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Info Provided: Feb 19, 1999
Subject: LEWALLEN email
Information researched by Joann Walsh.
The information is credited to her alone with many thanks.
Other LEWALLEN information has been emailed to me from various Lewallen's and also from my own research.
(Please note and keep in mind that NOT all census information is correct as I have pointed out in the Dismukes Family page and also as I have noted below for Lewallen information.)

1858 Independence County, Arkansas: Persons & Property accessed for Taxation.
-1 person liable to pay poll tax.
-1 horse over 2yrs old valued $40.00.
-1 cattle over 2yrs old valued $10.00.
-14,210 acres valued $120.00

1860-1892 Pope County, Arkansas Marriages
James M. LEWALLEN age 20 of Moreland Twp to Lydia HEARNE age 18 of Wilson Twp on 8/23/1877.

1870 census Pope County, Arkansas, census taken 8/24/1870.
Jordan LEWALLEN age 32 farmer
Pricilla age30 housewife Madison age 12 b.Ark John age 10 b.Ark Jinsa(f) age 8 b.Ark Lewis age 5 months b.3/1870 Ark

1875 Pope County, Arkansas Land Records
Jordan LEWALLEN: owned 80 acres.

1880 census Pope County, Arkansas
J.M. LEWALLEN age 21 b.Ark
-parents born in Al & Ark
Lydia J. age 20 b.Ark
-parents born in Tn & Ga
(The ages for James & Lydia are wrong since in 1877 he was 20 and she was 18 when they married.)

1900 census Choctaw Nation Indian Territoy.
Jordan LEWALLEN age 61 b.11/1838 Alabama
-married 43yrs and owned a farm.
-wife Pricilla age 60 b.3/1840 Arkansas.
-13 Children. Son Charles b.11/1883 Ark. living at home.

1910 census Oklahoma:
Madison LEWALLEN: age 51 b. ARK
Alfed (m)   : age 22 b. ARK
Florence (f)   : age 13 b. OK
Jordan (m)   : age 10 b. OK
(*This information is about my grandmother Florence and her dad James Madison LEWALLEN. The age given for James is wrong and the spelling also, and Alfred's age is correct.)

Priscilla TYLER LEWALLEN Notes 1900 census says she had been married 40 years, had 13 children (7 still alive). Both parents born in South Carolina.

1910 census for McIntosh OK (ED 038, sheet 0079, line oo36) lists Priscilla LEWALLEN age 71 born ARK living with son-in-law John SPAULDING.

John SPAULDING: age 39 married 17 yrs b. Ark. (parents both b. TN).
Laura wife   age 30 married 17 yrs b. ARK; f. b. ALA, m. b. ARK (5children, 3 alive in 1910)
Narah (f) :age 16 b. OK
Ilif  (m) :age 14 b. OK
James (m) :age 4 b. OK
Pricilla LEWALLEN mother-in-law age 71 widowed b. ARK (parents both b. SC)
(This census is not accurate, Laura is listed as 30 in 1910 and married for 17yrs, which would make her 18 at age of marriage, but on the marriage records she is 16 and John is 22 in 1892. Laura should be 33 or 34 and John listed as 39 is correct.)

McIntosh County Turner Township ed 79-sheet 3A- line 36 (April 20, 1910). Jordan LEWALLEN is also shown in McIntosh OK (Ed 038, sheet 0067, line 0089) age 35 born ARK in the home of Elinab PRATER.

1920 census of McIntosh County, Oklahoma
*John T. Spaulding age 49 b. ARK
Laura S. wife age 40 b.ARK
James W. (m) age 13 b.OK
Lee (f) age 6 b.OK
Plif Spaulding age 23 b.OK
wife Effie age 18 b.ARK
Cleo (m) age 2 months b.OK

Notes in Aunt Nona's things says Mama's brothers and sisters (Mama is Dora): Matthew, John, Dora, Laura, Nora and Charlie.

