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The New Cybersquad

“Cybersquad on the air.”

Part III

“First day of broadcasting.”

By Lucas Harrell

“Hello, all you listeners,” I said, “This is Cheryl, coming to you from WWFBK radio, 108.8. This is our first day of broadcasting, and we have all kinds of stuff for you today. First, we go to Principal Babb, for today’s menus. Take it away.”

“Thank you, Cheryl,” Babb said, “Today’s menus will be: right side, hamburger and left side, pizza as always. And on the extra line, we’ve got potatoes and salad. Back to you, Cheryl.”

“Thanks, Mr. Babb,” I replied, “This just in. If you want to hear a song, drop a request slip in the box at the radio station door, and we’ll get to yours as soon as possible. We might not get all of them today, but we’re darn sure going to try.” I hated reading from cards, but Mr. Babb insisted we make them, so he can okay what we were going to put on the air in our respective segments.

“And now,” I said, “I’m making a personal request to my friends, who are in class at the moment and couldn’t join me here. It’s ‘School’s out for summer..’” I popped a CD into the player and flipped the ‘on the air’ sign off. “Whew, that was a bit tiring.”

“You’ll get used to it, Cheryl,” Mr. Babb said, “Well, I’ve got to go talk with a teacher. You’re just going to say and play what I’ve seen and okayed, right?”

“Of course I am,” I replied, “You know me, Mr. Babb.” Smiling, he left the radio booth and went out the front door of the station.

During the next break between classes, Michelle and Curt came to join me. I didn’t have to go to class for a few minutes. The two were already becoming a hot item, and they did a joint program.

“Mr. Babb was just here,” I said, rolling my eyes. “He’s a cool guy, but he’s a bit annoying.” I made sure that we weren’t on the air before I said that.

“Eh, we’ve had worse,” Michelle said, shrugging. “Remember old fish face, Mr. Nash?”

“Yeah, he was bad,” I admitted, “Well, I’ll sign off and you guys can have the booth all to yourselves. And no making out this time.” Both Curt and Michelle blushed at that. When the song was dying down, I had Michelle flip me on to ‘on the air.’ “This is Cheryl, signing off until tomorrow. ‘Til then, good day.” I then put a record on.

“Thanks, Cheryl,” Michelle said, as she took my seat. I grabbed my book bag and headed for the entrance When the record was done, Michelle was ready. “This is Michelle, coming to you from radio station WWFBK 108.8. Request box is now open, so please leave your favorite songs in it.”

It didn’t take too long for a few request notes were in the box. Michelle picked one out to play. “And now,” she said, “We have a anonymous request to play ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion. Whoever sent the request, here it comes.” She put the CD to Titanic, and flipped to ‘My heart will go on’ quickly.

“Hey, Curt,” Michelle said, “Everything okay over there?”

“Everything’s running smooth,” Curt said. Their agreement was that Michelle took the first thirty minutes, and Curt would take the second.

“I’m back with the request line,” Michelle said, “But first, a update on the weather. Prepare for a storm later today, that’s blowing in from the East. And now, for the next song. From Tony Southman, a dedication goes to Carrie Minkeng, to play ‘And I will always love you.’” With that, Michelle put on the record and sat back, listening to Dolly Parton wail out the song. “I’ll sign off after this song, put another on, and then you can take it away, sweetie. All right?”

“Let’s do it to it,” Curt said. They both laughed.

“This is Michelle, signing off for the day,” Michelle said, “I’ve got to be getting to class, too, you know. Just kidding. Here’s a personal favorite of mine I want all of you to hear. From the Power Rangers soundtrack, here comes ‘And that’s what dreams are made of.’ Have a nice day, everybody.” With that, she took her earphones off and popped the CD in. She then switched to the song.

“Whew, it’s getting hot in here,” she said, “Curt, check the thermostat while you’re over there, would you?”

“Sure thing, Michelle,” Curt said. He went over to the thermostat. When he tried to turn it down, it shocked him big time. “Ah.”

“What happened?” Michelle asked, as she rushed over.

“Stupid thing shocked me,” Curt said, “It’s not supposed to do that.”

Meanwhile, across campus, Lucas and Bea were in their respective study hall classes when their wrist computers went off.

“Excuse me, but I’ve really got to go to the bathroom,” Lucas said to the substitute teacher. He held one hand near his mouth, the other by his stomach just for effect.

“Go, before you throw up,” the teacher said. Lucas rushed out and headed to the nearest bathroom, which he had the luck to have been empty. He brought his wrist computer to his lips.

“I read you, S-1,” he said, “What’s up?”

“GigaTron has sent a virus monster and some gigamites to cyber sector thirty-six,” Samurai-1 said, “I have already dispatched Spryte to the scene, but she might need some help.”

