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Holy Tea for Serious Constipation
Detoxing Tea a Natural Solution

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Natural Constipation Remedy - Dr. Miller's Holy Tea. It worked for me a few years back.


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Side Effects in Holy Tea Ingredients:
persimmon leaf ===>> malva leaf ===>> marshmallow

Chronic constipation was never an issue for me, in my whole life, until menopause. Before that, the only time I ever had to deal with being constipated was when I traveled. Driving or flying always tended to create constipation in me. However, it usually reversed itself quickly once I was back home.

Then, after going into menopause, I began to understand how people felt who dealt with chronic constipation a lot. It's a pretty miserable state. I felt bloated all the time, had lower back pain and cramping and my energy levels were lower than a snake's belly (and that's low).

It was during a serious bout with chronic constipation that I was reminded of a product called Dr. Miller's Holy Tea. I had heard of this Holy Tea before, a few months previous, from a friend. At that time, I visited the website and concluded, rather short-sightedly, that Dr. Miller's Holy Tea wasn't any big deal.

I knew most of the ingredients, as an herbalist, and didn't find the Holy Tea all that special. I also admit to being a little turned off by the name. One of the ingredients is milk thistle, which is sometimes called holy thistle. Another ingredient, blessed thistle, is also sometimes called holy thistle. It felt a little like a marketing ploy so I passed on it the first time I heard about it. I felt the ingredients were basically good and would provide a detoxing tea that might have benefits but doubted it would help me. However, finally at the point of either having to go to an emergency room or try the only constipation remedy I had not yet tried, I decided to try the detoxing tea called "Holy".

Quick results with Holy Tea:
The results were noticable in hours after drinking the first of the tea. At the risk of sounding gross and for the purpose of providing accurate information, I soon had several large bowel movements after drinking about six ounces of the Holy Tea, after not having a normal bowel movement in weeks despite employing a large number of natural constipation remedies during that miserable timeframe. The relief I experienced is hard to describe, except for someone who deals with chronic constipation of over 3 weeks duration. I was so happy to have finally found the detoxing tea from Dr. Miller.

What I've noticed after taking Dr. Millers Holy Tea for a while:
I completed my first gallon of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea and went on to purchase another month's supply. After reading that many of Dr. Miller's patients have taken the tea for years and seeing the results that the first gallon produced, I decided to try it a while longer. The tea has continued to cleanse and release waste as I go into my second gallon. I am not taking the recommended daily dosage, which is 8 ounces twice a day and four ounces once a day. Instead, I take about 4-6 ounces 3 times a day.

I continue to have better elimination, both of waste and of gas. For the first week, I had tremendous gas then it tapered off. I've noticed the waste looks a different color on the tea as well, almost having a little of an orange tint. Not sure if that is due to the herbs or some kind of waste being released.

I feel better and have more energy on the tea. I am also noticing inch loss, specifically in the abdominal region. This is a particular blessing for me since that has been the area that my perimenopausal weight seems to have settled around and it's been difficult to lose any of it at all. I have noticed a reduction in appetite too, also a welcome change.

Is Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Safe?
For most any otherwise healthy person, I'd say Dr. Miller's tea is as safe as any herbal combination. If your primary problem is chronic constipation, I'd say it's about the most effective and safest option I've ever come across. However, there are two factors that keep me from saying it is safe for everyone. First, a person can have an allergic reaction to anything on earth and that certainly does not exclude herbs. Second, prescription drug interactions are always a potential, particularly if taking more than one drug.

Like almost every other herbal remedy I know of, the potential for prescription drug side effects is real so I'd like to cover the ingredients in this tea and offer a partial list of potential side effects or reactions to watch for when drinking Dr. Miller's Holy Tea or deciding whether to drink it for constipation relief.

I think the ingredient that I overlooked was persimmon leaves. After doing a lot of research online, I realized that persimmon leaves just might be the magic ingredient in the Holy Tea formula. High in fiber and also containing unique anti-cancer properties, the persimmon leaf added to the other detoxing herbs proves a synergistic blend that really, really works. I highly recommend the Holy Tea detoxing tea blend for constipation. Having said all that, I must also say what I always say about natural remedies ... if you are under a doctor's care, it is important to check with your doctor about potential drug interactions with prescription meds.

Detoxing Disclaimer: Detoxing teas like the holy tea blend can be tremendously effective for chronic constipation relief. There are also user testimonials from people with conditions involving the eliminatory tract, such as Chrohns, where the tea has been markedly helpful. However, if you have any type of colon health issue such as Crohns, IBS, diverticulitis, colon cancer or other colon issue, please check with your doctor before adding Holy Tea to your regimen. I also suggest starting at a lower daily dose til you see how your body will react to the detoxing tea blend.