The Coming of the Elohim: Part 2

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Over fifty thousand years ago, the planet Earth was visited by a race of
beings from what is known as the Collective.

The Collective is comprised of several races who work together for their
mutual benefit. Each of these races, with but one exception, are of the
Human species. These humans are the same genetically, as those found on
the Earth. They are from three main colony zones: Sirius, Orion, and Pleiades.

The only other sentient race so far discovered is cetacean- based, or in
simpler terms, dolphin-based. Unlike dolphins on this world, the
Delphohim, or "Greys" as they are called, continued their evolution on
land and have evolved into the most technologically-advanced race in
this region of the galaxy. All life found in this region is from the
same genetic blueprint. This is thought to be the result of the seeding
of worlds by a single race with the same basic code of life. They are
referred to as the "Seeders," within the Collective. They exist through,
or outside of, time... it is thought.

One of the races they created was that of the humans mentioned above,
who call themselves the "Annunaki" (ANK). Another is the human race
found on Earth, who are referred to as "Tarans," within the Collective.

It is the meeting of these two races of humans long ago that is the
subject of this message.

The rulers of the Annunaki call themselves "Elohim." They came to the
Earth for mining and colonization purposes. There was a revolt by
Annunaki workers over conditions and leadership. There was a brief
conflict and a change in the leadership. It was the younger generation
Elohim, who then were in charge of the Earth project. All of this can be
found in your historical myths and legends, and verified. The main
source we will use is the history of the Sumerian peoples. They have
left you the entire story of these events. A good book on the subject is
"The Treasures Of Darkness" (by Thorkild Jacobsen; ISBN 0-300-02291-3).

After the revolt, an ambitious Annunaki geneticist began to experiment
on a certain member of the primate species. These animals were
pre-human. This Annunaki woman decided to enhance the intelligence and
body of the animal by splicing ANK genes with it. The resultant being
they called "Adamu," or "Man of Earth." This is you -- modern man. This
tale of creation as told by the Sumerians is in the Elish, or as you
call it, Genesis. The latter version is greatly watered down and
compacted, but still retains the basic story, if interpreted correctly.

The Sumerians called these people the Annunaki. Their leaders are the
Elohim. The word "Elohim" means "combined Gods and Goddesses," and was
substituted with the word God (singular) by Bible translators. Elohim is
plural and is the true word that was written. Every place you see the
word "God" in Genesis, replace it with the word Elohim - the original
word used. This sort of word replacement was a great deception of your
people. It has kept you from learning the truth. By doing this
substitution, you will be able to understand Genesis, which is a copy of
much older Sumerian legends.

The Elohim are what the Sumerians called Gods, and these are the humans
who came from the Collective. They genetically altered pre-humans, and
you are the results. Now you know the answer to one of the greatest
questions of the Bible - why it says, "Let US create man in OUR OWN
image." There were six main leaders of the Sumerian Gods, known by the
symbols of nature they represented. They are of seven different age
generations. Their symbols are the Sun, Moon, Water, etc. The last
generation God was called Marduk. He assumed control of the Earth. He
was responsible for ordering the creation of the Adamu (man), and
ordered them to be used as slaves to give the Annunaki workers some
rest. These events are given in Genesis, but not well explained.
The first seven days of creation are a condensed version of what I have
just told you. The first five days are when the Sun, Moon, Water, etc.,
were created. These represent the Sumerian Gods in exact order of
generation and symbol. As an example, the first generation Sumerian
Goddess is called Tiamat, or as her other name, The Deep Water. The
first creation is of the deep, and the separation of its waters. The
sixth generation God was Marduk. He ordered creation of man to give the
Annunaki rest. The sixth day (Marduk) in Genesis, man was created. On
the seventh day, God (Annunaki) rested. It is the same, but told in a
different way to confuse you, and to keep you from the truth.

You're familiar, I'm sure with the story of a snake tempting mankind. The
"snake" is a "symbol," found all over the world. Today, abductees see a
symbol of an upside down triangle and two snakes wrapped around each
other, inside the triangle. There is an ancient medical symbol that
consists of two snakes wrapped around each other, with a flying disk at
the top. The Sumerian goddess who created the Adamu is shown with two
snakes. The snake is in Genesis. What does this all mean? Get ready to
have your eyes opened for the first time.

