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We have stopped for a moment
to encounter each other.
To meet, to love, to share.
It is a precious moment, but it is transient.
It is a little parentheses in eternity.
If we share with caring, lightheartedness, and love
We will create abundance and joy for each other,
and this moment will have been worthwhile

- unknown



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Elm Tree Centre Labyrinth Walk ~ Ontario, CA - Savour the simple pleasures of the country for your meetings, weddings and celebrations.

The Miracle Labyrinth - Promoting the use of labyrinths for emotional and physical healing and spiritual growth.

Rocklady, The Building of a Labyrinth
Labyrinths Around the World - A gallery of labyrinth sites, artifacts, and information.

The Labyrinth Cross - The Labyrinth Cross clay sculpture is based on the seven cycle Cretan labyrinth. This symbol is at least 3,500 years old and is the Hopi symbol of the Earth Mother and the Manas-Chakra emblem found in Rajasthan, India.

The Labyrinth Page - The Labyrinth Cross clay sculpture is based on the seven cycle Cretan labyrinth. This symbol is at least 3,500 years old and is the Hopi symbol of the Earth Mother and the Manas-Chakra emblem found in Rajasthan, India.

Earth Symbols - Designer of places for spiritual communion, such as labyrinths, mazes, and sacred symbols as walkable earthworks. Catalog offers books and related products

Marty Cain on Labyrinths - Marty Cain is an artist who builds labyrinths and sacred sites, dowses for water and geopathis stress in homes and businesses.

The Labyrinth Company - The Labyrinth Company designs and builds walkable labyrinths in 20 designs to date. Portable labyrinths on canvas, acrylic and vinyl. Interior labyrinths of wood, carpet, tile, mosaic and terrazzo. Permanent meditation gardens in stone, turf, pavers, concrete and more.

PAXworks - Paxworks is a one-stop complete resource on labyrinths, history, usage, location, construction, builders, makers, photographs,products and more! The hoome page of labyrinth maker/expert John Ridder

The Labyrinth - We are committed to providing a wide range of personal growth opportunities and therapeutic options for our clients. Our workshops, counseling, and consulting programs all address that desire.

The Labyrinth: Walking Your Spiritual Journey - The labyrinth is a spiritual tool. A labyrinth is symbolic of the journey to the center of yourself. It is an aid for learning about the spiritual path.

Labyrinth at Sacred Oak Grove - The Labyrinth is set in an idyllic setting of oak trees on top a peaceful hilltop. A place to meditate and revive the soul, and a place of intense spiritualism, it is free to the public

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - MAG explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place.

Labyrinth Enterprises - Robert Ferre, director of Labyrinth Enterprises and the largest full-service labyrinth resource in the world.

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth - Grace Cathedral has two labyrinths. The outdoor labyrinth is made of terrazzo stone and is located to the right of the cathedral doors. This labyrinth is open 24 hours daily for walking.

Unity of Bellevue Labyrinth - The Peace Labyrinth is a gift to the community from the Lay Ministry, a spiritual leadership and volunteer organization within Unity of Bellevue.

Caerdroia - The Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths - This site contains full details of the journal and extensive resources on mazes and labyrinths of all types.

The Labyrinth Society - The Labyrinth Society exists to support those who build, design, use and care for labyrinths. We provide labyrinth-related information at our annual Gatherings and through our website.

Redsun Labyrinth - Learn about the labyrinth's events and uses, the Bed & Breakfast in Montana and unique gifts.

Labyrinth Products - Permanent portable walking labyrinths, wood finger labyrinths, labyrinth blankets, labyrinth inspiration and meditation card sets, labyrinth books and unique labyrinth gifts.

Mystery Labyrinth - Walking the Path to the Center - In Mystery Labyrinth you can experience what a labyrinth is, you can walk virtual labyrinths and see real labyrinths.

Trinity Imports - 11 Circuit Finger Labyrinth - The Serenity Stone is a very powerful tool used for contemplation, prayer, and meditiaton. Many who cannot walk a labyrinth use this finger labyrinth instead.

