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Racquetball Spotlight
Nashville, Tennessee

Disclaimer: Racquetball Spotlight does not endorse or guarantee the quality of instruction provided.  This listing is offered strictly as a promotional service to improve the visibility and quality of our sport in Nashville and the surrounding Metro area.
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Why should I take lessons?
Upcoming Clinics 
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Type of Clinic
Never Ever (One session introduction to sport) Instructor: Terry Davis/Call 895-3679, to schedule one at the Smyrna Town Center, Gallatin Civic Center, or your home court
Junior Instructional Round Robin Athletic Club Maryland Farms-Instructor: Sheila Collins/Call the Court Desk 373-5120
Gallatin Civic Center-Instructor:Terry Davis/Call 895-3679 for next date.
Beginner Instructor: Sheila Collins/Wednesdays/6:30-7:30p/Sept. 2-Oct. 7/Athletic Club Maryland Farms/ Call the Court Desk at 373-5120 to sign up
Immediate Gallatin Civic Center-Instructor:Terry Davis/Call 895-3679 for next date.
Smyrna Town Center-Instructor:Terry Davis/Call 895-3679 for next date.
Advanced Instructor: Andy Roberts/Usually offers Fall clinic, requested possible dates/Downtown YMCA
Parent/Child Instructor: Sheila Collins/Wednesdays/5:30-6:30p/Sept. 2-23 or Saturdays/11a-12p/Sept. 12-Oct.10/Athletic Club Maryland Farms/ Call the Court Desk at 373-5120 to sign up

Most often these individuals are top level club players or tournament players who have either volunteered their services due to a love of the sport or individuals that receive compensation in some manner in return for offering instruction services at a particular facility.  Any standard of instruction is strictly related to that individual's playing background and range of experience.
Instructor Telephone E-Mail Home Club
Bill Byford 895-5995 Rutherford YMCA
Walter McDade 366-1063   World Gym
What Level am I?
Level Description
Pro Highest level. Competes on PRO tour. Trains year round to achieve highest skill level and physical conditioning.
Open Competes or has competed at Open level in sanctioned tournaments. Can hit any shot from anyshere on the court with great accuracy. No apparent weaknesses. Can develop and execute game plans and mental strategies.
A One of the top players in the club. Probably trains for racquetball. Forehead and backhand strokes are equal. High level of knowledge. high percentage of successful shots. Hits killshots and rekills. Accurate serves, passes, killshots. Able to compete regionally and nationally, if interested.
B More experienced player/athlete; probably plays and/or practices regularly. Knowledge of offense vs. defense and shot selection. Able to execute most shots; lacks consistency; improving footwork and ability to wait for shots; may have delevoped a variety of serves; and backhand is starting to become more equal to forehand. Weakness are apparent.
C Plays frequently, developing strengths. Starting to understand and execute "basic" shots consistently. Level of knowledge is improving. Learning pinches, ceiling shots, basic serves, strategy, and center court positioning.
D Lacks playing experience and may not play on a frequent basis. Learning basics: safety, rules, forehand and backhand strokes, serves and returns. Shots are inconsistent; often follows ball direction rather than anticipating where to move to wait for a return; most shots will be high and rebound back to the center court area. Has difficulty judging shot and return angles.
Novice Just starting to learn to play. Lacks knowledge of all aspects or sport. May be taking lessons or someone who rarely plays.