Remember what is going on now, and back then - genetic manipulation. The
intertwined snakes are what primitive man saw on the uniforms of the
Annunaki, the same emblem abductees see today. It is the symbol of their
Genetic Corps. They are not snakes. It is the double helix of DNA, the
genetic code. Thousands of years ago, man did not know about genetics
and DNA. The helix symbol to them and to abductees today, look like
snakes. The medical sign has the snakes and a winged disk.
DNA and a flying disk. You can't get any plainer than this. The "snake"
gave the power of knowledge to man. In Biblical terms, to have knowledge
of someone is to engage in reproduction. "He knew his wife, and she bore
a son." The "snake" gave man the power to reproduce. This was considered
as sin by some. Had they left the Adamu unable to reproduce on their
own, then by not making more, they could end their deeds. Instead, they
modified the Adamu further and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Adamu (or man) were originally created to work in various projects
around the world. These included mining, food production, construction,
etc. By giving man the ability to reproduce on his own, the population
began to multiply quite rapidly. The Annunaki began to clamor for more
of the workers. Human females were further altered so that conception
was possible not just once per year, but every 28 days.

This can be
found in Genesis 3, Verse 16.

It began to be a status symbol among the Annunaki to have as many Adamu
as possible. Different models were produced to perform different tasks.

Finally, a model was produced as a suitable house servant. This was a
great success, and further refinements were made to them. One was that
they were made to look like smaller versions of the Annunaki,
themselves. They were very fine-featured, but smaller in size
compared to the larger workers.

At this point in time, a change in the garrisoning of the Annunaki
soldiers took place. They had been stationed above Earth and on other
mining planets. They were now able to live on the surface, and to set up
their communities there. You will read of these soldiers in Genesis,
chapter 6, where it reads, "The sons of the Elohim said of the daughters
of man, that they were fair, and they took them wives, all of which they
chose. There were Nefilim (Annunaki Soldiers) on the Earth in those
days, and also after that, when the sons of the Elohim came unto the
daughters of man, and they bore them children."
The Annunaki soldiers started to reproduce with Earth humans (E-hums).

Some of their offspring became great leaders of E-hums living in cities.
Soon, word of what was occurring on the Earth, reached the leaders of
the Collective. These leaders demanded to be brought an E-hum for
examination. The Elohim were very worried that their leaders, who
considered what they had created to be an abomination, would order all
E- hums destroyed. They had no choice but to obey, and to send one of
their creations to the great vessel now orbiting the Earth. When this
E-hum arrived, he was questioned and examined thoroughly by the leaders.
They were enchanted with this little version of themselves, and said so
to the Elohim in charge of Earth. They ordered that the E-hums be taught
civilization, as well as establishing rules governing their care.

This is the story found in Genesis, chapter 5. The E- hum that the Elohim
sent was kept by their leaders, and did not remain on Earth. His name in
the Bible is Enoch. Verse 24 says: "And Enoch walked with the Elohim and
was not, for the Elohim took him."

After these events, the population of E-hums began to increase
dramatically. They mostly lived in cities along the coastline. These
humans began to become very violent, and troublesome. Disease was
rampant. Loose bands of humans would even attack Annunakis, if caught
alone in an isolated spot. One Elohim leader was particularly angry at
the situation. He ordered that the population of man be cut down. This
was to be accomplished by limiting the amount of food supplied, and so
starve off a portion of the population. This was a complete failure, as
most Annunaki could not stand to see their E-hums suffer in this manner.

Finally a plan was made by the particular Elohim, to fix the problem once and for all.

The mining engineers from Orion had come up with a plan to bring large
amounts of molten sub-surface material to the surface. They would
explode a large number of thermonuclear devices inside underwater
volcanoes in the Atlantic. This would produce a lot of precipitation,
and tidal flooding of the coastlines.

