The Coming of the Elohim: Part 1
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In the Beginning, there was God

In the beginning was this one source of light, the one presence, called
GOD. God, In His great joy and love, had a desire to create, to express
himself. From this undifferentiated state God created suns, moons,
galaxies, universes and He liked what He had created. Something however,
was missing - companionship. God wanted to create self conscious beings
who could share His joy of creation. Out of the infinity of God came
trillions of sparks of light made in His image.

Out of this expression also came Amilius, the light, the first
expression of the Divine mind; the first manifestation of spirit. All
souls were created in the beginning and all souls were androgynous. The
unique thing about our creation was the aspect of free choice.

In our creation we went jetting out into the universe creating like God
creates, with our mind and extending God's kingdom. We were perfect, and
this was the Edenic state. In our travels through the infinity of God,
we discovered the physical or material universe and we were intrigued,
for in the beginning we didn't have physical bodies, but rather just spiritual bodies.

Then we began projecting a part of ourselves into, let's say the earth,
to explore the beauty of matter. There was, in actuality, nothing wrong
with this, for the entire infinite universe was a playground of sorts.

We began projecting a part of ourselves into a tree to see what a tree
was like. Then we would project ourselves into a rock to see what that
was like, then into an animal to experience what it was like to eat
grass and interrelate with other animals.

In each case we would do this and then we would leave and project
ourselves back into the spiritual planes. We would also, then, with the
incredible power of our minds create thought forms of animals, through
the power of our imagination. These thought forms would begin to densify
and we would inhabit these thought form creatures like we would an
animal that had already been created.

This was all fine until that moment in creation which the bible refers
to as the fall of man. It was in this moment that we forgot who we were,
because of our over-identifcation with the material universe.

The Place of Humanity

We got caught in the density of matter and thought we were the animals or
thought form animal creatures we had created.

In falling under the illusion that we were material instead of spiritual
in identity, began the downward spiral of creation. In this moment "ego"
began. Ego being a thought system and philosophy based on the
illusionary belief in separation, fear, selfishness, and death.

This phenomena of souls getting more and more deeply caught up in the
illusion of matter continued at an alarming rate. Amilius (an incarnation
of Jesus) and other higher beings who had not fallen, knew that
something had to be done to help their fellow brothers and sisters, for
man was continuing to create a conglomeration of monstrosities to
satisfy his out of control desire.

He created cyclopes, satyrs, centars, unicorns, animal bodies with human
heads, beings with hooves, claws, feathers, wings and tails. Man had
become trapped inhooves, claws, feathers, wings and tails. Man had
become trapped in the grotesque bodies that were not suitable for sons
and daughters of God. Man even created the first female whose name
was Lilith, the forerunner of Eve.

The plan that God and the Godforce created to rectify this situation was
the creation of five physical races on the five continents of the
planet. Each race was a different skin color. Each skin color was not
better than another, but rather was for the different climate
conditions. Certain skin colors were better for certain climates.

The plan was that all those souls who had gotten caught up in matter
would use these more perfectly fitted human bodies to incarnate into,
that were more fitting to a son and daughter of God. So man did not
descend from monkeys as the evolutionist would suggest, we were created.

After the creation of the five races there were 133 million souls on the
earth. The red race lived in Atlantis and America. The brown race in the
Andes and Lemuria. The yellow race in the Gobi Desert of East Asia, and
the black race was in the Sudan and the upper West Africa. The white
race in Iran along the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains of Central

The basic plan that God created was reincarnation, that souls would
incarnate into these human, rather than animal bodies to reawaken to
their true identity as God beings and learn to demonstrate this on earth
and hence begin their accent back to the Creator.

This act of creation occurred 10 1/2 million years ago. The animal
influences created by the fall, and the initial thought form projections
of animals, didn't completely disappear from the earth until around
9,000 B.C. Remnants of these pathetic creatures were later depicted in
our mythology and in Assyrian and Egyptian art.

Another factor that added into these grotesque animal creations was the
fact in these earliest of times that human beings were able to procreate
with the animal species and with these grotesque beings. After human
souls separated into male and female, God imposed divine laws making it
impossible for human beings to produce off springs with another species.

