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Internal Parts
Differential gear shims and the top and bottom differential from the carrier.

Inner pinion bearing and race residing in the center section, accessible from the front.
This is not the bearing that is pressed onto the pinion gear.

Outer bearing race, which is seated in the housing, is where the bearing pressed onto the pinion rides.

The pinion seal from the front of the housing.
Pinion gear with installed components.
Pinion gear and associated parts: disassembled.
Obviously, the ring gear, which mounts onto the carrier below.
The left side of the carrier.
The carrier as seen from the right side.
The S-spring which holds the differential side gears in place.
In the picture above first notice that the axle housing is upside down. It is this way because I found that the housing didn't rest on the ground well normally and that it was easier to work on upside down.

  1. The carrier bearing bore
  2. The bearing cap mating surface of which we will attach the Pro Form tool to take our depth measurement
  3. The gear oil "slinger" which allows the inner pinion bearing to bathe in gear oil as it turns
  4. The surface of which the outer pinion bearing race will be pounded into
  5. The gear oil fill plug
  6. The point at which the housing bolts to the upper control arm
  7. The start of the axle tube
A shot of the front fo the housing. This photo is also upside down.

  1. The gear oil fill plug
  2. The surface that the inner pinion bearing race is driven onto
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Center Section Disassembly