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About Me...

  I'm Jameela. I live in Chattanooga, TN...It is a truly beautiful place full of historical charm and beautiful land and skyscapes...The bridges are some of my favorite pictorial subjects.

I'm an Aries, born on March 28. My rising sign is Libra and my moon sign is Cancer. Hmm...I've got three elements, just need an earth sign to complete me...I'm pagan and currently do tarot readings and pagan-related art and literature. My favorite painting subjects are fairies and goddess related art.

I am an artist, writer (poet included), and I like taking interesting pictures...Right now I'm working on a roll of black and white film...I love going for drives around town, just to get out of the house ya know. I'm currently "single", but not neccessarily looking... I need some time to think about things from my last relationship that ended a couple of weeks ago (after ten months of being "together"). So,umm I guess that's about it...



email @ LilStar328@aol.com