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Hello everyone, hope you got to make it to the palm beach ale house to see us open for CAVE. The show was excellent, special thanks to the buzz 103.1 for all the plugs and props they have given us and to cave as well. we will be playing with our friends prior life at the ale house on feb. 17th, we are looking foward to playing with them, and we are sure you will enjoy them, see yall there..........late

DECENMBER 16th 2000

sorry it has been so long since the website had been updated, we have all been very busy with the holidays and other stuff. Well Jeff(singer boy) and his wife kerri had a baby girl a few weeks ago. A big congatulations goes out to them. Also if you did not get to hear, we played the Morning Buzz on Friday Dec 8th, it went great, we played sinking ships acoustic. you will be able to download the song and interview at We add 2 new venues in the next couple of months. The cage on Dec 29th...we will play 2 sets, and there will be chicks dancing in cages....sweet. and on January 29th we will play the palm beach ale house. so check us out, we got 4 or 5 new songs we would like to test on you... peace


sorry everyone for the lack of updates on the site, we have been very busy writting new music. we do have a few shows coming up in november and october T.B.A. will be playing about 4 new songs so check it


Whats up everyone, we would like to thank everyone for coming out to our acoustic debut at Barnies coffee. We had a great time and will be doing it again on August 26th. We have a few new songs that we are just finishing up on, you will be able to hear them there. stay tuned for more shows soon...peace


wazzup, we hope everyone has heard the cd, there is more to come, we are now taking a little vacation for a few weeks, then we will be recording some more, we have yet to book any shows for a while so we can concentrate on recording. we will keep you all posted on everything......see ya

MAY 20th

Well we have finnaly finished our 4 song demo, we are pretty pleased with the outcome. we have recorded Fallen Down, Walk amongst us, Guided, and Tides. if you want a copy you can go to the section on our home page and it will direct you on how to do so, or you can pick one up at one of our shows.

We also would like to thank everyone at the underground show for coming out, it is a great place to play, we hope to be playing there again soon. well cant wait to see you ll again real soon, thanks for all your support...

APRIL 28th

Hello all, we hope all is well. Well we have set a date to go and record, may 7th is the big day, we hope to get at least 4 songs done for a demo, later to be full lenght cd. we are going to start with tides, falling down, guided and one more T.B.A. so we hope to get you a copy of that soon. and check out the show page for our upcoming shows, peace and be

MARCH 6th 2000

hey everyone, hope all is well with you, as it is with us. we have to once again thank everyone for their support latley, our last couple shows went over very well. well if you didnt know, our new web address is, finnaly. and we did start to do a demo cd, but we are not happy with the production so we are going to talk to our buddy bubba and try to do a proffesionally produced cd. we hope to have it 4 u as soon as possible. thanks everyone peace.

JANUARY 29th 2000

hey folks, hope every one is well. First we woulod like to thank everyone for coming to willies the other night for a great show with chosen, and we would especially like to thank CLARENCE CLEMMINS(sax player for Bruce Springsteen) for showing up, Ryan (atwater guitarist)does some cooking for him, and has been asking him to come out, well he did, and he dug it and wants to do some work with us soooooon. Also we will be finishing up recording on thursday, so we should have a lil demo soon. so see you all at willies.... and the surf 11th and 12th peace.


Hay everyone and thanks for all the support you have givin us at our shows, they are only going to get better. well we finished up all of our recording on our three song demo, we will be mixing it real soon and then its yours, we hope to bring this demo to some folks who will want to get all of our songs on cd, But the demo definitley catches the vibe that we try to emit. ... well, seeya



The show at willies went great, we would like to thank Boxelder for having us, they ripped as usual, and we would like to thank everyone for your support, we are glad you came. We are going to book a few more shows and try and finish up recording, so stay tuned for cd...

We are also in the process of buying the name, so stay posted for that, thanks again everyone, see ya soon.


Hello, we are At-Water, A 4 piece band consisting of Jeff Irving, our lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, Ryan Sands, our lead and rhythm guitar player, Ray Perez, our bass player, And James Silvestri our drummer. We have been jamming since early summer, and have felt each others vibe graciously. Our music is classified as EMO, with a lil punk and pop in the mix. We have recently decided it is time to give some of this beautiful feeling away, hence, it is time to gig. We will be playing Oct 29th at SWAMP GRASS WILLIES with our good friends Boxelder. We are currently laying our songs down on a cd that should be ready by the show, WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.

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