The Coming of the Elohim

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Something alarming has been happening since the dawn of time, which has been recorded in the history, holy books, and mythos of every great civilization. Ancient rabbinical authorities including Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood it. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, the Hindus, the American Indians, and virtually all other civilizations wrote about it. Beings of super intelligence sometimes referred to as "gods" descend through openings of sky, earth, and sea to interact with this planet's creatures. According to GraceWatcher, prophecy says they will return... and at a time much sooner than most people realize.

H.G Wells wrote in War of the Worlds, '..that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's..'. GraceWatcher's brilliant research capabilities illustrate how through history, we as humans, have been not only watched but sometimes manipulated and used for a far more nefarious purpose... travel with Tom through the gateways, portals and dimensional openings of earth history and prepare to be enthralled!"

GraceWatcher has inside knowledge of a demonic cabal that may be controlling some of the worlds leading governments. In addition, GraceWatcher believes that the fallen angels who sired the Nephilim may be the unseen puppetmasters. Chilling!"

The topic of religion has always been a subject that I was interested in. Then after 1948, then we started having a lot of UFO's sightings. After that, we had many people that was abducted by aliens. It seems that more people are having some kind of contact with beings from another world. As we all know, our planet is about to go through another shift of changes. Some of these changes are spiritual, and others are physical. Our religious systems are on a brink of crashing, cause many people are looking for something more than organized religion. So, where does this lead us? It called.....Oneness. Our political systems are not helping the people anymore. So we need a government that meets the needs of the common human being.

As you go through these pages, you will find out that many eons ago, there were races of beings from other planets, that came here to earth. Now the question is why were they here, and what did they do when they was here? This series of articles, I will attempt to answer these questions, and many more. What does God have to do with all this? Who was Lucifer(Satan), and what was his place in all of this? Who and why did Jesus come in all of this? How do all the major religions fit in all of this? These and many more questions will be answered in these series of articles.

1. Part 1, will deal with who is God and what is His purpose? this part will also tell of the various races of aliens that have visited earth over the years.

2. Part 2 deals with when the aliens first arrived here on earth, and why they were here, and what they did when they came here?

3. In part 3, many religion teach that there was a war in Heaven.....Guess really did happen....And archaeological evidences prove it too. We will tell you about that war, also we tell you about the fall of Adam and Eve, and what really caused it....This may not go well with many of our religious institutes....But, the truth must be told....It has been held back for too long.

4. In part 4, we will tell about the pyramids, and why they were build, and what religious reason for their purpose.....Oh by the way....aliens had something to do with it too.

Now lets give an overview in all of this, then we can start with chapter 1 of this great series....In the future, we will add other chapters to this most important discovery of our human race, and the ones that have shaped our lifestyle.

Concerning our beginnings with other planetary beings, they were curious  about this planet. Many came - from the Pleiadies, from the Sirian star system, from Orion and from numerous other planets.

They found that the original inhabitants of the planet were a primitive being, and they decided to genetically 'play' with, or experiment with, the species. They interacted sexually with the earth women. This new breed of race were slightly
superior to the general inhabitants. This is where the old stories in Greek mythology began.

They were scientists and biologists, and tried numerous techniques for altering the DNA of the original inhabitants. Inbreeding also took place with animals in those very early days, and as the genes were not at that time incompatible, races of half-human half-animal beings came into existence. This is where many of our myths of sprang from. They experimented with different parts of the human body, altering it and changing until they had a being who was useful to them as a 'servant' to do their bidding and look up to them as gods. Barbara
Marciniak in her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library gives full explanations of the parts the planetary beings played in this.

Our 'keys' to knowing our true selves, were thrown away - dispersed and dismantled. It is only now that mankind has a chance to undo his past conditioning and begin to know who he is.

It is up to mankind now to see what has happened in our past. It is up to us now to put aside all the old preconceived ideas we were brought up with, which we had thrust upon us, and think for ourselves. It is up to mankind to KNOW who he really is. We are creations of the SPIRIT. We are just as important and just as special as all the gods of old. In fact we have a right to know who we are.