Humanity and the search for God

Amilius (the first incarnation of Jesus Christ), Himself descended into
matter and became the first Adam upon the creation of the five first
root races. Adam was the first of the perfected race. The first of the
sons of God as opposed to what the Bible refers to as the daughters of
men. Adam was an individual, but also a symbol of all five races as was

In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. And God was the Life
Principle that permeated every single atom in the Universe. This
energy gestate was Universal Consciousness, not yet individualized, but
very well aware of the potential of His own Creative Power to
manipulate the atoms of that Universe, and give form to whatever thought
originated from His Divine Mind.

After what could be considered a very long time, this Creative Energy
manifested the desire to find expression in this void, and as the
thought of a Universe of galaxies and planets formed into His Mind,
there was a sudden commotion in the energy fields of Creativity. The
atoms filled in the vacuum created by the Thought, and congealed, thus
forming the material substance that became the galaxies, suns, stars and
planets of the numerous universes, that are within the greater Universe
of God.

When the time was ripe, for life to manifest on these ethereal planes,
the Supreme Energy thought of a way to experience His creation, thus
thrusting out of Himself innumerable sparks of life, who, through
individualization, would experience life, each in its own mode of
perception, but retaining, forever, the attributes and power of the
Force from which they all originated.

Issued from God, with a consciousness all of their own, omnipotent,
omniscient and omnipresent, the new spirits went about, enjoying all the
good things in God's Creation, and all the kingdoms, animal, vegetal and
mineral, of the Universe, were under their benevolent domination.
Just like the God from which they sprang, they had the power to
manipulate the atoms of the Universe, and bring into life, whatever they
wished to manifest on the planes of their desire. In an instant, they
could project themselves in the most pleasant surroundings, or visit the
distant galaxies. Their life was one of love, harmony and happiness.

They were, indeed, the Christ, the Lord God, manifesting, into the
world, the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence, of the God they
all represented.

Then came the First Fall. Forgetting their divine origin, many spirits
sank into the density of the material worlds. They tarried, more and
more, in the lusmaterial worlds. They tarried, more and more, in the
luscious surroundings of inhabitable planets. They mingled with nature,
entering and leaving, at will, the bodies of animals and creatures of
the sea. As time went by, they became increasingly engrossed in
materiality. Thus, forging their own little kingdom of greed and
selfishness, they gradually lost the power to move in and out of matter,
and remained entrapped in the bodies they occupied. Having lost their
creative thought power, they could no longer manipulate the atoms, and
bring into form any object of their desires. They were helpless gods and
helpless creators in a world of wonders. Where before they could
dominate all creation, now, they were subdued and prisoners of their own
thoughts. They had estranged themselves from the laws of creation, and
the God, the Supreme Energy saw what had happened to the entrapped spirits,
and in His wisdom, He realized that, to experience life more fully
without lowering their vibrations to the level of animals, the sparks of
life needed an ethereal form of their own, a superior body that would
retain the power and attributes of the gods they were. Then, projecting
the thought of a perfect body, God spoke the Word, and thus came into
being the androgynous man, the total being, endowed with the masculine
and feminine attributes, and created in the image and likeness of Perfection.

From that day, all spirits, that is, all the expressions of God, or
individualities, manifesting on the material planes, would occupy these
light bodies. As long as they remained centered on the Christ Within,
they would retain the power and attributes of the Force from which they
all originated. This was the first apparition of the form, known as man,
in the cosmic universe. The spirits who had remained in atonement with
the First Principle, entered these light bodies, and rejoined the fallen
spirits that were entrapped in the density of the material planes.
Amelius was the first spirit to manifest a light body on the earth
plane. Others followed in his footstep, and soon, the earth became a
haven of joy and harmony, under the benevolent dominion of the sons
(suns) of God. The newly arrived spirits were eager to help those who
had entrapped themselves in animal bodies. They gave them the
opportunity to leave the bodies they occupied, and become, again, the
gods they were in the beginning of creativity. In spite of their
efforts, many of these remained earthbound. Peace and harmony reigned
for a long time, but eventually, the new spirits began to stray away,
from the Force. They, too, wanted to experiment materiality in their own
way, and soon, they began to mate with those in animal bodies. These
gave birth to misshapen and half human forms, that became the centaurs
and mermaids of our mythology.