“I think so too,” Lucas replied, “I’m there.” With that, he let go of the communications button, and hit the main key. “Uplink: Servo.” He digitized and quickly found the battle. Spryte was getting her head handed to her. “Need some help?”

“The though had crossed my mind,” Spryte teased. Servo jumped into battle, sword swinging. It didn’t take long for the two of them to dispatch the enemy. “I’d better be getting back, or the sub will think something’s up.”

“See you at shift change,” Spryte said, “Download.” They both spiraled back into reality, where Lucas found himself glad the bathroom was still empty.

Curt was winding down when Bea and Lucas finally got to the booth. “And this is Curt, signing off,” he said, and put on a CD. Michelle flipped off the on the air sign and started for the booth. “All yours, guys.”

“Thanks, Curt,” Lucas said, “Bea, start getting ready for your bit. Michelle, you got a minute?”

“Sure,” Michelle said. They stepped into the control room, for some privacy while they talked. “I bet I know what you want to talk about. The ‘us’ from a few years ago.”

“Yeah,” Lucas said softly, “I just wanted some, I don’t know, closure. I’m sorry I treated you bad that year. I had a crush on you, and I didn’t know how to take it.”

“It’s all right,” Michelle said, “I think I understand. I wish things could have been different for us. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. You and Bea make a cute couple, though.”

“Thanks,” Lucas said, “You and Curt make a cute one, too.”

“Thanks,” Michelle said, “Well, bye.” With that, she left the room and headed for the entrance. Lucas watched Bea do her segment. ‘I’m positive I made the right choice,’ he thought, ‘Michelle would be happier with Curt, anyway.’

T.J. was in his math class, and they were listening to WWFBK. He was supposed to change shifts with Lucas and Bea, because it was his last class of the day. He did the sports segment, telling about games that had gone on over the weekend and things like that.

“And this is Bea, signing off,” Bea said. She popped a CD into the player and took off the headphones.

“You did great, beautiful,” Lucas said, as she stepped into the control room.

“Thanks,” Bea said, “The record’s a long player, so how about a kiss?”

“Hmm, never one to say no to a pretty lady,” Lucas teased flirtatiously, as he bent down and gave her a kiss.

“Mmm,” Bea murmured. Lucas broke off and started for the booth. “Um, Lucas?”

“What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” Bea said. Lucas started for the booth again. “I’m only just about a week late.” That shook Lucas, it was obvious.

“What?” he asked, “When? I mean...”

“Remember the weekend getaway to your cabin a few weeks ago?” Bea asked, and Lucas nodded. “I think it was then.”

“Have you taken a pregnancy test?”

“No, not yet,” Bea said, “Look, it might not mean anything.”

“But you’ve always said that your periods were like clockwork,” Lucas said.

“Yes, but not a machine,” Bea replied.

He was about to say something else, when they both noticed that the song was about over. “Look, we can talk after T.J. relieves us,” Lucas said, “We’ll decide what to do if you are pregnant together.”

Bea couldn’t help but smile. “All right,” she said, “I’d like that.” With a grin, Lucas went to the booth.

“This is your friendly, neighborhood Butler, serving up non stop music,” he said, “Taking requests from all of you faithful listeners.” He opened the request box and took one out. “Oh, this is interesting. An anonymous dedication goes out to Bea Hightower, to play ‘Chapel of Love.’” He popped a record on the record player.

“Was that really an ‘anonymous’ request?” Bea asked, after T.J. had relieved them at the radio station.

“No, not really,” Lucas said, “I put that in there when we first got to the station, and knew what to look for. Look, we need to talk about this.”

“I know,” Bea said, “What are we going to do if I am pregnant?”

“I don’t know,” Lucas said, “Look, you know that, whatever you decide, I’m behind you, 100%.”

“I know,” Bea said. They then went to their classes.

T.J. was doing good. He did scores and told about games coming up that weekend. “And this is the Sportzmeister, signing off,” he said, once the day was about over. “For all of us here at WWFBK, we wish you a good day everybody.” With that, he turned off the equipment and lights, and headed out the door.

That night, Lucas was waiting anxiously outside the bathroom door, waiting for Bea to finish with the pregnancy test. His mom had given her a good supply, just in case.

Bea came out. “I’m not pregnant,” she said. She sounded down.

“I’m sorry, Bea,” Lucas said, “Were you wanting to be?”

“Yeah, I think so,” she replied, “I’m going to hit the hay early. Good night, sweetie.”

“Good night, beautiful,” Lucas said, bending down and giving her a kiss. They went to their separate rooms and fell asleep pretty quickly.