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The New Cybersquad

“Cybersquad on the air.”

Part I

“The discovery.”

By: Lucas Harrell

“Hey, beautiful.”

“Hi, Lucas,” I said. Lucas Harrell, my boyfriend and fellow Cybersquad member came walking up to my locker.

“Want to go see a movie later?”

“Sure thing, sweetie,” I said, as I put my books up. “Will your parents care?”

“No way,” Lucas said, “We’re both seventeen, after all. They know about our little... activities, and they don’t mind, as long as we’re extremely careful, after all.”

“You’re right,” I said, “Well, I’ve got to be going. Dance practice and all, you know.” I gave him a quick kiss and, with a wave over my shoulder, started off towards one of the gyms.

A little while later, I was getting a drink of water from the fountain outside the girl’s restroom, when my wrist computer went off. I hit the communications button. “I read you, S-1,” I said, “What’s up?”

“GigaTron has sent a virus monster and some gigamites to cyber sector seventeen,” Samurai-1 said, “Servo has already been dispatched.”

“Right, S-1,” I said, “I’m on it.” I let go of the communications button and hit the main key on my wrist computer. “Uplink: Spryte.” I digitized and went flying into cyberspace. I flew to where Servo was. “Hi, sweetie. Tough day at the office?”

I could almost see Lucas smiling under the Servo mask. My accidental distraction was all an over zealous gigamite needed to knock Servo for a loop. I ran over to him.

“Oops, I’m sorry, Servo,” I said, “Are you okay?”

“Now that you’re here, beautiful,” Servo said. I blushed, or as close to blushing as I could in cyberspace. “Now, let’s take these turkeys.” With that, and our respective battle cries, we flung ourselves at the gigamites first, tearing them apart in what seemed to be mere seconds.

“Think we need to call Cheryl or T.J.?”

“Nah, we can handle this,” Servo said, “Get your blaster ready. I’ll distract Godzilla over there.” I laughed and called up my cyberblaster. I hit a blinking button, and it started to charge up. “Hey, you chicken, virus wanna be.” I grinned underneath my mask. He knew how to get a virus’s attention. He grappled with the enraged virus. Even with his sword, he couldn’t keep it up.

All of a sudden, my blaster beeped. “Servo, jump out of the way,” I said. Servo did as he was told, and I shot the virus. It screeched, and then blew apart into a billion pieces.

“That’s the way the virus blows up,” I sang, “So early in the day.” Servo laughed. “Download.” We spiraled back to reality. I was back in the gym. Luckily, no one had noticed my exit or entrance. Since class was already over by the time I left for cyberspace, I just gathered up my stuff and headed over to the house.

Once there, I let myself in and headed up to Lucas’s room. He was sitting on the bed, with his back to me. I sneaked up on him and put my fingers over his eyes. “Guess who?”

“Hiya, beautiful,” Lucas said, spinning around and giving me a kiss.

“How’d you guess?” I asked playfully. I already knew the answer.

“My excellent hearing,” he said, “I can distinguish between vocal patterns, and differentiate the..."

“You look a bit like Tom,” I teased, “But you have Will’s mind. Or close to it. In English, please?”

“I can tell you anywhere, simply from your voice pattern,” Lucas said.

“Oh? And what if my mind got switched with someone else, and they had my voice pattern?”

“I’d like to think that I would still know you anywhere,” Lucas said, “I didn’t fall in love with you for just voice patterns, a great body, and a pretty face. I fell in love with you. Your strengths, your weaknesses, etc.”

“You are so sweet,” I replied, “How in the world did I come to deserve such a sweet boyfriend?”

“Because you’re a sweet girlfriend,” Lucas said, gently pulling me closer for a passionate kiss.

“Ooh,” I said, “Don’t start what you can’t finish. And remember, your parents are downstairs.”

Lucas went over and locked the door. When he walked back over, he stopped at arm’s length playfully. “Come here you,” he said, gently pulling me back towards him. We started moving towards the bed, unbuttoning each other’s tops. All of a sudden, he broke off the kiss. “Um, do I need to get a condom? I’m pretty sure you haven’t taken a pill in a while.”