All Annunaki were ordered inland from the coasts, and the entire base,
at what you would call the island of Atlantis, was evacuated. There was
one other small thing they were required to do. They were ordered to
leave all E-hum workers. The bombs were detonated, and all went as
planned, with one small hitch. The resultant plate movement, caused by
so many bombs going off at once, sank the island base of Atlantis.

When the Elohim returned, they had another surprise waiting for them.

The Annunaki had secretly hidden most of their E- hums in large
transport ships. The leaders were unaware of this at first. They were
saddened by the lack of E-hums, and regretted having let them perish. It
was then that an Elohim who liked E-hums, announced that they had been
spared. All of the Annunaki were happy at this news, even the one Elohim
who had ordered their destruction. A pledge was then made to E-hums that
never again would the Elohim order their destruction. It is a promise
made to man that has been kept ever since. This entire story is, of
course, the legend of Noah and the flood. It occurred approximately
11,000 BC. This point in the history of man marks the beginning of what
you know as civilization.

Once here, they began to experiment with an
indigenous form of pre-human. They combined some of their genetic
material with that of pre- humans, producing a hybrid race of man - us.
Mankind was used as slaves by these advanced humans, called Annunaki
(ANK). It became a status symbol among the ANK to own as many E-hums as
they could. This led to a very serious problem among the ANK, resulting
in many skirmishes among them. Slaves would leave their masters and run
off to other ANK territories. Needless to say, the ANK who had lost his
slave was very angry. Sometimes, this led to conflict among them, and in
certain cases, bloodshed.

The leaders of the ANK asked their scientists to come up with a solution
to this growing problem. They determined that physical means of
containment were both impractical and ineffective. They had to find a
way to make the E-hums (Earth humans) want to stay with their respective
masters. Somehow, an emotional bond must be formed between the ANK and
their slaves. One so strong it would overcome any desire to leave or
stray. The result was what we call "religion." The most powerful
enslavement tool ever created. It worked in this way. The ANK would
become the "God" or "Goddess" of a particular group of E-hums. Priests
and priestesses would be trained to teach the various rituals and laws
of obedience to the others. The E-hums were taught that their God (or
Gods), were their only Gods, and that any neighboring God was evil, and
should therefore be avoided at any cost.

To centralize the sphere of authority, a site such as a major city was
chosen as the home of the "God." These cities became the home of both
man and "God." The solution worked beautifully for many years. If you
wish to study this particular aspect of early religion further, you may
find the original story in the Sumerian texts. The actual command was
given by the Sumerian God EL. As I said, this all worked fine for a long
time, and then an event occurred that changed the whole Earth - The Great War.


At this point I need to digress for a moment. I had originally intended
to detail the events of Earth's occupation by the ANK in much greater
detail. Each Elohim chapter would have described a certain point in
history. Because of the lengthy time this would involve, I have decided
to skip much of the pre-war history and begin with the event which took
place after the war. This includes much of what we refer to as "known
history." Now, back to the war.

Here, I need to explain a few things. It is vitally important that you
understand the events that took place at the birth of what we know as
our civilization. We, as a people, were born out of utter chaos.
We are a portion of the spoils that the victor of the
bloodiest and most destructive war ever fought on this planet, won in battle. It is
fortunate for us that the faction of the ANK who won this war, are
sympathetic to humans. In fact, they actually care very much for us,
even love you as a mother would love her child. They were even ready to
go to war with the entire ANK Collective to guarantee our survival. But
I'm jumping ahead of the story. Let's go back and take it one step at a time.

The first thing we need to look at is who and what, existed here. The
ANK, as we call them, are a collective race of human beings. They
comprise the true human race which exists now in over fifty colonized
zones in this part of the galaxy. Long ago, they came to Earth to settle
a new colony and mine this solar system for raw materials. Their social
and political structure is based on a highly-regimented caste system.
They are ruled by royal families, seven major and four minor. The
occupation forces that came to this planet were comprised of members of
each family, along with their respective colonization and military
forces. If you'd like a more detailed layout of the exact political
structure, such as names and ranks, etc., then you must study ancient
history. The leaders of the ANK are what E- hums referred to as "gods."

