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Gear Ratios
(Three Ways)
  1. Count the number of teeth on the ring gear and divide that by the number of teeth on the pinion gear. This would be the most exact identification.
In the image on the left there are 41 teeth on the ring gear and 11 teeth on the pinion gear.

41 / 11 = 3.7272727...

Round to the hundredth to get 3.73
  1. Find the ratio stamped on the head of the pinion gear and/or on the side of the ring gear. This would be pretty exact as well. Realize that if you buy your gears off an individual they could probably use a stamp set and stamp a ratio on the gear. You should be able to see the stamp on the ring gear with the cover off of the housing and the carrier still bolted in if you rotate the axle and clean off the edge of the gear.
In the image above on the left notice the "373" stamping. In the image above to the right notice the stamping is harder to decipher, and looks more like it was produced with a standard punch set, making it easier to duplicate at home, which is why I mentioned being careful when buying gears of an individual.
  1. Mark the driveshaft with a very small piece of tape or a stripe of paint, just as you would a timing mark on a harmonic balancer. Then, turn the wheel (or axle shaft if the tire is off) one full turn, counting the number of times the marking reaches the twelve o'clock position.
If the driveshaft turns:
The gearing is:

2 3/4 times

3 times

3 1/4 times

3 1/2 times

3 3/4 times

4 times

4 1/2 times






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