us unite the Kingdom in song and dance. Marvel at the splendour of the musical court as we raise our spirits with those hallmark Ten Pole tunes, new and old, performed to the sort of rocking beat that compels movement.

This Century's incarnation of the Tudor fever was forged in the white heat of the Punk explosion. Ed Tenpole writing and performing two songs with the Sex Pistols before that group's demise by death, and going on to create the chart-busting Ten Pole Tudor.

"We take our inspiration from the men who began it all; Berry, Lewis, the Stones etc" says Ed. "I'm going to carry on till I die. The reaction from the crowd tells me we're doing the right thing, not that I have a choice in the matter".

Vocals, Guitar:
Ed Tudor Pole ~ " What a Man"

Darrell Bath ~ "Fantastic"

Sam Woodward ~ "Brilliant"

Donagh O'Leary ~ "Great"


(By Arnold Topper)


See them live! Click on any date to go to the tour page and find out more details.


1st July: Rio's, Bradford

2nd July: The Victoria, Derby

3rd July: Trillians, Newcastle

5th July: King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

6th July: The Venue, Edinburgh

7th July: Zac's, Milton Keynes

8th July: The Hand and Heart, Coventry

10th July: The Underworld, London