Thus, forgetting the lessons of the past, the light bodies became so
engrossed in the density of the material planes, that, following the
example of the fallen spirits, they lost their creative thought power
and their ability to move in and out of matter. Except for a few, who
had remained in atonement with the First Principle, they were all, once
again, entrapped into materiality and prisoners of their own thought
forms. This Second Fall of man, which, in Judeo-Christian thought is
called the original Sin, and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the
Garden of Eden, did not agree with the Divine Plan.

Therefore, the Creative Energy devised an ULTIMATE PLAN whereby the
entrapped spirits would have the opportunity to regain, once and for
all, their ethereal body and their creative thought power. In His
Wisdom, God decided that, henceforth, man would only procreate with
those of his own kind, thus becoming, in the process, the artisan of his
own salvation. All those who would lower the vibrations of their
ethereal body to the status of a mortal shell, would have to come back,
life after life, and as often as necessary, to perfect that body, and
raise its vibrations to its original etheric level and status of divine being.

Through a form of osmosis, the androgynous form known as man became the
masculine and feminine body, that, through the procreative process,
would insure the survival of the human race. Each gender, while
retaining both the masculine and feminine attributes, would express, in
the physical and through that osmotic pressure, the attributes of the
body it has chosen.

Thus, previously androgynous and etheric, the fallen spirits would, from
then on, incarnate and reincarnate in a physical form, either in a male
or female body, and express themselves from that perspective. There
began the cycle of successive lives, and the long and arduous process of
salvation. From that moment, human beings became responsible for their
own survival and their own cosmic progression. They could do whatever
they wanted with their body. They could keep it eternally young by
focusing their thoughts on their own inner God, or let it decay and die
by disobeying the laws of creation. Thus, this new humanity came under
the control of the karmic law, the law of cause and effect. All those
who did not live according to divine laws, would have to come back on
the material planes, as often as necessary, to perfect that body, and
bring it back to its original etheric form.

Thus, man became the seed carrier, and woman, the repository of the life
principle that would form the human body, or fetus.

All the entrapped spirits who wanted to experience life on a physical plane,
would have to go through the limitations of the birthing process. They would assume a
body within the confines of specific environmental conditions, of which
the family cell would become the center. The entrapped spirits were
still in the Garden of Eden, but they could not perceive it anymore,
because of the limitations of their own thought forms and the density of
their own material reality. They had created a world of illusions
(physical matter). They would live and die in that illusion, until they
finally come to their senses, and realize that they are a part of a
greater reality. Where, before, they lived in a world of causes, and
could manifest any object of their desire through thought power, now
they had to work by the sweat of their brow, and live in a world of
cause and effect, rigidly enforced by the Divine Law of Karma. The
karmic patterns of cause and effect would teach the fallen spirits, the
forgotten lessons of the past. They would insure that, through trial and
error, and repeated incarnations on the physical plane, they finally
rediscover their own divine powers and attributes (Christ
Consciousness), and find their way back to the God-Head.

Amelius returned on the earth plane as both Adam and Eve of the white
race, while other spirits returned as the Adam and Eve of their
respective race, thus forming the five races of earth. However, in spite
of the efforts of these first Adam and Eve, and that their offspring,
many spirits continued to regress. They became entangled in the
intricacies of religion and idolatry, forgetting altogether that they
were themselves gods in their own right. The first inhabitants of earth
could live more than a thousand years, but, soon, the aging process took
place. The average life span gradually shortened, and death became the
fate of all humankind. Thus the spirits were forced to vacate their
worn-out bodies much sooner, and reincarnate into new bodies. This
process would go on until, regaining their light bodies, they assume the
mantle of Christ, and reclaim their true place in the Universe, as the
Sons and the Daughters of the Force, from which they all originated.

Civilizations followed civilizations, and humanity began the long and
arduous journey back to the Godhead. This is why, to help the human
species, Amelius returned to earth, each time civilizations were at a
low ebb, and this, until the time he manifested on the earth plane as
Jesus the Christ, thus becoming the first man to regain His light body,
the first anointed Christ of God. How would man return back to God

It had been prophesied by the seers of old, that a child would be born,
who would break the chains that held mankind captive, and guide it on
the road to Salvation, not from hell, but from itself, and from the
limitations of the material senses. This Child would bring into the
world a new Light, that would illuminate the dark corridors of
materialism, and shine forever as the Light of God.

