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Are you looking for non-sport cards to finish sets?
I have extras & chase cards for many sets, mostly from the 1990s
Please email me with want lists & will let you know, if I got them!

I also have thousands of back issue comics left from my old store!
If you have been searchin' for something, email, I may have it!?
That goes for magazines too, mostly Sci-Fi, Horror & Music!
I have selected Life & other old mags from the 60's & 70's too!

Comic subscribers can click the link below to see what's shipping from Diamond this week!

this gif was swiped from diamond's site

I will consider items to sell for you on ebay!
Depending on their possible value, size, weight & type!
Please email me with any questions, you may have!
I have finally started a mag page!
It has the Fangoria's, Fantastic Films and part of my Starlogs, so far.
Plus many misc horror, music, Teen(1960's & 70's), playboys, etc.

SORRY! Page is still in redevelopment!?!


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