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Win My Awards

I have four different website awards made especially for personal webpages, farm pages and any other horse pages.

Here are a few rules to win one of my awards.

1.) Your page must be horse related and children safe.

2.) Links and pictures must work correctly.

3.) Your site must be easy to navigate. I hate getting lost and not being able to get back to the main page.

4.) If you win one of my awards please link it back to my main page and not my awards page.

5.) Your site must be interesting and fun to visit.

6.) Please sign my guestbook.

Here are the awards you can win

  • Participation Award

  • Nice Site Award

  • Great Site Award

  • Award of Excellence


This award is the award for participating. Everyone can receive this award. Very easy to obtain.


This award is for a great web site. One that is interesting. This award is harder to win.


This award is for a superior website. This award is the hardest to win. Your site must truely be exceptional. You must have a fantastic website to win this one.


Just fill out the form below and I will look over your page. If for some reason the form is not working you can email me your site URL at

What is your name?

What is your site URL?

E-mail address?

What is your site name?




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