The 'gods' who interfered with us in our early beginnings are returning. They have realized that by keeping us bound to them, they are also binding themselves, and they want to grow too. They want a chance to find their own freedom. It is by releasing us from our bonds that they can find release themselves and grow further.

A small part of those from the planet of Orion who had a hand in the negative influences will be no longer be able to influence us, once this planet has reached its higher dimension. The planet itself is a living organism, and its decision to 'upgrade' as it were, is not in our hands. We have to grow with it, or we will be reborn on another third dimensional planetary system when we leave our bodies.

It is up to us to grow now that the chance has been given to the planet. This chance is an opportunity never before offered to man.

If when reading the Old Testament and other ancient texts every reference to `God' or `the gods' is replaced with extraterrestrial', the whole thing begins to make sense and becomes so obvious. It is important to remember that in evolutionary terms, the time span between the period when these accounts were written and the present is nothing, hardly the blink of an eye. Modern UFO phenomena as reported by thousands of people - which include amazing holographic images, beings and craft which appear and disappear (switch dimensions), and a host of other visions and tricks that put Walt Disney in the shade - were also being performed by ET's in the periods during which the major religions originated. These Fourth Dimensional manipulators created or corrupted the religions to control the human mind as they sought to control this planet, and as they are today controlling it.

The potential for manipulating humanity with such technology is simply limitless. What better way to dominate people, close down their minds and divide and rule, than to create or distort a series of superstitious religions based upon extraterrestrial special effects, thus producing various dogmas to control the masses? Look at the pain, misery and inter-generational ignorance that has been visited upon this planet by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many of the others. If you want to shut down someone's consciousness so that they stop thinking for themselves and disconnect their minds from their infinite potential, sell them a dogmatic religion or some other form of rigid dogma (preferably fear-motivated).They are then like putty in your hands.

The takeover of Planet Earth was achieved by what might be accurately called the Luc--eric Consciousness. This is an overall term which concisely describes the force which attempts to work through all life forms - human and extraterrestrial - in order to control the planet. It is an extremely negative (selfish) energy operating predominantly from the Fourth Dimension. The Luciferic Consciousness takes two main forms. Different cultures give these forms different symbolic names. One seeks to imprison us in the material world by persuading us to reject all idea of the spiritual realms and the eternal nature of life. The other works on religiously minded people to persuade them to ignore the realities of the physical world and to float around in a spiritual daze. Either way it means that the people involved can be controlled while their potential to bring positive change to the world is seriously curtailed.

The complete takeover of the Earth by extraterrestrial expressions of the Lucifer-- Consciousness was accomplished by creating a vibratory prison. We are multidimensional beings, naturally able to experience many frequencies and dimensions at the same time. However, when the imprisoning vibration - an imposed blocking, `frequency net' - was thrown around this planet long ago, it prevented us from accessing the higher levels of our consciousness and potential - the higher dimensions. It caused us to cease to be `whole' or `holy'; we became disconnected from `the Father'.

Considering the advanced metaphysical knowledge which is available to a Fourth Dimensional consciousness, such a feat is not as incredible as it sounds. Blocking frequencies are already used here on Earth, never mind by more technologically advanced civilizations. The Soviet Union in past created an information prison by sending out blocking frequencies to stop certain foreign radio stations from being received by the population. This prevented information which challenged the official line from reaching the people. It created a vibratory prison, an information prison. Extend that concept to the planet as a whole and you have the very picture that I am presenting. The only difference is one of scale.

In his book, The Montauk Project, the electrical engineer, Preston Nichols, tells the story of how he discovered a blocking frequency which jammed the minds of psychics with whom he was working as part of his research into telepathy. The basis of telepathy, as Nichols confirmed, is so simple. When we think, we create and transmit a thought wave which is similar to a radio or television wave. A radio or television set decodes such waves, and, in a far more sophisticated way, the human mind may decode thought waves. Hence telepathy. Nichols found that the minds of his psychics were blocked at the same time each day. Using tracking equipment, he traced the jamming signal to a now notorious center of mind control and time travel research called Mo--auk, on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. Even on Earth, blocking frequencies are a reality.