Information on TYLER:
1850 census Independence Co Ark Black River Twp Oct 10, 1850 p. 322 family 145
Thomas TYLER  :age 49 farmer $800(land valued) born Ky.
Priscilla "   :age 54 born SC.
Jensey   "   :age 15 (f) born ARK
Matillda "   :age 13 (f) born "
Prissilla "   :age 11 {f} born "
William Perry :age 21 farmer born TN.
Winnid (?) "  :age 19 (f) born ARK

1830 census Independence Co Ark
Thomas TYLER
1 male 10-15
1 male 20-30
1 female 0-5
1 female 5-10
2 females 10-15
1 female 30-40
0 slaves

Info on other children of Jordan & Pricilla LEWALLEN:

*John Wesley LEWALLEN b.9/1/1860 Scott County, Ark d.11/31/1936 K.C., Kansas buried at Memorial Park Cemetary.
-wife Sarah PENDERGRAFT b.8/1864 Noel, MO d.3/15/1904 Canadian, OK.
-son Melvin M. LEWALLEN b.12/19/1892 Enterprise, OK d.1949 K.C., Kansas his wife was Edna CLARK b.12/30/1889 Clarksdale, MO d.1/11/1935or1936 St. Joseph, MO.
-Melvin & Edna's son: Richard Melvin LEWALLEN b.11/1/1926 K.C., Kansas married to Nola CRAMER.

Marriage Records of Choctaw Indian Territoy
*Nora LEWALLEN age 16 married Chas. Martindale age 25, both of Enterprise, OK Indian Territory on 7/19/1896. *(dau. of Jordan Lewallen)
*Laura LEWALLEN age 16 married John T. SPAULDING age 22, both of Enterprise, OK 7/21/1892. *(dau. of Jordan Lewallen)
*Amanda LEWALLEN age 18 married Thomas J. Williams age 18, both of Enterprise, OK on 1/28/1894. *(dau. of Jordan Lewallen)
*Alice LEWALLEN age 18 married Frank Brown age 23, both of South Canadian, OK on 12/27/1894. *(dau. of Jordan Lewallen)
*Eva Spaulding age 24 married M.A. Freeman Hopper age 26 5/10/1902. *(dau. of Laura Lewallen Spaulding)
*Polly LUALLEN married Samuel BURGE 3/18/1844. (Polly is sister to my ggg-grandfather Charles Luallen.)

Information on other LEWALLEN'S:
(Relationship of my family line to the below people have not yet been established, but is listed to assist others in the research of the Lewallen surname.)

Arkansas Marriages of Pope County, AR
And Census Records.
*John A. Lewallen age 23 married Mary Ann Empson age 20 on 10/8/1848.

1850 census Pope County, Ark taken 10/19/1850
*John Lewellen age 24 born in TN
Mary A. age 22 born in TN
James A. age 3 born in AR
Daniel Y. age 1 born in AR.

*John LEWALLEN age 19 married Nancy HORTON age 17 on 8/23/1871.

*Pope County census of 1870
Daniel LEWALLEN age 20 b.Ark Elizabeth age 17 b.Ark Mary E. age2 b.Ark

*Oklahoma Marriage Records 1897-1900:
Mary Etta LEWALLEN age 24 married Willis Banks age 34 both of Wilburton, OK on 10/20/1898.
Bradie LEWALLEN age 15 married Henry BROOKS age 35 both of Bowers, OK on 1/24/1898.

*Marriage Records of U.S. District Court Central District, South McAlester, OK March 7, 1900 to January 6, 1902:
Thurman LEWALLEN age 25 married Harriett MUNHLLAND age 19 both of Kiowa, OK on 10/22/1901.
George LEWALLEN age 22 of Center, OK married Ena NEIGHBORS age 23 of Enterprise, OK on 11/5/1901.

*Marriage Records of Choctaw Nation:
Seigel LEWALLEN age 22 married Fisda SLEVES both of South Canadian, OK on 3/5/1891.

Fannie LEWALLEN age 30 married W.T. THOMPSON age 41 both of Wapanucka, OK on 9/4/1896.