The ANK are also what we used to call "angels" and "demons." There is
enough history written about them for you to get a fairly complete
picture of their social and political structure.
Let's recap what we've covered so far. The ANK colonized Earth. They are
ruled by seven major families. Each family had a representative (royal
family member) here on Earth. There were many members of the
military/mining/scientific/etc., castes here, each belonging to a particular family.

There is one more social order that existed among the royal families
that we need to look at. They are called The Wonderful beings we know as the Elohim.

The Elohim order is made up of males and females from all the great families. The
non-Elohim members of the royal families swear allegiance in this order:
first to their family, second to the Collective as a whole. The Elohim,
whose members are found in all the families, swear their allegiance in
this way: first the Elohim, second family, third the Collective. Inside
each family, part of the structure is composed of members of the Elohim.
Let's look at an example, for it is vital that you understand the Elohim.

After all, it is to them that we owe our very existence.

Let's take the family of "Ki" as an example. This is one of the more powerful
families. They are from the system of Sirius, and are one of the
original founders of the Collective.

The Ki family is made up of millions of people, in many different
castes. At the top is a three-level aristocracy, based on bloodlines.

These levels rule and provide the basic bureaucracy necessary for the
entire family to function. The head of this family is a patriarch named
Khan Chi. He is part of the council that rules the Collective. The
council is made up of the leaders from the various families, both male
and female. They are in charge of various portions of the families'
assets. For instance, Ma Ha Shia is a male of the first order bloodline.
In other words, he is the next generation out from the family patriarch. His father is Khan Chi.

Shia is in charge of the Ki armies. He shares this with a female
relative, Ma Ra Ash. If a war were to break out, Shia would combine his
armies with those of the other families. The resultant Collective army
would be a formidable force. The concept of families combining their
strength to fight a common enemy, is sound. But what happens when the
enemy is another family of the Collective? We will soon find out.

The Elohim are loyal members of their respective families, but they have
all pledged a greater loyalty to the order, this
loyalty supersedes the normal allegiance toward the family. In simple
terms, the Elohim represent a oneness of all mankind-controlled "super
family" that exists within each of the major families. Now that you understand the social
structure that was here, it is time to look at the roles all these
different factions played in what is known as, The Great War.

The Collective had grown very concerned with the operations being
carried out on Earth. Problems had begun to develop. One involved the
shipment of raw materials. The Collective required all raw materials
taken from the Earth zone to be sent back for redistribution throughout
the Collective. On Earth, there was a very ambitious member of a certain
royal family. For the sake of convenience, we will refer to him by his
Earth-given name, the name he is known by even to this day. That name is Satan, your very own

Because of certain difficulties that had arisen on Earth many years
before, the Earth had been divided up among the different families.

Satan controlled a large section of Earth, and had established very
close personal alliances with certain other families' members. The result was that on Earth, there
were two factions in existence. The faction under the leadership of Satan began to keep more and more of the raw materials for their own projects. They needed them to expand their operations throughout the solar system. These included facilities on
Mars, Venus, the Moon, Asteroid Belt, and several large orbital facilities.

The Collective noticed the decreasing amounts of exports from Earth and became worried. They
sent a delegation to Earth to determine the nature of the problem. What they found caused them
considerable dismay.

Satan and his factions had grown very powerful, thanks to the abundance
of raw materials found. But what really disturbed the Collective
delegation were two things. The first is that Satan had grown in
political and religious power on the Earth. His control crossed the normal protocol
boundaries between the families. He was acting like he was the head of a
separate little empire convincing mankind that he was the only true God
of the universe.( See Isaiah chapter 14 of the Bible). This alarmed the
Collective greatly. The second thing was that of the E-hum slaves that had been created by the Elohim were being genetically messed with.

Development had continued on their genetic structure, and models had
been produced that were virtually identical to ANKs themselves. The
Collective saw this as going too far. They saw it as an abomination of
nature. Imagine their horror at discovering that the ANK who were here
on Earth, had actually begun to mate with the
E- hums.