We will use the term blocking and jamming frequencies for simplicity, but our vibratory imprisonment could well have taken the form of closing down the portals and gateways (Earth vortexes) which link the physical plane with other space-time dimensions. Some of these gateways are still to be found, however, at certain sacred places used by the ancients, like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, Ayers Rock in Australia, and the former lands of Babylon and Mesopotamia, now Iraq. The Bermuda triangle is another, which would explain the many strange disappearances of ships and aircraft, as the gateway opens. It may even be that these gateways were largely closed down for positive reasons, to prevent more negative ET's from entering this space-time reality. Jamming frequency, closing the dimensional gateways, probably both - the precise cause of the prison does not matter so much. All we need to understand is that an extraterrestrial force from the Fourth Dimension created an information prison by blocking off the higher levels of reality. The veil came down; a veil of tears. We were, in effect, put into spiritual and mental quarantine where we remain today. Such jamming vibration thrown around our planet means that mankind's potential is limited to the levels of consciousness which are within the imprisoning frequency. Any consciousness and knowledge held on higher frequencies outside this vibratory prison has been denied to us. Having consequently become detached from the higher levels of our own being, in the words of the ancient books, we are `fallen' or `lost souls', disconnected from `the Father'.

When the blocking, imprisoning frequency was thrown around this planet, we lost touch with our higher consciousness and, crucially, with our eternal memory. We forgot who we were and where we came from. Or, at least, the overwhelming majority did. Those who succeeded in raising their vibratory rate of consciousness on Earth could regain contact with their higher mind, their greater self, and these individuals were sometimes said to have become `enlightened', although the blocking frequency often made such enlightenment a less than perfect connection, even for these accomplished individuals.

Progressively more people are today successfully penetrating the vibratory prison, however, and they are therefore reconnecting with their greater self outside of the frequency net. This accomplishment is being facilitated as the blocking frequency is being dispersed in line with Divine Order, which is, in turn, responsible for the spiritual and psychic awakenings now evidenced all around the world. Yet only very few have been able to do this until recently, while the majority of human beings have witnessed their vibratory rate fall and remain in check of the influence of events, religions, wars and general programming/conditioning which has encouraged, if not coerced, the race to close down its mind, thereby reducing the vibratory rate of consciousness of the masses. This has produced a vibratory gap - for some a chasm - between their lower levels of self inside the blocking frequency of their infinite potential (their greater self) which lies outside that frequency. Within the prison is this physical level and some non-physical levels to which we return between physical incarnations. The rest of Creation has been denied to most people. The human race has for ages been living out its existence inside a kind of metaphysical box with the lid held down. We sit in the dark, believing that our potential, and Creation in general, is limited to what is within that box, within that vibratory prison. Infinity in potential is so, so close on the other side of the box-lid, but we have not been allowed to see outside, and we have not realized that there is an outside. Over the ages since the vibratory net was cast around the Earth, we have been a people working to a fraction of our full and infinite potential. Life on Earth was changed dramatically by our extraterrestrial jailers, and this also affected the animal kingdom. The law of the jungle and the cruelty that we see within nature is not the way cosmic law intended it to be, nor the way it was before the veil came down. The good news is, however, that this period of disconnection is now entering its prophesied end time; the Garden of Eden is about to be restored on Earth.

In the period after the blocking frequency was created, the Fourth Dimensional extraterrestrials of the Luc--eric mind-set genetically rewired human DNA, the inherited coding of the physical body. Over a period of time, this new DNA was passed on through the generations to everyone. The DNA determines the nature of the physical being and contains inherited memory of all the generations. If the DNA had been left alone, we would, while still living in a vibratory prison, at least know what happened to us and the nature of the problem. By scrambling the DNA, however, this knowledge, too, was lost to us. Human DNA before that time had twelve spirals known as helixes, but after the genetic tinkering this was reduced to two.

