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Welcome to Born Still's Award Page
This background and bar was made just for me by my wonderful friend Tammy (you can visit her from Andrew's award)so please do not take it. The message on the background is the message on my daughter's headstone. She lives in our God's care.
You are listening to "I Will Remember You"
This music is best heard using Cresendo. You can download it for free here.
This Site has recieved these beautiful awards. Please help me show my gratitude by visiting there site. Just click on the awards.

Thanks Tammy and Andrew, This is so special to me!

Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Princess Lily!

Thanks Colleen and Tristan!

Thanks Lisa and Derek!

Please visit this beautiful site for all who grieve!

Thanks Theresa and Heather!

Thank You!

Thank you, JoAnn!

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