The rulers of the Collective decided it was time to "put their foot
down." The ANK of Earth were too proud of themselves and their
accomplishments. They had begun to disobey Collective procedures and
requests. It was almost to the point that rebellion against the central
authority of the Collective order must be restored to the Earth, and
firm control of the political situation regained. So, the Collective
delegation sent Satan and the rest of the ANK factions on Earth, a list
of orders to be carried out immediately. Most were simple rules and
directives designed to reestablish firmer control by the council. But
there was one directive which caused Satan and his followers to become
enraged. The Council had ordered all E-hums to be destroyed, and all
those ANK who had been intimate with them to be removed from Earth
service and re-deployed throughout the Collective.

Satan gathered all the leaders from the ANK together for a special
meeting. He showed them the orders demanding the destruction of their
E-hums. The ANK were outraged, not so much out of concern over E-hum
welfare, but moreso at the loss of valuable assets. Then, Satan put
forth a proposal. He said that they should not obey the Collective, and
that they form a separate authority here on Earth.

Thus began the rebellion. This is a very complex and important time, so
I should expand on certain points before continuing. The events that are
about to transpire led to a civil war among the Collective. It is not
the first, but it is the largest and bloodiest. It is important that you
understand which side was which. Satan's power over the various family
factions that were here on the Earth had grown enormously. When news
spread of his decision, the various family members here on the Earth and
throughout the solar system, had to choose between staying loyal to
their main family back home and the Collective, or side with those
families on the Earth and form a separate Collective, based around
Earth. Not all of the ANK here sided with Satan, but it was pretty close.

Nearly all of the spaceborne operations went to his side, including the
orbital bases and transport services. These were key assets for him, and
it was no accident that most of those in charge of these assets were
either his own family, or hand-picked for their loyalty to him. The end
result was a powerful strategic advantage. It gave him control of all
the solar system, and effectively isolated those factions who chose to
stay loyal to the Collective. In all, over two- thirds of the forces
throughout the Earth zone chose to side with Satan. They had become a
very powerful force to be reckoned with.

There was one thing he could not control, though, the Elohim. Remember
that the Elohim had members in all families. This was so on the Earth,
also. On Earth, however, because of the political control that Satan had
gained, the Elohim had assumed an even tighter brotherhood and

Of the two-thirds that had not sided with Satan, most were of the Elohim. The
Elohim that existed on the Earth now abandoned all loyalty to individual
families, and joined together as one. This is important, for the Elohim
throughout the Collective had grown very powerful in two key areas - the
biological research (or medical) areas, and the military. None of the
Elohim military units on the Earth went over to Satan's side. This
caused him much consternation, but there was little he could do. The Elohim on
Earth were very powerful militarily. Had he acquired the loyalty of
these races, the events about to unfold would have a very different
outcome. As it was, all the Elohim both in the Collective and Earth,
declared neutrality. They would not fight against their own kind - the
other Elohim still on Earth.

You see, the Collective thought that the Elohim on Earth, while not siding
with Satan, had disassociated themselves from the main Collective. Why?

Because they had been the ones who had refused to destroy the E-hums.
Why would they do this? Simply put, the Elohim are the ones who created
E- hums in the first place.

Before we get into the details of the Great War, we need to fully understand the Elohim's involvement in E-hum evolution. Remember, I already mentioned that the Elohim had concentrated on two areas - biological and military. It was a Elohim-controlled genetic
research team that was involved in the initial development of the E-hum
slaves. If you check the ancient creation legends of Earth, you will
find that nearly all of them show a male and a female creator. In most,
they are the "Great Father and the Great Mother."

Genesis 1:26: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our

You will not that the word "God" which everyone takes for granted as
meaning, "The One God," is not the original word. It is a lie.

A deliberate and intentional falsehood, inserted by your fellow man so that later theology -
theology meant to assert control over your lives - would appear consistent. The original and correct word is EL-Ohim.

