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Syros restaurants - Plaza Cafe & Croissant in Ermoupolis
Syros restaurants

Coffee bar in the harbour of the capitol of Syros close to the Aktaion Hotel. Fancy chairs, good but expensive coffee and an uninterested service, 3 euro for a cappuchino (2006).

Our verdict: reasonable coffee, bad service, 7 out of 10

Syros restaurants - To Archontariki Restaurant in Ermoupolis
Syros restaurants

Restaurant situated in a cozy sidestreet of Miaouli Square with great food and an excellent housewine. The choice of food is wide, with fava, mussels, mushrooms in all kinds of ways, grilled meat and many salads. The service is superfriendly. Our food was delicious but two of our meatballs were not completely done and red on the inside, and you do not want to know what the night after my dinner was like.

Our verdict: the food tasted great, but made me sick afterwards

Syros restaurants - Ponente Cafe in Kini Beach
Syros restaurants

Cafe on the beach of Kini on the streetcorner opposite the fountain. They also serve snacks, breakfasts and drinks. The chairs are very comfortable, nice view of the sea. The breakfast at 8 euro (2006) didn't offer much, with old bread, bad coffee (nescafe) and orangejuice from the pack, 2 small slices of bacon and two very small eggs.

Our verdict: have your breakfast nextdoor, 4 out of 10

Syros restaurants - Kavos Taverna in Galissas Beach
Syros restaurants

Kavos Taverna belongs to the Dolphin Bay Hotel and is situated at the end of the beach of Galissas with a view over the sea and the beach. There are different apetizers, many kinds of grilled meat, saganaki and salads. The service is friendly and fast and the taverna is not expensive. The Kavos salad comes with peppers, dried tomotoes and cheese. All together not bad at all.

Our verdict: good, 8 out of 10

Syros restaurants - Tropical Cafe on Fabrikos Beach
Syros restaurants

Friendly cafe / coffeebar on the beach of Fabrikos with a friendly and swift service, where a good cup of coffee is served.

Our verdict: good, 8 out of 10

Syros restaurants - Karafotsakismata Restaurant in Ermoupolis
Syros restaurants

A mouthful this restaurant Karafotsakismata in the harbour of Ermoupolis. It is situated about 100 meters of the place where the ferries dock in the harbourfront. The service is fast and friendly and the food is delicious. The crabsalad is full of real crab (no surimisticks), the mozarella qroquettes are to die for and the bekri meze is top, the bread is fresh from the bakery and the housewine is all good. This restaurant is really recommendable.

Our verdict: great restaurant, 9 out of 10

Syros restaurants - Goodys Restaurant in Ermoupolis
Syros restaurants

Goodys Restaurant is situated opposite the ferry harbour. It is a modern place and actually it is some kind of Mc Donalds but only with better food and a wider choice. The airconditioning inside can feel like heaven on a hot day. It is big and clean and there are beautiful pictures on the walls.

Our verdict: good, 8 out of 10

Syros restaurants - Salami Restaurant in Ermoupolis
Syros restaurants

This restaurant is a bit more difficult to find. It is in the area of Miaouli Square but at the waterside on the other side of the harbour (not in the harbour itself). People go here because of the spectaculair view. It overlooks the houses that stand in the harbour and the church with the blue dome.

Our verdict based on people that we know: reasonable, 7 out of 10

Hans Huisman, 2014
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