Our potential and our inherited information source was therefore reduced very significantly. Even now there are parts of the DNA which have been identified that researchers have been unable to link to any apparent function. This has been termed `junk DNA', but it is almost certain that this disconnection of the other ten spirals of DNA has led to only a fraction of our brain's potential being actually used, as is widely acknowledged by neurologists today.

Some more good news to celebrate - we are in the time when a process is unfolding which will reunite those DNA spirals within us and positively change the human race forever. These genetic events are described symbolically in the tale of Adam and Eve and the term `the Fall of Man'. Many references may also be found in the ancient texts and legends to `gods' coming from the skies to control humanity and impregnate women. In the Bible, Genesis 6:4 says that, "The sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them". The term `sons of God' (which is common in almost all ancient religions) referred to the extraterrestrials. We hear of how God or the gods created humanity `in their own image'.

The offspring of these extraterrestrial/human liaisons looked very different from the rest of the people. As Genesis 6:4 puts it: "In those days, and even later, there were giants on the Earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago". The reason this-world-is-all-there-is science has been unable to find the missing link in human genetic evolution is because it does not exist. The sudden changes in the human form were due to extraterrestrial intervention. This is possibly an origin of the Virgin Mother legends which are also found throughout the world. In what is now China, there was a `sky -od' called Di who was said to have miraculously impregnated a virgin, who then gave birth to Zu, the first of the new genetic line. All over the ancient world, we find that the royal families were supposed to have originated with the sky gods - extraterrestrials.

Records left by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia say that their pyramidal towers known as ziggurats were built for intercourse between an Earthly priestess and a -od from the sky. On a tomb found in Rome and dated between the 1st and 4th Centuries AD the inscription read: "I am a son of the Earth and the stars of the sky, but I am of the celestial race. May the knowledge be passed on". The birth of Jesus, as described in the gnostic gospels also has similarities to modern day ET experiences. The Protoevangelion of James is the oldest of the gnostic gospels which were removed from Christian orthodoxy at the notorious Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. The gnostic text describes the birth of Jesus-- and how people and animals froze in mid gesture in a powerful, though temporary paralysis, while Joseph and the midwife were unaffected. This is very much a theme of ET contactee/abductee experiences. The text goes on:

And the midwife went away with him, and they stood in the place of the cave. And behold - a luminous cloud overshadowed the cave. And the midwife said: `My soul has been magnified this day because mine eyes have seen strange things - because salvation has been brought forth to Israel'. And immediately the cloud disappeared out of the cave, and a great light shone in the cave, so that the eyes could not bear it. And in a little while that light gradually decreased until the infant appeared and went and took the breast of his mother, Mary.

Associations with `gods' and `clouds' are endless in the ancient legends and texts, and what about the `star' that was supposed to have hovered over the birth-place of --Jesus? Could that have been an inter dimensional spacecraft? In the biblical Revelations we hear of the New Jerusalem descending from the sky (Rev 22:10) and Christ returning "with the clouds" (Rev 1:7). Was Jesus a member of a positive extraterrestrial race who became incarnate to help humanity get out of prison?

The native American tribe, the Iroquois, have a legend of a maiden marrying the chief of the sky people. The geologist, Christian O'Brien, reports that Hebrew and Sumerian texts refer to a race of beings known as the `Shining Ones', a term he connects with the Hebrew word `Elohim'. It is no coincidence that the Devas from the Sanskrit and the Angels of Christianity are also `Shining Ones'. The Incas of Peru refer to `Shining Ones' too.

O'Brien says that it was the beings known as Elohim who created modern humanity from early human forms through genetic manipulation. He adds that some of them, the `Watchers' in the Book of Enoch mated with humans and he indicates that the alleged founders of the Semitic race, Shemjaza and Yaheah, were among the extraterrestrial `Watchers' and `Shining Ones'.