Wherever you see the word "God" in the Bible you should re- instate the original word, "Elohim."
What does the word Elohim mean? It means literally, "Goddesses and
Gods". It is 100-percent plural, more than one, many, a whole bunch. Now
the verse above makes a little more sense, does it not? (SPECIAL NOTE:
In coming messages, we will be showing you how this type of deliberate
word substitution has corrupted much of the Bible's true meaning. We
will put right that which has been perverted by man. Once this is done,
and you can read the original meaning, you will find that the Bible is a
greater book of knowledge than was ever known. It will take on a new,
and much more meaningful, part of your life.)
So now you know why it says, "Let 'US' make man in 'OUR' image after
'OUR' likeness." Oh yes, what about the likeness part?

I told you in the beginning that the Collective is made up of HUMANS, ALIENS, ANGELS. This is why we look like a humanoid. To continue, the Elohim and other aliens created E-hums by modifying an "EXISTING" form of pre-humans. It is important that you understand these events, as they will tie in later and help explain some of what happened in The Great War, and why. The Elohim went further with their experiments, creating more "breeds," if you will, of E-hums. One of their greatest achievements, and consequently one of the factors which lead to the war, was that they gave the E-hums the power to reproduce on their own.

In the Bible the act of sexual reproduction is spoken of in this manner,
".. And he KNEW his wife..." For a man to have "knowledge" of his wife,
is to reproduce with her. Now consider very carefully the following
verse from Genesis 2:16: "And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of
every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 17: But of the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day
that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." The real meaning of
this is quite simple. Man was to be created, but the power of Knowledge,
(Reproduction), he was not to have.

The symbol of the serpent can be found throughout the world, and is
usually associated with fertility and the Gods. The above verses contain
symbology that, until now, has never been fully understood. This did not
however, stop certain men from using it to form a theology that would
control the lives of millions. The basic premise is this. The devil,
disguised as a snake, tricks the first woman into eating the apple of
knowledge. She, in turn, gives it to the man. When God shows up, the
man, being the courageous and manly type he is, blames it all squarely
on the woman. God, being the manly kind of God, understood instantly.

"T'was the evil wench, it was.. aye, she's the root of all evil, that's
for sure," God says. Thus, the "fall of man" occurs. The woman takes the fall, and from then
on, will be called the source of all evil. Why? Because with that single
act, she has committed the Original Sin, from which all future sin is
born. The fall of all mankind is the fault of a single woman. Her kind
would suffer for this from then on. Much later, the concept of Original
Sin would be used as the central core of a new and expanded theology -
redemption. God was so angry at Original Sin that no act of atonement
could ever pay for it. Man would be cursed forever, thanks to a woman.

But don't fear, the priests say. We, in our manly wisdom, have devised a
manly solution. God will send his only offspring, a man of course, being
the manly beings we are. This final representation of manhood, Jesus,
will bear the punishment for women and men.This of course, is
the reason behind the crucifixion. Jesus died on the cross,
then went to hell and spent an eternity there - for every one who
ever lived or would live. Now remember this was all on account of
original sin. Jesus atoned for all of us for the sin of Eve. WOW! Is
that a soap opera to end all soap operas, or what? Am I being a little
sarcastic, even a little sacrilegious? You're certainly right. I am. My
words may contain sarcasm and humor, but if you could look inside of my
heart, you would be blinded by the nuclear fire of rage that exists at
my core. It is directed at those who took Jesus, one of the greatest
gifts mankind was ever given, and perverted and used his message for
their own advancement and lust for power.


Let us look now at what really happened and bury this vile and corrupt
theology where it belongs. In the pits of Hell. The apple of "knowledge"
is the power of reproduction. The act of "original sin" was sexual
intercourse. Who, though, is the serpent? The "serpent" is a symbol for
the Elohim genetic team. Throughout history, the snake symbol has become
one of the best known and powerful symbols of the Goddess. Another
symbol is the triangle, which represents the female "opening" or,
goddess. This snake symbol was even used in the Greek medical symbol,
the Caduceus. That symbol is two intertwined snakes and a winged disk.