Thus was born Jesus the Nazarene, who, following in his father's footsteps,
became a carpenter. It is not without reason, that Jesus chose a manual trade,
for, this way, he could express, through the creativity of his hands,
the creativity and the full expression of the God Within. Thus, the
child grew up in wisdom and understanding, and
when, at the age of twelve, he visited the temple for the first time, he
astonished the priests with his knowledge of the Scriptures. From then
on, he shared his wisdom.

From the age of eighteen, Jesus traveled throughout the world, learning
in all the schools of life and teaching the multitudes of Syria, Egypt,
Tibet, and even India, where he was known as Issa. Although he had
searched for truth throughout the various schools of life, it is finally
within the forty days in the wilderness of his mind, that he discovered
the wisdom of the ages, and found out that all knowledge is within the
self, in one's own book of life. Becoming aware that God was not a Deity
high above, or far beyond, but an eternal flame, burning right there
within his own body, he realized that his mission was to teach. He would
teach his brothers and sisters of the world, the lost esoteric truths,
and bring them back on the path. This was the purpose of his
incarnation, and it is the message he tried to convey: we are the
Christ, the Lord God. His only defeat was to be considered as the 'only
son of God,' for his mission was to teach that we are all, equally and
eternally, sons and daughters of God; that we can all do what he did,
and even more. When he said: I am the Way and the Life, he was stating,
in fact, that I AM, the God within the body, is the Way and the Light,
and those who walk in that Light, will never know darkness, for it will
illuminate all the Universe. This was the essence of the teachings he
spread throughout Egypt, India, Syria and Tibet.

He was in his late twenties, when he returned to his homeland to fulfill
his ultimate Mission of Messiah. He chose disciples, not among the
priests but among the people, so that his teachings could be spread
without the barriers of orthodoxy and intellectuality, that were so
prevalent in those days. Although his teachings could fill quite a few
books, he summed them up by these words: Love one another and love the
Lord, the God within. He never asked anyone to write in his name, and he
certainly never dreamed that his own teachings would be at the center of
the many schisms and wars of religions that have plagued mankind since the beginning of Christianity.

Although momentarily interrupted by his arrest and trial, Jesus's
ministry went on during many years. However, there came a time when he
realized that his disciples and their followers were always leaning on
him. They were still in awe of his miracles, and they did not trust
their own inner force. So, to let them find their own truth, Jesus
raised his vibrations and disappeared from their view, thus taking his
rightful place in his Father's Kingdom.

Now, we are at the dawn of a new age, a new Genesis of humanity. The
hourglass of time slowly drops the last grains, and the bell is tolling
for a decadent world. And yet, out of this chaos, humanity is slowly,
but surely, rising up to a vibratory level, never before attained since
the Fall of man. It will be a New Consciousness, a state of spiritual
perception such, that the prodigal sons and daughters we are, will be
given the chance to return Home, and take their rightful place in their
Father's Kingdom. This is the golden opportunity of all the lives we
have lived, and the greatest manifestation of love since the beginning
of creation. In this ultimate venture, all the Higher Forces of Heaven
will join to raise the vibrations of mankind to an unprecedented level,
so that all those who have put their House in order, and kept their lamp
alight, will be ready to enter that New Consciousness and that New

Different Aliens and ETs that have been here

The first thing that I want to do is describe for you the
different ET groups that have interacted with Earth throughout history.
Now obviously there have been quite a few, so I am going to give you
just some of the main characters, and we are also going to have to
generalize a little bit.

The first group I would like to describe for you is the group that most
people call Lyrans. You might say that they were the authority figures. You
will find that during the times they were most active on the Earth they
used symbols to depict their group; the most common symbols they used
were of birds and of cats. To describe what these ETs physically looked
like, we will generalize: Generally, the Lyrans were built in a very
sturdy way, Caucasian like, very large. Generally, they had light skin,
and even though light hair and eyes were the most common, you would
sometimes find Lyrans with dark hair. As a group one of their most
predominant characteristics was being authoritative. Often throughout
history they played the role of, in a sense, parents. They were very
strict. They had a lot of dogma. You might say they were like father
figures. Our ancestors both loved them and feared them, much like an
authoritative parent.