*Nancy LEWALLEN b.1845 d.1/20/1879 married to Haden BURKE 1862.
-Nancy was 1 of 12 children of John LEWALLEN(1st Sheriff of Scott Co., Ark. He died in Taylor County, Texas).
-John LEWALLEN was the son of Anderson LLEWELLYN b.1764 married 1784 in Prince Edwards County, VA.

Pittsburg County, OK Cemetaries S.E. Kiowa Cemetary:
*Lela L. LEWALLEN b.12/11/1884 d.3/27/1965.
*Bernice LEWALLEN b.9/5/1919 d.no date.
*James E. LEWALLEN b.11/24/1912 d.1/23/1972.

(This information was emailed to me by Joann Walsh)
From the book: Civil & Political History of the State of Tennesse by John Haywood. And from the book: History of Middle Tennessee by A.W. Putnam.
*Abednego LEWALLEN- purchased land of the Trustees of Nashville July 29, 1784. Killed by Indians in 1789, while hunting with Evan Shelby, Hugh F. Bell and Col. Tene.

1900 census Pope County, ARK: taken 6/5/1900.
*Louis LEWALLEN age 51 b.1848 MS, lists parents born in TN, he is married 27yrs.
wife Willie age 47 b.8/1862 MS, lists father b.GA, mother b.MS
Luther (m) age 16 b.3/1884 ARK
Ora (f) age 14 b.1/1886 ARK
Ilar(?) (f) age 8 b.11/1891 ARK

1880 census Pope County, ARK Wilson Twp: taken 6/12/1880.
*Louis LEWALLEN age 27 b.MS
wife Millie age 24 b.TN
Lutia(?) (f) age 6 b.TN
Edger (m) age 4 b.TN
Ernest (m) age 6 month b.TN
John Hardy age 39 (boarder) b.NC, lists father b.VA, mother b.NC.

1880 census Pope County, ARK Wilson Twp: taken 6/6/1880.
*Tom LEWALLEN age 47 b.TN, lists father b.SC, mother b.AL.
Clara age 54 b.AL, lists father b.AL, mother b.SC.
Dellia(?) (f) age 20 b.MS
J.R. (m) age 17 b.MS

1880 Census Index of Pope County, ARK
*Index of Heads of Household & #.
LEWALLEN, John A. #338
LEWALLEN, Jordan* #336
(*My gggrandfather.)
LEWALLEN, Sam #388
LEWALLEN, David #339
LEWALLEN, J.M.* #401
(*My great grandfather.)
LEWALLEN, Louis #406
LEWALLEN, Preston #396

1860 census Tishomingo County, MS: taken 7/19/1860.
*Elizabeth LEWALLEN age 65 b.TN
William age 45 b.AL, $5,000 personal property.
James age 40 b.AL, $10,000 property.
Daniel age 24 b.AL $1350 property.

1860 census Tishomingo County, MS
*Andrew J. LEWALLEN age 23 (farmer) b.AL, $600 property.
Nancy B.(?) age 18 b.TN
Mary C. age 1 b.MS

*Jesse LEWALLEN age 40 b.TN
*O.P. LEWALLEN age 47 b.NC son Jordan age 4 b.MS
*R. LEWALLEN age 10 b.TN
*Thos. L. LEWALLEN age 24 b.TN
*Saml LEWALLEN age 27 b.TN
*John LEWALLEN age 23 b.TN

1860 census St.Francis County ARK Union Twp
Susan age 16 b.TN
*Richano(?) B. LUALLEN age 27 b.TN
*the above are listed with family of: Caless(?) Weaver age 28 b.GA
Mary age 22 b.TN
Amos J. age 2 b.ARK
Martha Cook age 26 b.GA
Mary age 3 b.ARK
William Robinson age 16 b.GA
Willie Weaver (f) age 14 b.GA
Margaret Weaver age 12 b.GA
Henry Weaver age 6 b.GA

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