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The interiors of the 525's were finished with teak veneer plywood. The ceilings and fiberglass areas were painted with a very thick paint called steeple paint. Over the years the interiors will require a little repair or a complete restoration. This section of the site is to address these issues by allowing you to check put what other 525 owners have done. If you do a restoration, take some good pics and add your story to the web for others to see. Take pride in your boat and efforts, after all we are all members of an exclusive club, the Santana 525.

  Interior to Presto (lots of pics) updated 6-19-99

 Interior to Synergy ( lots of good pics) updated 11-24-98

V-Berth extender for tall folks who want a good night's sleep. ( Interior to Presto pics) updated 6-19-01