Another group that was here very much throughout history were the
Sirians. The symbols they used throughout time were usually of serpents
or dogs. Physically, as a generality, the Sirians had darker skin,
darker hair and eyes, and were not as large as the Lyrans. As far as
their personality characteristics, I would say that they were very
devoted to serving mankind. Whereas the Lyrans were committed to ruling
mankind, the Sirians were interested in helping or sometimes even saving
mankind. They could be very, very zealous, and because of that trait,
they often interfered where they did not belong. But you could say they
were the crusaders for mankind. The other significant group that we will
mention are the Pleiadians. Their symbols were also at times birds or
winged figures. They also used the symbol of the seven stars.
Physically, and again we must generalize, they were similar in skin,
hair and eye color to the Lyrans but much smaller. So, for instance, a
typical Pleiadian woman would look very much like this channel in size.
Now the Pleiadians had a very, very deep love of mankind. It would take
too much time to explain why, but genetically they are connected to us,
so often throughout history they have been drawn back to Earth in order
to help humans. Not only do they have a genetic connection but they also
have an emotional connection. They always tried to nurture and protect
us like a mother. Now you know that you may have two parents, a mother
and a father who love you very much, but at the same time these two
parents may also fight over you. Sometimes they may even manipulate you
to get back at the spouse. The same thing happened with these ETs. They
often, in their love for us, fought over us. Unfortunately, they also
at times manipulated us. Because the ETs often fought amongst
themselves there were often territory disputes about the land and the
people of Earth, and so often the Earth was divided into sections and
certain ET rulers would be responsible for certain sections. It is
unfortunate that a lot of the information about these times has been
lost. However, some of it remains in the Sumerian texts and I will write
a little bit about that later.

Before we go into the future it is important to say one thing. Ancient
humankind was never a victim of these ETs. All beings create their own
reality for their own purposes of learning and growth, and ancient
humankind was the same way. We never like to put humans in the role of
being victims.

Atlantis and the Great Flood

I am now going to begin our story by talking about Atlantis. Most of you
are somewhat familiar with what happened in Atlantis. Generally
speaking, there was a lot of extraterrestrial fighting going on during
that time. There was also a lot human corruption going on as well. Many
of us have already heard about the destruction of Atlantis and we are
not really going to get to talk in depth about why Atlantis was
destroyed because in some ways it is another subject. But we are setting
the stage for the other information that we would like to present.
Now some of you are familiar with the Christian story about Noah. As the
story goes, Noah was warned by a serpent and told to build an ark.
Everyone thought Noah warned by a serpent and told to build an ark.
Everyone thought Noah was crazy, but he built his ark anyway; as the
story goes, because he built the ark he was able to save humans and

Obviously, a serpent did not really tell him to build an ark; but as we
previously said, the Sirians used serpent symbols to depict themselves.
There wasn't just one Noah, but many humans around the planet who
received the Sirian message to build arks, for the Sirians really wanted
mankind to be saved. It is unfortunate to say, but the Lyrans did not
want mankind to be saved. They were not going to tell anyone about the
flood that was coming. To simplify the reason for this we will simply
say that the Lyrans preferred to start over again with Earth and that is
why they were going to allow the destruction of mankind. You all know
the story about Noah and that he was successful. Many humans around the
planet were spared from the flood and they were still able to flourish as a race. Ancient Sumeria

It took some time but eventually major civilizations came into being
again. The main historically recognizable one was Sumeria. At the point
where Sumeria began flourishing, the ETs began coming back to Earth;
mostly Sirians but also some Lyrans. The territory disputes began again
and they had to divide the Earth into regions that different ETs began
to rule. Once again the ETs began fighting amongst themselves, and once
again mankind became like puppets.

Many, many, many of these stories are recorded quite clearly in the
Sumerian texts. They have not all been translated but some of them have
been. There is a book on our world and I believe it
is translated into Japanese. The title of it is The Twelfth Planet. The
author is Zecharia Sitchin. If any of you are particularly interested in
finding out some of the juicy dramas that occurred in Sumeria you will
find them in this book. We would like to use Sumeria as the beginning
point for modern history because so much of the ETs' conditioning of
humans was absorbed during Sumerian times; some of that is still being
played out today, unconsciously.

First, let's talk about the pyramids. In ancient days in Sumeria there
were structures very similar to the pyramids that you now find in the
Yucatan. They had flat tops which were landing areas for the
extraterrestrial spacecraft. All of these pyramids are now buried,
mostly in the area you know as Egypt, Iraq, China and Mexico. Many of
them are really in ruins.

