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Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts
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Symptoms of ovarian cysts:


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A woman with ovarian cysts may never even know she has them. Most resolve on their own. When a cyst does not resolve naturally, and grows too large or ruptures, a woman may experience any combination of the most common symptoms, which include:

* tenderness of the breasts
* pain during intercourse
* vomiting and/or nausea
* bloating
* unexplained weight gain
* abnormal bleeding during menstrual cycle
* a persistent feeling of fullness in the abdomen or abdominal pain
* a sort of dull aching feeling in the legs
* irregular menstrual cycles
* low back discomfort or pain
* breast tenderness
* a frequent urge to urinate
* problems with fully releasing urine when going to the bathroom.

Tumors in the ovaries may cause similar symptoms and should be ruled out. Also, if your symptoms escalate to include any symptoms of being in shock, such as clammy skin or rapid breathing, this may signal an emergency situation. Get yourself checked out properly.

If you are on a medication called Clomid, please check with your gynecologist as this prescription drug has been associated with increased risk of developing ovarian cysts.

Women's Health Disclaimer: This is a partial list of symptoms commonly associated with ovarian cysts. This information is educational in nature and never intended to replace the advice of your chosen healthcare professional. This information is not intended as replacement for any needed medical attention.