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The island of Ptychia, Vido or Vidos in Greece

The islet of Ptychia, which is also referred to as Vido or Vidos (this name was given to the island in 1830 by the French invaders) is a small island that lies off the east coast of Corfu, at 1200 meters northeast of Corfu Town. In ancient times the island was called Ptychia and for a while it was also called Hera. Ptychia is a wooded island with a rocky coastline and two beaches. Since 1993 it is a protected nature reserve. Ptychia once belonged to a Venetian count who used it as a hunting reserve. Given its strategic location opposite Corfu Town the island was occupied several times by forces that wanted to take in Corfu.

Ptychia has had various functions. The English used the island as a prison island and it has also been used as a cemetery. Since Ptychia has become a nature reserve injured animals are collected and cared for on the island. These are mainly species of birds. The 550,000 m2 island can be reached with excursion boats that leave from the old port of Corfu Town.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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