You might not even recognize them as pyramids. However, you still have
the Great Pyramid. Anyone who has ever visited Egypt may have sensed
that the pyramid is not necessarily Egyptian. You know if you have been
inside it that there are absolutely no inscriptions on the walls. In
fact, there is no architecture at all that even suggests anything
Egyptian. That is because the first version of that pyramid was built
during the time of Sumeria. It is much, much older than scientists know
now. It has been reconstructed several times. However, that pyramid was
used for at least a thousand years, if not more than that, as a very
important extraterrestrial base. As many of you suspect, there are a lot
of chambers still undiscovered. What is quite interesting is that the
Sumerian texts - of course, Sumeria is older than Egypt - talk about the
Great Pyramid. That alone would tell you that the pyramid is older than
the Egyptian civilization. The pyramid was used in a lot of the
territory disputes. It was considered the prized possession; whoever
held that pyramid was the dominant ET group.

The Importance of Genetics

Now I am going to stop here for a moment and we are going to talk about
how important genetics were to these ancient ETs. Each ET group that was
interacting with humans at that time felt it was very important to
control the genetic mixture of humans on Earth. Ultimately, the ET
groups wanted to create an advanced version of mankind that they could
then begin incarnating into. So they tried to control the breeding on
Earth for thousands of years. There is a very interesting creation story
that comes from Egypt. It is the story of Osiris and Isis. The story put
simply is this: Isis and Osiris were brother and sister and also husband
and wife. The story says that Set, another Egyptian god, was very
jealous and he sought to kill Osiris. Set found Osiris, cut him up into
many pieces and scattered the pieces all over Egypt. Isis was so upset
that she sought help of her colleagues and went about trying to find all
of the pieces of Osiris to put him together again.

The story says that she found all of the pieces except the phallus.
But she was able to put Osiris together again anyway and he
lived. Isis spent the night with Osiris and was impregnated.
She was impregnated with Horus. You may
wonder how Isis could have been impregnated if Osiris did not have a
phallus. Well, who ever said these myths make sense? I am going to
give you my version of this story.

Isis and Osiris were two of the most prominent ruling ET gods on Earth
at that time. Set was also a very prestigious ET ruler, although he was
secondary to Osiris. But Set craved power. He knew that if Osiris and
Isis stayed together and had a child, that child Horus would be ruler
and he, Set, would stay in the secondary position, so he had to find a way to kill Osiris.

During this time the ETs had a lot of technology. He knew that he had to destroy
the reproductive organs of Osiris, otherwise
they could still produce offspring. We would say that the myth of
cutting Osiris up and spreading the pieces around is really just a
metaphor for the idea that Osiris was killed and his body was hidden.

His body was hidden but not destroyed because Set believed that maybe
some time in the future Osiris' genetics could be used to his advantage.
But the phallus was taken and put in another location.

Now, Isis found Osiris' body. Obviously, she could not have been
impregnated by a dead husband with no phallus. They did have a lot of
technology then, though, and Osiris' life was restored; but he could not
reproduce in the usual way. So the legend says that they went up to the
heavens but, of course, they went up to the ship. And what they did was
take some of Osiris' genetics and clone them with Isis' genetics to produce
Horus. Through a series of cloning and artificial insemination and processes
that we are not familiar with here on Earth, Horus was created - they didn't
need the phallus to do it - and Egyptian history talks about the divine birth of Horus. So Horus
was born and he became a very powerful ruler. Set, of course, was always angry.

This is an example of how a myth that may not make sense does make
sense, if you look at it from another point of view. Earth history is filled
with myths that seemingly do not make sense, but they really are stories
of not only your extraterrestrial heritage but also of the adventures of
our forefathers.

Ancient Beliefs and Today's Myths

Many of the beliefs that mankind has had in the past several thousand
years are directly a result of some of the things that happened in these
ancient days. For instance, why is Heaven considered to be in the sky?
Heaven has always been thought to be the realm of the gods. If you start
thinking about this you will see that it becomes logical to assume that
humans began to believe in a Heaven in the sky because the sky was where
the ETs came from. Most of us in our present state of development now
embrace the idea that God is not a physical person. He is not an old man
with a beard. But, yes, these ancient people believed that gods came
from the sky and had bodies like theirs. The ETs came from the sky so
therefore the sky must be the place of the gods.

