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Racquetball Spotlight
Nashville, Tennessee

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********Women's Racquetball********

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How did you do?
Event Who Div. Finish
Fiesta '99 James Pulley Novice&D-lost my -D-match but took first in my Novice. Clarksville Athletic Club a Great facility!
Fiesta '99 Dorothy Stevens Women's C&D I played C &D, lost the first game in C, but went to inals in D and lost to Dawn Renkel. No injuries, YEAH!!!
Fiesta '99 Robert Stevens D and Novice He was in Novice and D and lost in first round in both, but still wants to play tournaments when he can.
Local Events
Event Date Details Contact Phone
Fiesta Feb. 25-27 Clarksville Rigo Gomez 615/645-4313
TN State Singles March 10-12 Fitness Plus Workout Center Bill Byford or Terry Davis 615/896-3848
Slamrock Shootout 2000 March 24-26 TBA Terry Davis 615/895-3679
TN State Doubles April 7-9 TBA Bill Byford or Terry Davis 615/896-3848
All tournaments are TARA/USRA Sanctioned unless otherwise noted. Additional Tennessee events or out of state events.
Challenge Courts
Location When Details Contact Phone
Maryland Farms YMCA *Every MTTh 5:30p, Sa 9:30a *Must be member or guest of member Court Desk 615.373-5120
World Gym Every Monday 6p   Walter McDade 615.366-1063
Downtown Y Every Wednesday 6-9p
Every Thursday 11-2p
King of the Hill Mike Dodd 615.254-0631
Fitness Plus Every Monday evening Non-members welcome Gary Franks 615.859-4451
Nissan Every Tuesday 7-9a
Every Thursday 4:30p
Open to Nissan empolyees and families only Nissan Activity Center  

Location When Details Contact Phone
Maryland Farms YMCA   Must be member Court Desk 615.373-5120
World Gym   Must be member Walter McDade 615.366-1063
Downtown Y     Mike Dodd 615.254-0631
Winter Smyrna Racquetball LeagueFall Results Jan. 10-mid-March Winter league at Smryna Town Centre for racquetball is Jan. 10 thru mid-March. Divisions A-D will be offered. There will be trophies and t-shirts at the end of season. Call A.C. Puckett at 793-6589 or Jamey Faulkner at 355-4059, if interested. Cost is $20.00/per person. Town Center 615.459-9710
Metro Traveling League   Competition is based on a team concept with each team fielding A, B, C, D, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. The average team last year had 6 players with the singles players teaming up for doubles. Last year's teams represented their clubs and many sent a different group of players to each play date to involve as many members as possible. Independent teams are welcome. Bill Byford 615.896-3848

Match Mate
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All Tennessee Ladders

Smyrna Fall League Results
Div. 1st 2nd 3rd
A Ron Lucht Ed Lester Carlton Kinslow
B Don Meadows Glen Atnip
C-1 Craig Siefert Charlie Black Chris Horton
C-2 Ryan Scott Danny Visnosky Wendy Ryan
C-3 Michael Barnes Clint Fletcher Bob Lynch

Tennessee State Singles  Results
Div. 1st 2nd
MO Javier Moreno Ron Mount
MAA Carillo Mike Pecenka
MA Doug Brehm Bob Fugerer
MB Craig Weaver Brek Mabrey
MC Kevin Santilli Kent Grizzard
MD James Pulley Jeff Webb
M-16 Ryan Leath Jonathan Lawrence
M19+ Natalie Boards Brad Jantz
M25+ Ron Mount David Hunter
M30+ Bill Byford Scott Reeder
M35+ Ted Ryan Mike Pecenka
M40+ Bob Frazier Lip Davis
M45+ Walter McDade Bob Frazier
M50+ Larry Liles Randy Sparks
M55+ Ned Gilley Mack Finley
M60+ Pat Doyle Ron Kerr
WO Sadie Gross Kim Russell
WB Ana Martino Holly Newton
WC Deb Gibson Ana Martino
WD Dorothy Stevens Melissa Shearer
W All Age Km Russell Collins

Splatfest Results
Div. 1st 2nd
Tag Team Altima Paint: Rodney Shelton, Ken Smith, Dorothy Stevens, Carlton Barker, Mike Schnabel Body Blasters: Jerry Gibson, S8san Moreau, Charla Thomas, Russell Clark, Billy Tipton
MAA John McNair Gavin Higgins
MA Jerry Gibson Rick Wilson
MB Forrest Nunley Eddie Bish
MC Rob Morgan Charla Thomas
MD Marc Michaelson Robert Stevens
M45+ Bob McGehee Ralph Flener
WD Tracy Moulder Mindy Haynes

Slamrock Results
Div. 1st 2nd
MO Javier Moreno Ron Mount
MAA Reeder Higgins
MA Chris Berry Rigo Gomez
MB Robert Hepburn Ed Dewerff
MC Ryan Leath Tony Morain
MD James Stokes Phil Hulet
M Novice Matt Flynn Oliver Cantrell
M Juniors Ryan Leath Jonathan Lawrence
M35+ Greg Edmunds Gavin Higgins
M45+ Bob Frazier Gene Ezell
M45+ Walter McDade Bob Frazier
MOD Morena/Nordan Byford/Luxson
MAD Reeder/Dixon Scott/Scott
MBD Harris/Bevins Hicks/Hicks
MCD Spurlock/Wiley Leath/Leath
MxO/AD Reeder/Stucker Houk/Mount
MxB/CD Gibson/Gibson Newton/Newton
WB/CD Newton/Spain Cook/Gibson
WO Ellie Stucker Sheila Collins
WB Christine Davis Deb Gibson
WC Toni Spain Charla Thomas
WD Wendy Ryan Dorothy Stevens
W Novice Schefer Leslie Brown

Nashville's Best
Want to know who shines brightest amongst our local talent; benchmark your playing level; or just take on our local best?
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OpenRon MountRutherford YMCAOpenEllie StuckerFitness Plus
ADavid DunnWorld GymARobin MountRutherford YMCA
BBChristine DavisRutherford YMCA
CCCharla ThomasNissan