I considered that for a long moment. “I think we’re all right,” I said. We fell back on the bed.

A few hours later, I slipped out of his bed. I took a shower and slipped into some clothes. “Good thing I always keep a clean outfit in here,” I said, with a smile. I picked up my clothes, most of which was soaked with sweat. ‘Better take them down to the washer and dryer,’ I thought. I folded them over my arm. I went over to the door and unlocked it. I stepped out into the hallway.

Ms. Poole was coming down the hallway. “Hi, Suzie,” I said. She always insisted that, if I don’t call her mom, at least call her Suzie.

“Hi, Bea,” she said, “Is Lucas decent? I have to talk to him about something.”

“He’s probably still asleep,” I said, and then blushed. Though his parents didn’t care, to a certain extent, what we did, it was still embarrassing to admit it.

“Ohhhh,” Ms. Poole said, “Well, I won’t disturb him, then.”

I looked at my wrist computer, which actually did double as a watch. “Shoot,” I said, “I’d better hurry if I’m going to meet Cheryl at Walmart. I’ll see you later, Suzie.”

“Bye, Bea,” Ms. Poole replied, as I was leaving. “She’s such a sweet, considerate girl.” Lucas stepped out into the hallway, looking a little bleary eyes.

“Where’s Bea?”

“She had to meet Cheryl at Walmart,” Ms. Poole said. Lucas looked to be feeling a little under the weather. “Are you feeling okay?” She put a hand to his forehead. He was burning up with fever. “Stay right here. I’m going to go get a thermometer.”

“You don’t have to do that, mom,” Lucas said, “I’m fine.” He crossed his arms stubbornly.

When Cheryl and I got tired of shopping, we went down to the library.

For some reason, we were inorexably pulled into the section showing plans for the school. There, we found something incredible.

“The school has a radio station?” I said that a little too loudly, and a librarian gave me a nasty look. I mouthed ‘sorry’ and she nodded understandingly. I had just gotten a little too carried away.

“This is great,” Cheryl whispered, “We would’ve known if the radio station was running. Maybe we can talk one of the principals into letting us run it.

“Yeah,” I said, “This is going to be so cool.” We put the plans back and headed home, going our separate ways.

Lucas was at his computer when I sneaked up behind him. I spun him around in his chair and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

“What an entrance,” he said softly when we came up for air.

“You know me,” I said, “A big entrance is the only kind of entrance. Oh, you’ll never guess what Cheryl and I found out at the library. The school has a radio station. I figured that, if no one was running it right now, we could try to talk Mr. Babb or another principal into letting us get it up and running.”

“Sounds great, beautiful,” Lucas said, “We’ll go see him early in the morning, as soon as we get to school.”

“Right,” I said, “So, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just reading some of the new fanfics Jeremy’s put up on his page,” Lucas said, “Want to read some?”

“Sure.” I pulled up the extra rolling chair and sat down in it, right beside Lucas, and reached out and took his hand. He pulled up Jeremy’s page, The Jenga Library.

“This is the first time in about two weeks that he’s updated his page,” Lucas said, “And it’s the first time in about a month that he’s added a part to the Earth Crystals Saga series.”

“Yeah, he has gotten kind of bad about that,” I agreed.

“Oh, that reminds me," Lucas said, "Remember when I put up that kind of online petition, on my Power Rangers: Twilight Generation page? To get Power Rangers back to the way they were?”

“I bet they will,” I said, “We all like Power Rangers. While this new team is cool, the old team was better. If they won’t change Power Rangers in Space, they should take off Beetleborg’s Metallix. That sucks.” It was then I noticed that Lucas didn’t look too well. “Are you all right, sweetie?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Lucas said, “Just a little tired, I guess.” He glanced at his wrist computer, and then outside. “It’s getting late, and we have a kind of busy day tomorrow. What do you say we turn in?”

“All right,” I said, “Good night, sweetie.”

“Good night, beautiful,” he said. I gave him a kiss and went over to my room. I got into bed and fell right to sleep.

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