Today, abductees report seeing an emblem on the uniforms of the
human-looking aliens. They have not had contact with one another, and
yet they all described it the same way. It is an upside down triangle
with two intertwined snakes inside. Snakes in Genesis, in world
fertility religions, in our most ancient medical symbol, and finally as
an emblem on the uniform of the very beings I have been talking about.
Why? What does it represent in all these different cases? It represents
the same thing in them all. That people thousands of years ago, would
describe the symbol the same as today is no surprise. It is not two
intertwined snakes, IT IS THE DOUBLE HELIX OF LIFE.... DNA.

Think of the context of all these examples. They all involve medical,
sexual and genetic circumstances. The DNA symbol is the unit patch for
the Elohim Genetic Research Units. The snake did indeed bring the power
of knowledge to "Eve." They gave E-hums the power to reproduce on their
own. An "original sin" was, in fact, committed but it was not the fault
of any Earth human female. It was the responsibility of the Elohim. Do
you fully understand the significance of this? Think about it carefully, and
consider the following. If there was no original sin, and women are not
to blame for our entire race's downfall, then what happens to all of the
theology and religion that was based on this false premise? It goes down
the toilet, where it came from in the first place.

I hope this also helps to explain why, during the Great War, the Elohim
took the position they did. They interceded on your behalf, because as
your creators, so to speak, they felt a maternal protective instinct
toward you.

Before we resume our discussion of the Great War, let me say this. The mythology of the Christian religion, the portion based on Original Sin and Jesus' atonement/crucifixion, is a misunderstanding of His true purpose here on earth.. But, hidden deep underneath the excrement that the male religious figures of this planet covered it with, is a truth and a light beyond your wildest dreams.

These will be discussed fully in a future message. I would not pull the
rug out from under your feet without catching you afterwards. Jesus
brought the Way, and man perverted it. I will show you the true and only Way. And
this time, women will take their rightful place in it. It is ironic that
the original disciples, indeed the original founders of the Christian
religion, the Way, were all males and females. But that, as they say, is another story.

Now the Great War, the revolt of the Asuras. The Elohim had agreed to stay
neutral in the coming battle. The Collective sent forces to the Earth
with the sole mission of destroying the rebels and restoring order.

There were many battles fought both in space, and on the Earth. Before
long, it became evident that the Collective would have to face a harsh
reality. They were very close to losing the war. Earth mythology is full
of tales about the Great War between good and evil. It is important to
note that all that has been written about this war, uses the words
"Goddesses" and "Gods" to describe the central characters. The leader of
the rebels, whom we call Satan, was called by various names by other
people. If your particular religion uses another name, please feel free
to substitute it. It will make no difference, as it is all the same war and same cast of characters.

Besides the Elohim, there was one other God who stayed neutral for much of
the war. His name was Shiva (Thoth in Egyptian literature, Hermes in
Greek). This particular ANK royal leader would play a vital role in the
coming saga. He was in the form of Shiva, the Destroyer, and commanded a
very powerful ANK army. More importantly, his mate, the Goddess Kali,
was in charge of the overall Elohim military forces. It was because of
this relationship that Shiva had refused to join the fight.

This was quite a blow to the Collective, as they were counting on him to
lead their forces into battle. As we shall see very shortly, that is
exactly what he did in time. The war began to go very badly for the
Collective. Finally, on the verge of defeat, they went to see Shiva one
last time. Shiva agreed to take their request to Kali. During this time,
the rebels had conscripted E-hums into their army. The rest of humanity
was suffering heavily under the pressures of the war. They were forced
to work and slave to produce the needed supplies of war. There was talk
of destroying most of them after the war. The Elohim who were on the Earth
saw and heard all these things. They sent a report back detailing how
the E-hums were suffering at the hand of Satan.

Shiva returned to the Collective with his decision. He would throw his
powerful army against the rebels. The leaders of the Collective were
very happy to say the least, but nothing can describe their emotions
when the Goddess Kali stepped forward and said she would fight at
Shiva's side. She would bring the combined armies of the entire Elohim
against the rebels. Separately, the Elohim armies were no larger than
any other family's, but combined they became more powerful than either side.
One last small point that will help you understand the following verses.
Shiva's other name is one you have heard mentioned quite often, but
never knew of the connection. His other name is Michael.

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