Online labyrinth experience - Labyrinth Online is Vicki Keiser's website that features two virtual labyrinths, one Classical and Chartres style. Some history and usage tips, too. She also has some unique clay fingerboards and labyrinth fountains on her products page.

Labyrinthos - Labyrinthos was founded to provide an information resource for those working with labyrinths and mazes.

Labyrinth and Other Gifts


Office of Spiritual Formation, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Inspiration Station
Wilson's Almanac
Atlanta Advaita Talks
Spiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine
Ilionach Arts Online Galleries
Learning Strategies - Extraordinary Tools for Self-Improvement
Dalton Roberts, The Downhome Philosopher
Mary's Wellness Garden
Natural Remedies For Viral/Hemorrhoidal Conditions
Universe People
Free Your Artist - Explore Your Creativity
REMEMBERING....September 11, 2001 (takes about 3 minutes to load the first time - worth the wait) - Healing for a New Millennium
Equipoise Adjustable Seating
Mission Mountain Retreat (near Missoula, Montana)
Healthy New Age Success and Creativity Center
The Intrasound Experience
Wilson's Almanac ~ Folklore, festivals, calendar customs,
New Age, On This Day and inspiration
Orbital Calendar Time-Space Poster
Interconnections of Sun, Earth, Moon and planets to our yearly cycles
Shenandoah Flowers..A Gift for all Occasions
Mahikari Teachings and Practice ~ Life Changing Tools
The Halls of Reiki
Touchstone B&B, Spa & Gallery, Taos, NM (wonderful labyrinth here!)
Cosmic Mysteries School
Essential Oils - Nature's Gifts
Astrology & Psychic Readings
Etheric Pulse Therapy
Ying Communications
The Medicine Art of Dream Interpretation
Moon Lodge Visions: Journey of Acceleration
ArtDek Deck Systems
Brooke Medicine Eagle - Native Earth Wisdom
Coatings Virtual Manager
International Walk for Peace
Distant Healing Network
Circle of Spiritual Women
Free New Sites Listing
Spiritual Information
World Peace 2000
Angelic Inspirations
The Lightworker's Network
World Puja
Creative Spirit
World Light Center
Peter Russell's Links
Distance Healing Network
Beautiful Spiritual Music
1,000,000 Paranormal Links
Earth Council
Sacred Sites
Renegade Rock 'N Roll Reiki Masters
Starting Point
Spirits Way
Spiritual Growth & Spiritual Healing
Third Eye Healing & Spiritual Center
Integral Spirit (Mining Co.) Links
Life Color Mandalla
NewAge On-Line Australia
Megalithic Mysteries
DUNO Search Engine
Crone*Wise Woman*Elder
Reiki Healing Glastonbury UK/Angela & Malcolm
Dreams and Manifestations
Christine's World
Concepts Magazine
Whole Person Incorporated
Claudia/Psychic Healer
Earth Rainbow Network
Natalie's Love and Light
Millionaires Cash Club
The Spirit Search Directory
Children of Light
Personal Growth, Self-Improvement
Spirituality and Our Dwellings
Free Books, Reports & Manuals to Resell
Spirithaven Books & Tapes - New Age & Spiritual Directory
INNER BONDING - Grace Through Growth
BellaOnline - Meditation
Reiki Box
Innova Pacific Saltcrystal Lamps
Astral Travel Online Course
Discover Health and Wealth
Labyrinthe Holistic Management Coaching
Angylion Natural Therapies
Lightworker Resources
Abundance Tools
Loretta Rogers, LMT
Life's a Beach Massage
Sacred Steps for Lightworkers
Dargan Springs Retreat
Sacred Art of the World
True Sleeper ~ Great Sleep Now!
Holistic Health Tools
The Family of Light
Holistic Health and Beauty
Quest Books Theosophical Publishing House
Avid Archery
The Health-e-Way
Reiki Healing Path
Kofutu Personal Development, Meditation and Spiritual Healing
Sacred Art of the World

Grailstones - ancient healing crystals and moldavites
Suppliers of high quality crystals, gemstones and other
mind, body and spirit products and information.


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