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My Welcome Poem

Welcome to my homepage friend, as I share my precious gift.
I pray that as you read these poems, your spirit soon will lift.

These poems were written through my hand, as the Holy Spirit moved.
I hope they draw you close to God, and your walk with him improved.

He is waiting here to heal your soul, and dry those lonely tears.
He's here to meet you face to face, and calm your troubled fears.

This site is not of Doom & Gloom, but of Life and precious Hope.
And a poem of Love, sent from above, will give you strength to cope.

If you've strayed away from Jesus Christ, there's a poem here just for you.
Because I myself was slidden back, Til Jesus brought me through.

If you've stumbled here by accident, while surfing to and fro.
Please come on in and read a poem, and feel His spirit flow.

Because Jesus doesn't do accidents friend, he has brought you to this site.
To show you that His love is real, and bring you into light.

And if Jesus Christ is not your Lord, and peace does not abide.
Don't hesitate, it's not too late, he is waiting just inside.

The voice of God, speaks through each poem, like a sermon put to rhymes.
His voice is clear, the end is near, we're in the final times.

I pray that as you read these poems, your soul is truly stirred.
And you'll send this site to someone else, whose vision has been blurred.

Because some will never come to Church, regardless of how you lead.
So make a copy of your favorite poems, and help me plant a seed.

My prayer is that each Christian soul, will burn with new desire.
And this message brought by Jesus Christ, will spread just like a fire.

So grab a cup of coffee friend, and let your spirit drift.
I thank you for your precious time, and sharing in my gift.

Written by Timothy Jon Barrett, Co-host with
Jesus Christ of this Evangelical Poetry Site.

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