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Dismukes Info Page 1

Dismukes Info Page 1
The following information may not be used for profit!
The following information is for all who are researching
the Dismukes surname.
This page last updated: 1/5/2001

This page contains information for the surname Dismukes. Not all information is of my lineage and is here for anyone to use. I will be updating this page weekly so check back periodically.

1840 census of Tennessee
(this census is very skimpy it only gives household head, county, and a number.)

Dismukes, E.E. (Lincoln Co.) 100
*Dismukes, Elisha (Madison Co.) 081
(this is my ggggrandpa)
Dismukes, John T. (Davidson Co.) 361
Dismukes, M.L. (Lincoln, Co.) 039
Dismukes, Paul (Davidson Co.) 316
Dismukes, Thomas H. (Hayw. Co.) 401
Dismukes, William M. (Davidson Co.) 356
Dismukes, John (Shelby Co.) 234

Davidson County, TN Marriages Book I 1789-1847

Dismukes, Marth J. to Joseph BOYD on 6/7/1820. Sol.6/8/1820 T.B. Craighead.
Dismukes, Susan T. to Edward CUNNINGHAM on 1/15/1833.
Dismukes, Fanny to Francis PARISH on 11/26/1829. Sol. 11/26/1829, Will Lytte J.P.
Dismukes, Geo R. to Jane PORTER on 10/7/1815
Dismukes, Geo E. to Harriet N. WILLIAMS on 7/14/1834. Sol. 7/15/1834, A.P. Porter.
Dismukes, Jno. T. to Sarha M. ROYSTER on 1/20/1820. T.B. Craighead.
Dismukes, John D. to Nancy WILLIAMSON on 7/22/1835.

Revolutionary Soldiers in Davidson County, TN : Virginia Military Records

Dismukes, Paul b.1/1/1762 married to Sarah RICHARDSON. They moved from VA to Davidson Co. about 1811. He was for 2 years a soldier in the Revolution enlisted at the age of 18 years. Died 2/22/1838 and is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery on Gallatin pike. Both his and his wife's graves are marked.

Genealogical Abstracts from 18th Century Virginia Newspapers

Dismukes, Benjamin, deceased, estate accounts with John Ellis, his executor of Caroline Co. (The Virginia Gazette and General Advertiser)
Dismukes, Reuben, age 30 jailed in Richmond for murder, excaped 11/17/1873. (The Virginia Gazette or the American Advertiser)

Early Middle Tennesse Marriages Vol. 1 Grooms
Groom and Bride names with date of marriage and ( ) county.

(Dismuke), John D. to Malvina Gleaves 3/4/1841 (WI)
Dismukes, David J. to Rebecca W. DONELSON 10/28/1867 (Sn)
Dismukes, Dr. G. to Margaret BRITTON 12/10/1850 (WI)
*Dismukes, Elisha to Fanny PETTY 12/8/1816 (WI)
Dismukes, George to Harriett BRATTON 10/21/1866 (Sn)
Dismukes, George E. to Lucy A. BRADFORD 9/21/1855 (Sn)
Dismukes, George R. to Emaline ADAMS 5/19/1870 (Sn)
Dismukes, I.P. to Virginia FULTON 12/16/1867 (Li)
Dismukes, Jack to Betsy DISMUKES 11/15/1865 (Li)
Dismukes, Jno. T. to Sarah ROYSTER 1/20/1820 (D)
Dismukes, John D. to Nancy WILLIAMSON 7/22/1835 (D)
Dismukes, Marcus Lafayette to Susan BRANCH DONELSON 9/25/1866 (Sn)
Dismukes, Paul to Elizabeth CANTRELL 1/1/1874 (Sn)
Dismukes, Paul to Sophia CANTRELL 4/25/1860 (Sn)
Dismukes, Robb to Rebecca SCOTT 1/28/1869 (Li)
Dismukes, Robt. to Sarah HUGHES 2/13/1850 (D)
Dismukes, Thomas H. to Mary Jane HAGER 10/6/1836 (Ru)
Dismukes, Thos. C. to Frances E. GOODRICH 12/1/1852 (D)
Dismukes, William Cantrell to Sallie MARTIN 11/24/1874 (Sn)
Dismukes, William H. to Ida CANTRELL 12/15/1875 (Sn)
Dismukes, William S. to Louisa F. CLAYTON 12/15/1860 (Mt)
Dismukes, Wm. to Frances MOORE 1/28/1869 (Li)
Dismukes, Geo. E. to Harriet N. WILLIAMS 7/14/1834 (D)

Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787

Dismukes, Benjamin 2 4 (Caro.)
*Dismukes, Elisha 1 5 (Spots.)
Dismukes, James 1 0 (Linc.)
Dismukes, Reuben 1 6 (Caro.)
Dismukes, William 1 5 (Caro.)

Index to the 1810 Census of Virginia
Dismukes, William (Spotsylvania Co) Roll #71.
Dismukes, Paul (Gch. Co) Roll #68.

Index to the 1820 Census of Virginia
Dismukes, John (Hfx. Co) #67A
Dismukes, John (Hfx. Co) #78
Dismukes, Lucy (Hfx. Co) #78
Dismukes, Richard (Hfx. Co) #67

Tennessee County Abbrev. Index

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