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This is where you will find previous articles / press releases etc. I hope to expand it to contain interviews and anything else I can find! Please email me any magazine articles / interviews etc or anything else of interest!

Lock up your daughters - 
Ten Pole Tudor Hit the Road!

Eddie Tenpole is currently showcasing his new line up of degenerates at a town near you! On drums, the "baby spice" of the band, Sam Woodward, the brilliant guitarist Darrell Bath (ex Dogs D'Amour), on bass the cavalier Ade Emsley and of course the original posh leadman, Ed Tudor Pole. Our rightful heir and trusty stalwarts get the crowd sweaty with their original mix of rock & roll, punk, blues, with a touch of country thrown in. "We aim to unite the Kingdom" says Ed. Prepare to be united. 

Ten Pole Tudor's first hit, "Who Killed Bambi", was written for the Sex Pistols and performed by Ed in the film, "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle". When Sid Vicious died, he went on to form his own band, Ten pole Tudor. Two albums followed this and the top 10 single "Swords of a Thousand Men". Ed was then found flirting with an acting career, on TV presenting "The Crystal Maze", Channel 4's "How to be a Rock Star" and Spaghetti Western films. Ed then decided "Why pretend to be someone else when I can be Eddie Tenpole!" 

"This is the most impressive line up" says Ed. "The reaction to our live show has been fantastic. The audience are much younger than they used to be, which is probably something to do with the Crystal Maze". The band are so confident of their live performance they say that people can have their money back if not satisfied. Seeing is believing!