"Earth peoples have been interacting with beings from other worlds since our beginnings on planet Earth, when first we stepped forth as Man upon Terra. The seedlings of present day Earthman were deposited upon Terra by beings from star systems beyond your present capability to visit. Therefore interaction, in its myriad relationships and cycles of evolutionary programs, always has been a continous process. You have not known us always as spacemen. For many times we came, as they came, to reside in the body with a plan to recapture our soul memories as to why we were visiting your planet in an incarnational cycle. The volunteers to Earth have come a-plenty to walk as Man of Earth.

"Civilizations on this Earth go back 500 million years. The planet is a star seed to which external life forms have come from all over, combined with each other, generated new life forms, and left. Each of the life forms they created have gone through five levels of consciousness. Right now we are on the second of the five."

Most people will accept the idea that there may be life on other planets in the universe. But that this planet has ever been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere is something else. It is this factor that will be focused on on this page. The point of seeing UFOs as extraterrestrial spacecrafts is to open us up, for us to realize that we are not alone, that beings from other worlds and dimensions are in our realm all around us. There are many ET groups and civilizations visiting Earth, each with a different purpose and agenda. It has been said that as many as 70 different races are at present visiting Earth. A few of these stand out from the crowd. These are the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans and the Sirians. Let's take a closer look at some of the groups that are of interest to us at our present stage of evolution. Let us try to find the purpose for extraterrestrial contact.

Knowing that we are not alone in the universe will change the way we look at ourselves and the universe.

We can learn much from the other civilizations in the universe.

We are undergoing a major shift in consciousness, and the planet will also go through some significant changes. ETs are aware of this transformation the Earth is going through and are very interested in helping humanity to move into the new age of ascended consciousness. These beings from other sivilizations are curious about how we will handle these upcoming changes and how we will govern ourselves when push comes to shove.

"This solar system is just one of thousands of inhabited solar systems in this galaxy. This galaxy is one of an infinite number of inhabited galaxies in this universe. This universe is one of an infinite number of inhabited universes. All life forms are expressions of God and are evolving back to the Creator.
It is time for Humanity to take its rightful place in the Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds of this omniverse. For too long, humans have been run by ego, which has led to the absurd conclusions that there is no other life in God's infinite universe. Planet Earth is nothing more than one infinitesmally small electron in God's infinite body. It is time for humanity to make this electron a healthy one, not a cancerous one."

"It is a fact that a human being is infinitely small in the grand scheme of things; however, each is essential for the Divine Plan to be complete. One electron malfunctioning throws off the electrical and physical balance of the entire atom, molecule and organ. That is why extraterrestrial civilizations are so eager to help humanity; to do so is also to help themselves, for, in truth, all are one. All are God."

Here are other chapters in the Coming of the Elohim

1. The Coming of the Elohim: Part 1 : this one deals with, who God is, and what His purpose in all of this is.This part also shares about the diffrent alien races that have visited the earth over the years.

2. The Coming of the Elohim: Part 2: this chapter tells about what happened millions of years ago, when the aliens first arrived, and why they was here, and what they did when they got here.

3. The Coming of the Elohim: part 3 : this chapters deals with what we call the war in Heaven, that various religious cultures have wrote about. It also tells why we have religion, and a strong faith in God.

4. The Coming of the Elohim Part 4 : this deals with the building of the great pyramids all over the world.

5. The Coming of the Elohim Part 5: this chapter deals with the Book of Enoch that has a little insight on the aliens that came here in our early history. We will quote verses from the book on this series of messages.

In future writing we will share

1. How these aliens affected our world religions
2. What was their plan concerning Jesus, Buddha, and other great leaders of our faiths
3. Who are the greys, and why they are here?
4. Groups of alien races that have been here
a, Pleiadians
b. Sirians
c. Lyrans
d. the greys
e. Andromedians
5. Who are the Ascension Masters
6. What do angels have to do with all of this?
7. What are the Last Days, and the end of the world really means?
8. What is our future concerning aliens and ET's contacts



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