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What are you watching?

Some crappy info on how BFP was born, origin stuff?
The so called talented egomaniac buttholes of Bloody Fun Pictures that make projects a living hell & joy
Stuff we have finished or almost did?
The stars, bit players, cameos & wheelie riders?
So called fans & viewers of Bloody Fun
Some stuff we are planning for the future & more stuff we may never do or finish
Odds & ends: favorite props, reoccuring characters & other little things?
Photos relating to BFP stars, flicks or just ones we like...or hate?
Win or Lose it's here
Tell us who you are and other ... stuff?
Do you want to buy from Bloody Fun, then click until it hurts?
It was over 60,000
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UPDATE! March 26, 2009...
well it's about F&F time I put something new up!!
Well .. Eric has submitted me a final edit of Chromebaby
It's an eleven story I'd like to address soon...
Nate King has been bending my ears and mind about doing a .. western
I've done some stuff with Nate and friends lately
If interested check out my myspace friends for ...
We Killed The Man Productions to see our shorts
please check back for more news .. tom colbert

Where's Campy & what's he planning next?

New news NOW, oh my freegin gosh!

Spy V is still running his mouth, but not here, email him!

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broken angel picture by Jen?
Rich Atha, Bobb Hart, Josh Reed, Forest Seneca, Jimmy Holmes

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Current annoying background noise created from the voice of Peter Lorre
after being left Vincent Priceless?,
finally 2 lines of lorre were twisted and maimed by the master of none on 04102004

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