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H5N1 Flu Outbreak
Bird Flu Pandemic Hype

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How Big A Threat is Avian Flu?


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This is part two of an article on avian flu, or bird flu, which is caused by the H5N1 virus. Please read Flu Shot Alternatives Information for a fuller understanding. First thought only to spread from bird to bird, avian flu wasn't as big a concern until scientists began to worry that the H5N1 virus could mutate and begin to affect humans. This has, in fact, occurred.

At first, it seemed the H5N1 virus only infected those who handle poultry, such as those who work directly in chicken houses or poultry farms or those who happened to come in contact with wild birds who had been infected with H5N1 virus. The cases of avian flu outbreaks of this sort were rare and usually could be traced to such a high degree of exposure. However, H5N1 is now affecting humans who do not work in that type of environment and the number of cases is rising.

Bird Flu Pandemic - Real or Hype?
H5N1 has been in the news a lot lately, as has swine flu. There is no doubt that it is something to take seriously. I wonder if antibiotic resistance is not more the culprit than a truly new strain of flu. In any case, the warnings we heard in the past about a H5N1 flu outbreak appear to be coming true. My honest feeling is that there will not be a bird flu pandemic (caused by the H5N1 virus) outbreak this year, or even any year soon. Yes, it is possible but the likelyhood of it, in my opinion and from what I've read, is slim.

So, how bad are the H5N1 flu outbreaks? The Center for Disease Control has a section on their website that you can bookmark and refer to, for help in seeing the big picture on the H5N1 flu outbreaks that have been in the news. Click here for Current Avian Flu Outbreaks page for the lastest information recorded by the CDC about the bird flu situation. As of the time of this posting, one significant sentence stood out on that page for me:

"So far, the spread of H5N1 virus from person-to-person has been very rare, limited and unsustained."

That doesn't mean that flu strains will not continue to be more and more virulent. Due to the over-prescribing of antibiotics, the search for better and better immune system builders is on and many are directing a greater focus on natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver, goldenseal and others as well.

Useful flu prevention tips

Flu or flue? Flu is short for influenza and is often mispelled flue. If you've reached this site while searching on the term flue shot, you are still in the right place for the information you need.

The Antidote - If you came to this page in search of information on a product called The Antidote, you can do a search on google. I feel the Antidote had remarkable merit and used it myself a few years ago. I know it made a big difference in my own immune response at the time.

However, due to personal issues that I have with the way this company is running their business as well as lack of effective communication that would clear up issues, I'm no longer confident of the online situation so I don't list it here. In fact, I was always a little nervous because the company was outside the United States and the marketing segment of the company in another country entirely but, at the time, I had a true sense that the Antidote might help me and it most definitely did.

Health Notice, please read: Because this is a new strain of flu to infect humans, we have no natural immunity to it. This is what makes it so deadly. If you suspect you may have contracted the H5N1 virus, do not delay treatment. This article is educational and not intended to replace needed medical evaluation and/or treatment.