You all know now the realm of God is everywhere, including within you, but back then they
believed that God existed outside of you. Even today, humans struggle
with that belief. Humans still believe, even if it is just on the
subconscious level, that somehow God is outside of you and can't be
inside. Please recognize where that comes from. It is an old, old,
ancient belief. And for most, it no longer serves us any more.

Now there is one other belief from ancient times that is quite
interesting and that I would like to talk about. In ancient times in
Sumeria there was something that happened on a regular basis. When the
gods were preparing for a space flight they would often have humans help
them. Now we said that the gods used a form of cryogenics. This meant
that the gods had to go into a deep sleep, and they had to do so before
they left the Earth. So what they did was to go into their ships and
have humans come and assist them. These gods(Aliens) would go into their
cryogenic tombs which look very similar to your current day coffins, and
they would then go into a deep sleep which simulates death.

Realize, first of all, that they needed their bodies to get into Heaven.
They couldn't get into Heaven without that body. Now the humans would
also be there to assist the ships that landed with the gods in suspended
animation inside. When the ships would land the humans would help these
gods to awaken from their deep sleep. What they began to see then was
that you had to go to Heaven in your body but you could also come from
Heaven in a body as well. So, in a sense, they believed the gods were
immortal; somehow this magical realm of Heaven preserved them perfectly.
If you look at the civilization of Egypt you see that they took a lot of
care in mummifying and preserving their bodies so they could get to
Heaven. Now where would they have gotten that belief from other than
from seeing the gods go to Heaven in their bodies?

So this created thousands of years of mummification ritual, extending even until today.
Some peoples take great care in preparing bodies before they are put
into a coffin and buried. Some people on a very subconscious level fear
the idea of cremation because without a body they have no place to go.

Now this isn't conscious but it still is very much a part of our inner,
deep belief systems, and these belief systems come from those very ancient days.

One of the major spots where records are kept is in the area of Machu
Picchu. It is quite interesting that when the Spanish came, they
infiltrated most of Peru but they never found Machu Picchu. The records
that are kept in that vicinity are protected on many levels. Some of the
present-day Incas shamans who are alive right now are protecting them.
It is a tradition that has been passed on. Also, there are many in
spirit form who protect the areas that are holding the records.

At times in our history there has been release of information that
could finally give us the truth about our heritage. One of these
examples is in the Sumerian clay tablets. They were discovered and some
were deciphered but unfortunately a lot of the information has been
withheld. So those who guard Machu Picchu are very committed to never
letting the record out until mankind is ready to accept those truths.
Pleiadians and the ancient Incans have a very, very strong connection.
All over our planet there are storehouses of these ancient records so
that our history will never be forgotten. And some of the
extraterrestrial groups have been very instrumental in helping to
preserve that information. The Native American Indians of North America
are also a group that has helped to preserve the information from
Lemuria. So have the Aborigines of Australia. The shamans of the Native
Americans and Aborigines, even to this day, right now, maintain
extraterrestrial connections. This is something that even most members
of those tribes are not aware of. It is a sacred tradition passed on
from the stars, from Lemuria, to these native peoples.

There are many record-keepers on Earth.

I have already mentioned some of the belief systems we have today,
such as those about Heaven, and how they had extraterrestrial origins in
the ancient past. The human race in some ways can be likened to an
orphaned child. We have a rich, rich star heritage from many different
extraterrestrial groups, but yet we have never been allowed to know
our true parents. No one is keeping this information from us, but up
until this point we as a people have not had enough desire to find out
the truth. Many people on our planet have been secure, instead, in the
illusions of their own religions. They may provide comfort; they may
provide a sense of spirituality; but they do not provide the truth about our ancient heritage.

I are not asking you to abandon your religions, for they are very
important to us. However, look deep, deep within yourself and look for
the truth of our origins. Seek to discover our true ancient family. In
a sense, we will no longer be orphans when you do, and you will feel
the joy of being reunited with a very vast family. The extraterrestrials: who have guided us throughout history toward this discovery still await your willingness to meet them, but in order to meet them you must first begin to embrace the truth of our past. We are a magnificent people. We have had many, many challenges that we have succeeded in facing. We are strong and
we are loved so much by our family. This is the time of change; the time of darkness and ignorance will pass. We are moving toward the Light of our own truth. All of them await you there.

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